Principia College Top Questions

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Principia College is the only college in the world where the faculty, staff, and students are required to be Christian Scientists. If you are serious about Christian Science , or even if you are just interested in learning more about it, this is a good college for you. The college community is small, and pretty curtious and friendly up front, which easily helps new students to make friends.


You're definitely never lost in a crowd. Classes are small, so you always have professor attention. Housing is intimate, so you have a supportive home and community. I have loved how multi-involved I can be. Because we're a small campus, everyone is welcome to try anything. I have been on a varsity sport, in plays, participated in eco-events, written for the paper, been on student government, etc. Sometimes all at once! The liberal arts aspect also makes me feel like I have rounded understanding of the world and all educational fields.


The religious atmosphere present at Principia College gives students the ability to support each other.