Providence College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are diverse, unique, driven, and passionate students that have a variety of interests and a multitude of ideas on improving the community and changing the future of our country.


The students at Providence College are friendly and generally happy to be there. There isn't a lot of diversity, but everyone treats one another like equals. There are groups, such as SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism) which strive to make a difference on campus and beyond. Students are mostly from the Northeast of America. The prevalent financial backgrounds are middle to upper class. Students wear anything from sweats to skirts to class. The types of students that may feel out of place are people who are goth or very hipster, since PC doesn't have many students like that. Even though it is a Catholic school, however, there are many LGBT students. People don't often talk about how much money they'll earn one day.


There is definitely a place for everyone here. I was actually surprised at the level of minority group involvement; I expected it to be a lot less. When it comes down to it, though, the majority of students still are white, upper-middle class. I know a lot of kids from private schools--prep or catholic--and a lot from public. There are a ton of kids from Long Island, Boston suburbs, Upstate NY, NJ. Everyone looks good all the time. Some people wear sweats to class, but a lot of people do dress up, or at least look nice. Its kind of your typical northeast style: Northface, Sperrys, Uggs. But everyone is really accepted. You won't be ostracized if you don't own a pair of Uggs. There is no huge sense of competition around campus. No one really knows everybody else's grades. I've actually been surprised by a lot of people who seem dumb but are actually smart, and vice-versa. Overall, it seems like everybody can find a place to fit in and a way to enjoy PC.


My classmates are very friendly, outgoing, smart, academically motivated, and willing to help others whenever needed.


they were ok


They are big drinkers.


Some are sheltered private schooled kids, others are wise public school kids.


once you find the group you fit in with, you're golden




Providence College's student body is approximately 94{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} white and about 2{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} black and 2{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Asian (2{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} other). Most students are from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York and come from similar economic situations. When it comes to class, a lot of people where PC gear from the book store, from sweatshirts to sweatpants. A great thing about the student body is the lack of cliques and drama.


Most of the students all look the same, upper-middle class whites. Some students dress nice all the time, but others eventually realize its college and all you need is sweatpants and a T shirt for class.


PC students can be very similar to each other in appearance, but after graduating from PC I can say that they are all very different in personality. Most students wear the typical jeans and t-shirt to class, though some do dress up and others show up in their penguin pj pants and pj t-shirt, complete with slippers. Students tend to be from upper-middle class backgrounds. Political awareness groups have sprouted on campus due to the recent campaigns- PC Dems and PC Republicans both exist and host a plethora of activities. PC has a ton of clubs and organizations, so there really is something for everyone.


The PC student body is as a whole very connected to one another in some way. Everyone looks very similar in dress and ethnicity (mostly white middle to upper middle class). There are varying ends of the spectrum but the majority of the students come from families that support them financially for the four years that they are at PC. People tend to be very trendy in dress at PC, but it always leans towards a preppy flare. JCrew flip flops adn Ugg boots are essentials in the PC female wardrobe. Different types of students interact all the time at PC. While everyone is more comfortable with people that they have things in common with, there is no animosity towards fellow members of the student body because of any type of difference. At PC, there is a mixture of political views. Since it is a Catholic school a lot of students are more right winged, and the students who claim to be left winged are fairly moderate. No one at PC talks about potential earnings after college. Money is a very taboo topic at PC, everyone pretends to be a poor college student even if their clothing and spending habits say otherwise. Money does not effect who you are friends with at PC, and even if people do have it, they are very humble about it.


Most students are from upper to middle class backgrounds. Majority of students are from NY or MA. There is a big rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees. Students are nice and are outgoing and looking to have a good time.


Unwelcoming. Racist. Judgmental. Generally stupid. All PC students have one thing in common: they are all bitter about being rejected from Boston College, and everyone will try very, very hard to pretend that PC is BC.


not too many difference, there is a very low population of racially diverse students and religiously diverse. Around St. Patrick's day, everyone is Irish and Catholic- as many are during the entire year as well. There are many groups on campus for students to get involved in, and most people find a group of friends they stick with for all four years of college.


PC is preppy. Popped collars, plaid shorts, the occasional whale print belt are not rare on campus. As the school works on diversity...hopefully this invisible dress code will vanish. Every student is incredibly involved which makes it difficult to become part of popular clubs such as PC Friars Key Club, Board of Programmers, and Student Government. They're popular groups for a reason- they're a ton of fun.




PC is exactly what everyone says it is, homogenous and clone-like. A student that was not white and preppy with disposable money will feel left out. Most students wear anything that looks like it was taken out of a J.Crew magazine to class. Polos, sweaters, designer jeans are found on boys and girls alike. There is a section of minority students and athletes that stick together, and are rarely found at the bars and sit in their own section in the library. Most PC students are from the East Coast/New England area with a significant amount also from the South. PC is a very conservative school and many of the students come from very wealthy backgrounds, which lends the school and student body to lean conservatively but liberal students and organizations are also equally prevelant.


