Principia College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Don't attend this school if you are not a Christian Scientist.


Anyone that would not follow the rules of Principia (no drinking, smoking, drugs, or pre-marital sex) or anyone that would not want to be a school of less than 600 students. We are a very unique and deliberate community that has chosen to be a certain way. Anyone that is looking for a very specific program (Engineering, focused arts, pre-med) should not come because we are liberal arts. We don't have a very wide curriculum in general. We are also far removed from the world, very geographically isolated.


It is a school for Christian Scientists, if you are really against Christian Science or never want to be given metaphysical advice you shouldn't come here. However, if you are just uninterested no one will make you be religious. Also, no drinking, sex, drugs, or homosexuality is allowed. All of those things are still done on campus, but it is pretty private. If any of those things are severely important to your life, Principia probably isn't for you.