Prince George’s Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Stay focused!!


There was nothing that I wished for because everthing was fulfilling.


What I wish I had known before I came to this school is that I could double major. I came under the impression that you can only go for one major in a community college, and had I known this, I would be double majoring in Criminal Justice and Theatre.


Before coming to Prince Georges Community College, I wish I was more prepared with academic and social pressure, and simply being in new surroundings. Being more aware of school deadlines such as, class registration beginning and end. Most deadlines for Fincinal Aid, Loans, and Grants. Being more aware of important information will help you succeed in college life.


I wish I knew about the financial hardships college would bring. I wish I knew the deadlines for fafsa or that there were so many scholarships available to me. I have never received any type of financial aid, but I promised my mom that I would try . She told that even if she had no money left and we had to get a loan, she would make sure I would be the first of our family to make it to college.


life preparations and future planning


I wish I had known not procrastinate with college admissions. I should have researched all my options and made my decision early and efficiently so when the time comes, I would have everything ready to carry out my educational plan.


I wish I had known about some of the people who attend the school. Some of the students act as if they are still in high school. Truth be told, Largo High School is right next to it which could be the reason behind the behavior of some students.