90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}+ white student body mostly from MA, CT, Long Island, and Jersey


I think minority students are very rare at PC and they tend to stick together for the most part. most students wear jeans and polo shirts or blouses to class. different types of students do interact but there aren't that many different types of students. Four tables of students in the dining hall- girls all wearing pearl earrings or tiffany jewelry with louis vitton type bags and collared shirts with abercrombie jeans. boys wearing abercrombie jeans as well with collared shirts and calling each other "brah". I think it's mostly upper middle class kids. Kids are generally politically aware but not politically active and are predominantly right.


PC is run by the Dominican order, so there is a reliance on religion by some of the faculty, but not all. If you are partial to this, you can avoid taking classes taught by ordained faculty members.


There is very little diversity on our campus. Any people of color are usually associated with the sports teams. It is generally a white students who are admitted to the school and because of this, I think it lacks a lot. Most students wear jeans and a polo shirt or anything that makes them look nice. A lot of students wear sweat pants as well. It kind of depends on the student. Everyone is pretty friend and most of the students know a great deal of people so everyone interacts. If there were four tables of students in the dining hall, one would be a sports team, one would be a group of girls discussing their weekend or any drama that has taken place in the past few days, one would be the same type of table with a group of boys, and then lastly there would be a mixed table of boys and girls figuring out what they are going to do that night or on the weekend. Most students are from the Northeast, many are from Mass, CT, and Long Island. There are a lot of upper middle class students, but it is not strictly this background. Many students are politically aware and active, voicing their opinions at on and off campus debates and activities. There are both left and right wing students. Many students talk about being very successful and earning a very good income


PC's Student Body is not very diverse. I think that may draw many students there in the first place. If you are a white, athletic, suburban, preppy kid from New England, you will feel right at home! The whole campus is very health-conscious and students who smoke are sneered at regularly. The gym is packed 24/7 and students petitioned for better vegetarian options in the dining hall. Emo, straight-edge, or minority students would feel out of place at PC, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't find their own group of friends. There are students who wear sweats or athletic wear to class (some guys wear PJ pants), but even then the girls' clothes match and they have on mascara. J. Crew is the brand of choice for girls, in addition to designer jeans, vera bradley, lily pullitzer, jack roger sandals, AF, AE, etc. Everyone has a longchamp bag, a northface rain coat, a black northflace or patagonia fleece, and uggs. All the guys wear Vineyard Vines during warm weather. Different types of students do not normally interact. It's sad but true that overweight, unnattractive, and minority students have their own groups. Students are definitely politcally aware and tend to be more conservative. Everyone has their own plan for what they'll do when they graduate. Most students plan on graduate school and expect to make as much- or more- than their parents.


Most PC students hail from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey. There are students from other places but probably 85{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body comes from these states. Most students come from affluent families and lean towards the conservative side when it comes to politics. However as always, there are many who do not. Most students dress casually for class but not in sweatpants---a button down and jeans for guys is customary as is a skirt or jeans and cute top for girls.


There are two stereotypes, and if you don't fit either you are SOL and JWF (a reference to an act by comedian George Carlin). 1 - Drunk partier. 2 - Prudish Church boy/girl. Social growth is stunted, and most people will “hang out” with the same group for all 4 years - usually a group that involves their freshman year roommates or kids on their hall. Additionally, the sameness of everyone, referred to in other posts, creates a virtual certainty that experiences will not be dynamic. Sex is discouraged by the school bigtime, via parietals, which prohibit opposite sex guests during certain hours. As a result there are the rebels - the partiers who want to drink and hook up, etc., and there are the prudes. Therefore there is no casual dating, only serious long term relationship and what Facebook used to describe as “random play”. Many students grow disillusioned with the place, and either hide their dissatisfaction behind the facade of a happy drunk, or “socialize” less altogether, finding the people they meet unfulfilling.


The school is a Catholic college, so there is a Catholic church on campus. Sometimes you walk by friars or nuns. Most of the students are Irish or Italian Catholics. Most students dress casually to class. Most PC students are from New England or New York and New Jersey. Financially, I believe that the students are diverse. There are some rich and some poor or just middle class. I would think the school is mostly conservative because of the religion.


White, white, white.


Homogeneous. The students are, in general, accepting of alternative lifestyles, but the administration is a different story. Find your group early and be sure they are people worth sticking it out with, because after the first few months they're likely to be your group for the next 4 years. But, everyone has their group, so it works out.


Very conservative. And affluent. And drunk. And New-Englandish. The campus is mostly a-political, with a lot of apathy. Although the faculty is driven by a very responsible intellectual philosophy, the student body is not an intellectual one.


Great student body. You are guaranteed to have a great time with all the people here whether you drink or not. This is a big drinking school but not everyone does here, and everyone still has a great time. We all may look alike but for the most part everyone is extremely friendly and always looking to meet more people.


