Princeton University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Princeton is definately the spread clubs and activities. Anything you could ever be interested in, Princeton is where you'll get to try it out. It doesn't matter if it's juggling, or fencing, or protesting, or anything in between. Even better, these oppurtunities are free. Princeton's the experience of a lifetime, and trust me, you'll be having the time of your life.


the access to great teachers and other interesting students is hopefully one of the great things about this opportunity


The best thing about Princeton is the academic environment that exists on campus. The professors are among the finest in their fields, and students are very bright and acadmeically focused. This combination leads to classes that are challenging and interesting. If a student is willing to complete the necessary work at Princeton, they will certainly learn a lot and be well prepared for a career in academia or the commercial world.


The prospects for the future she offers her students. Princeton is powerful, and she makes sure her students are well placed in the world after they graduate.


I think the best characteristic of Princeton University is the student body. 40% of my freshman class alone is made up of international students from all over the world. This means I'm constantly exposed to people who originate from different cultures and backgrounds. For instance, the other day I ate breakfast with a girl from Dubai who lives in my building and then met with a friend from the Bahamas. Princeton University is a melting pot of global perspectives and diversity, a fact that makes everyon's experience there richer and more life-enhancing.


The Admissions Office takes great care in ensuring that people from all kinds of backgrounds and with many life experiences are brought together on its campus. The diverse student body at Princeton allows everybody to learn from each other, and every day you discover that somone else might not be from the same area from you -- and instead are from another city, another state, or even another country!


Princeton offers its students countless opportunities to be successful, from the famous professors, to the famous speakers, thought-provoking seminars, and a wide range of activities, but I think the best thing about Princeton is that it always encourages its students in whatever endeavors they may pursue. Don't have enough money for your project? Princeton will give it to you. Don't have the resources? Princeton will give it to you. Anything you want is possible as long as you try, and Princeton will do all that it can to help you make your dream come true.


The most positive thing I've found at Westminster Choir College has been the size. Since it's such a small campus, you're forced to really bond with your classmates and teachers. I've found this to promote an incredibly intimate environment that has been so incredible for my developement musically and personally in simultaneously challenging and supporting me over this past semester.


Princeton University's campus can be a weird place what with haunted theaters and Biology Project go wrong mutant squirrels...


Alex recently received a scholarship to Oxford University for adopting a lifestyle of "freeganism" through which he subsists primarily on other people's trash. Meet him and Cliff and Sean who spend their time working at the University's free bike co-op.


How accepting and welcoming everyone is.


I think the best thing about Princeton are all the resources it has to offer undergrads. As a Princeton student, you get the chance to work with award-winning professors, have access to some of the best technology and facilities available, be connected to an extensive and accomplished alumni network, and of course, attend one of the highest-ranked universities in terms of academics. At a lot of other universities, graduate students monopoloze professors' time and resources, but not so at Princeton. Because of this, students have the opportunity to do amazing work as undergraduates.


The best thing about Princeton is the quality of academics, be it the variety of classes, the fantastic professors, or the motivated students in the classes. There is virtually nothing you cannot study here at a high level if you want to, and the professors are all experts in their respective fields.


The best thing about Princeton is the availability of help from the professors and the general spirit of the school. You are truly proud to be there.


Academic diversity makes it possible to have quality education in many different fields, even outside of a major.


The reputation, people and push for excellence.


It is devoted entirely to the pursuit of learning; there is no better place to explore your intellectual interests.


Academically, Princeton is the best undergraduate school in the country--perhaps the world. Yet unlike Harvard or Yale, there is a thriving social life. I.e., it is not simply a campus full of socially inept geniuses--the party scene feels more like a U.C or a state school. No, seriously--we throw down.


The people -- the professors, the intelligent (but kinda dorky to some) and cool students. Yeah, the weather can suck sometimes, but the beautiful campus and the people who love it make it the best place to spend the 4 best years of your life. The friendships last forever.


Students used to steal the clapper from the bell in the tower on Nassau Hall on the night before classes started for the


The campus is far and away the nicest anywhere and the level of academics is fantastic.


The people, classes and buildings.