Princeton University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


This is an incredibly special place, and college is an amazing and unique experience here. The school is very focused on the undergraduate experience - there are very few graduate or professional schools (no business, law, medical schools), so the resources are really lavished on undergrads.


The food, the quality of the teaching, the beautiful campus, the great dormitories, the people.


I brag about my living situation--I live in a roomy quad with four single rooms and a private bathroom. All of my friends live close to me, so I get to see them a lot, and the building we live in is both modern and architectually pleasing. I also brag about how pretty the campus is, with old Gothic-style buildings and lots of green lawns, and about the wonderful people I've met here. I've made a lot of friends, and professors and administrators have always been pretty available and helpful.


Firstly, that I got into and graduated from the best university in the world, aruguable: Princeton University. Now, I attend University of Phoenix where I take classes completely online, an can work full-time while taking classes and earning my MA online in my own time!




The social life in spite of the course load, the professors, the location, the housing and dining halls.


I would brag about the quality of education, and how people are thoroughly dedicated to their work; students value learning here, it is not like high school where you are forced to do work--you WANT to do you work.


I was a math major and Princeton objectively has the greatest mathematics department in the world. This is why I went there. However, growing up in a small rural town I was unprepared for the social life at Princeton, and wished I had considered more schools in making my college decision. If I had to do it again, there is a good chance I would have ended up at Princeton anyway. Reason why Princeton is the best UG education in the world: perfect combo of focus on undergrads and high-powered research university.


Small student teacher ratio. Good job placement.


Princeton is awesome. As a student I know I can do what ever I want, and there are inumerable resources available to me. I am encouraged to think independantly and enjoy my academic career.


Professors who are at the top of the field, small classes, intelligent classmates, beautiful campus.


I try not to brag at all - saying I'm at Princeton is usually enough. But if I do, it's the FREE LAUNDRY, free printing, air conditioning in my dorm, and incredible architecture. (It goes from castle-like and gothic to brilliantly designed modern.) Also, occasionally, I guess the fact that we get $20 Yankees tickets, Broadway shows, etc. And then the occasions on which I realize as I'm arguing with a friend about a similar class we take at each of our schools, and I realize that my prof wrote my friend's textbook...I mention it.


I try not to brag about my school; it already sounds like bragging when I say I go to Princeton. But I talk about the sense of community I feel while I'm there, and the sense of pride. I get to talk about my amazing professors: how I get to talk with some very famous, well-respected people on a regular basis. And I get to brag that I got to be there during the filming of Transformers 2.