The admissions office really needs to create some diversity in the student body, theres only so many times you can see the same polo shirt and bermuda shorts


I would say that Providence College is about 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} white and 1{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} other. The campus is very religious and homophobic. Most students are from CT, MA, NJ and NY (especially Long Island). Majority of the students come from upper middle class families with intentions to continue to be apart of such class if not higher. PC students can be considered to be Politically aware and active.


I would say there's a good split politically in the student body. Personally I am conservative and sometimes my professors were a little too liberal for my liking and tended to preach their views as the correct ones, but you take what you get and learn from it. Most students are white, many have a lot more money than my family which was a bit of a shock in the beginning just because you are interacting with people that have been raised very differently from you, but in the end that's the beauty of it all to give and take what others have to offer in life. Most students are from New England and every now and then you meet someone from the Midwest or down south or even from another country. Some students I would say like to talk about the careers they aspire to have, being an Education major I don't really care about the money nor expect to every have a six-figure salary but that is one aspect that is of importance to some. You will find people like you for the most part and I got lucky enough have amazing roommates who are now two of my best friends!


They are all drunken motherfuckers who need to grow up and realize that they are in college. Come on!? Getting drunk on a Tuesday night! Wow. What a bunch of losers! I feel as though if someone isn't amongst that group they are either a flamboyant Christian warrior who professes as loudly and obnoxiously as he/she can possibly do just to show everyone else that they are a good Catholic. This is such a turnoff! I go to Pius now so that i don't have to deal with that frivolous bullshit.

Lauren Migliacci

PC is very religious. You have those requirments and are defintely restricted when it come to certain freedoms. We are mostly a white school, so anyone coming from an extremely diverse place, may be uncomfortable. At the same time, everyone is nice at the college and although there are stuck up rich kids who just got in becuase of their parents funding, it is a generally middle class college. Most students are from MY, MA, RI and CT. I want to say that the college and administration is very conservative, but the students are not and every student respect the others persons rights.


Low key, down to earth


Most PC students are from New England or New York. There are a rare few from the Midwest, and even rarer still are those from the West or South. There is also a decent population of Canadians (for hockey) and Irish (for track) who come on scholarships. A student who could possibly feel out of place on campus is one who is not Catholic, even more so if they are not Christian. Students are required to take 2 Theology courses, and Civ also incorporates Theology, and most of this is centered around Catholic Theology.


The school needs to diversify, possibly at the expense of the most qualified students. The male student body needs to find more interests outside of sports, drinking, and video games.


Student body pretty homogenous. Blacks not represented, except for athletic teams. Most people are preppy with the same clothing style. Most kids are from New England/New York. Most people are upper middle class. Students are very politically aware/active. There is a mix between conservatives and liberals. Kids always stalk about future pay grades.


The students here are for the most part very active around the school and have a lot of school pride and spirit.


Student body isn't bad in fact at times t is very enjoyable to be PC student, enjoying all this student body has to offer. However the only reserve is that you will find that you could have the similar interaction with many students acting the same. People here do come from very similar backgrounds and this school seems to like that. One must look deeper to find individuality and sometimes you'll find it in the most unexpected places. If you stereotype someone at PC, that you have automatically cast them out and will have a hard time finding friends and deeper relationships.


The student body is not diverse at all. The athletes are mainly the only minorities on campus, and they stick together. Students at PC stick to who they most resemble, the preppy girls with the pearl earrings and J.crew clothes stick together. MOst students are Catholic, if not Christian.


It is one of the least diverse colleges in the country....enough said. They are trying to diversify the school but by doing so more qualified students intelligence wise are being turned away.


The student body is mostly white catholics coming from middle to upper class familiar. Minorities, or inner city kids might feel out of place at PC at first. Personally I came from the city, and had a tough time adapting the first semester but once you comfortable it will be the time of your life. Most of the kids wont talk about acedemics all the time, most conversation ahs to do with partying or socializing.


Very low diversity with regards to race, religion, socio-economic, and LGBT. Most look fresh off the pages of Ralph Lauren. Most students rock the popped collar and NorthFact. Because most are the same, everyone gets along real well. This is not to say however that minorities are not accepted. All I know expressed initial hesitation but have come to love their experience. A lot of students are from New England and NY/NJ, but also a lot from West Coast, not much in between though. Most have decent amount of money. We get labelled often as apathetic, but I've found that to be not true, just not as crazy as our neighbors in the city at Brown University.


PC's student body is made up of white, Irish-Catholic, Middle-Class people with nice cars and all the designer clothing. Once you get to know them, they are not half bad, but they are very intimidating at first. Any one with a different racial/ethnic background would feel out of place. Anyone who is larger that a size 4 would feel out of place at this school. Anyone who does not wear J. Crew and American Eagle would feel out of place at this school. Anyone who does not drink under the age of 21 would feel out of place.