Principia College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school is rather conservative compared to most colleges. The school code is slowly changing but it has always been conservative for it's time according to history.


Principia College is a pretty conservative place. You will probably feel out of place at first if you came from a liberal school, or if you yourself are liberal. There are also not many diverse food options avaliable to you as a student, especially after midnight unless you care for vending machine snacks and soda.


I find the location challenging because I really like big cities and the west coast.


Because it is small, sometimes I have felt static in my social life. It is tempting to believe I have met everyone alreay. But, usually, when I start to feel that way I end up doing something where I meet a bunch of new people or get to know people I thought I knew better. You just have to be pretty proactive about branching out and digging deeper to find out about people. Also, we have decent social events, but you've got to take responsibility for your own fun too.