Princeton University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A self motivitated as well as hard working student should attend Princeton. It is perfect for someone that desires to grow intellectually while collaborating with fellow students.


Princeton is very diverse, but if you're not levelheaded and don't handle stress well, you might be overwhelmed.


Anyone who loves learning, is willing to expand their horizons, and is up for a challenging courseload.


Princeton is the best fit for those who are intelligent, ambitious, and driven. At Princeton, students learn from and work with leading experts and academics in the world. The University provides infinite opportunities and opens doors that would not be available to those who went to a different institution. The best kind of person to attend this school is one that could take advantage of all of the prospects offered by a university of Princeton?s caliber.


Princeton is for students who are not afraid of leaving their comfort zone. They should be ready to break from their traditional views and learn about ideals and opinions they may not have heard of when they were growing up. They should also be ready to try something new and do something they might not have thought of doing prior to coming here. Princeton is all about experiencing differences, and students who are prepared for that are more than able to succeed here.


The type of student that should attend Princeton University is an intelligent, dedicated and social person. Within the classroom, and in a plethera of out-of-classroom opportunitites, Princeton is the place for students to pursue their curiousities and ask endless questions, learning and abundance of new things daily, especially through conversations with other students. The dedication is required at Princeton to continue to strive for excellence in all activities. Hard work is required in completing one's studies, striving to reach the next level. And a social person should attend Princeton to take advantage of the various people there.


A well organized and mentally strong person.


Do not attend unless you have a solid academic background coupled with an especially strong academic concentration.. In addition, everyone must complete the equivalent of an honor's thesis regardless of his/her academic standing, which quite naturally takes immense time and dedication. Come to campus prepared to have your perspective stretched and expanded in the most interesting ways and be eager to learn from the greatest resource around you: the student body.


Someone smart who wants a tight community.


Princeton is probably not for you if you are: 1) lazy, 2) closed-minded, or 3) convinced that you?re the smartest person on earth (you?re not) and want it to stay that way (it won?t). But other than that, this university has almost everything. I think most people can find their niche here and thoroughly enjoy the experience. If you are fortunate enough to get in, and are willing to work harder than you probably have ever worked before, go for it.


Motivated, academic, enjoys studying, but at the same time not party-phobic. Most of the social life on campus takes place in the Eating Clubs, which are a very frat-like scene. There is litte other life in the town. That said, the academic life for undergraduates at Princeton is unparalleled. If you like to study hard and party almost as hard (but really at the end of the day, studying is the most important thing to you), then Princeton is the place for you.


If you are academically self-motivated, interested in working hard to learn a lot, and would like to be able to do all of this alongside students with diverse interests but similar levels of passion, then this school is the right place for you. But an important aspect of Princeton's culture, at least for me, is the widespread desire among students not only to work hard, but to play hard, too--and the university provides virtually everything we need to accomplish this two-fold lifestyle!


Someone who is hard working, open minded, and passionate about something.


Hard-working, dedicated, disciplined person with a strong passion for learning


Someone who wants to work hard, be unique, but also be part of a 300 year old tradition.


An open-minded, study-focused, mentally stable individual. The student should be really interested in academic affairs because that's what the next four years of your life will be about.


Intelligent, Creative, Hard-Working


Someone who is very secure and academically-driven.


Someone who is driven academically, loves to learn (not just to get good grades!), is open to new ideas/experiences/cultures, likes to be challenged, and wants to leave their mark upon the world.