Princeton University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We sing our school song (Old Nassau) at the end of any performance, game, or school event. It's such a unique and special moment that brings everyone together. It always reminds me of why I love Princeton.


We are best known for being an elite liberal arts research university.


My school is best known for the phenomenal academics, scientists, and engineers who go on to make history by discovering amazing new things and being leaders in their communities.


I believe our school is best known for its overall academic prowess and networking opportunities, being a member of the Ivy Leagues and being ranked among the best schools in the world. There are many powerful alumni that current students often attempt to network with in order to land good jobs or to make an impact in the world. If anything else, we are also known for the Woodrow Wilson School, which focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to policy making and is the only department that you have to apply to get into at Princeton.


The school is best known for it's academic excellence.


Best "old place" of them all


Princeton is equally strong in the humanities and the sciences. There is an emphasis on research: undergrads must complete a year of independent research for their senior thesis--the main focus of their senior year. The social scene is very unique. Rather than frats and sororities, the social lives of most undergraduates revolve around the eating clubs--mansions on the edge of campus that serve as eating places for upperclassmen and social centers for all. Princetonians of all ages are united by old traditions, which is one of the many reasons why alumni feel such a strong attachment to it.


Probably best known for its academics, but it should be known for its tight-knit campus community. Socially, it is very well known for the eating clubs, which are essentially co-ed fraternities.


Spirit, a long tradition of excellence, its Ivy League status, its national ranking, its academics, its resources.


Being an elete research institution.


Preppiness, a high quality education.


The Woodrow Wilson School (“Woody Woo”) tradition is for students to jump in the fountain after submitting their theses.


As a freshman, I remember not knowing what Dean’s Date was exactly until I experienced it for the first time. After a week of (usually) hard work, students rush to turn in their papers at five and then enjoy some sort of celebration but on by the USG before going out at night. Here, you can see the Dean’s Date carnival, with free tshirts, ice cream, and kettle corn.