Providence College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about Providence College is probably the same sex freshmen dorms. It has been hard for me to make an abundance of friends first semester because the girls in my building were very cliquey. All of my friends who live in coed bulidings did not have any trouble making friends because boys are sometimes friendlier than girls are.


The lack of diversity would have to be the one drawback to Providence College. Not only does it lack religious diversity but it is also culturally homogeneous. Even though I fit the bill -- a white, Catholic, blonde girl from New York - I felt that I was not as prepared for the world around me as some of my friends who attended larger, more diverse schools were at the time of graduation. However, I have been successful in my career and have found that I was very well prepared for my field.


There really isn't anything too bad about Providence College. The worst thing I would say would be parking and off campus housing. PC is in Providence, so off campus housing isn't very safe and isn't in the best condition. Parking is very limited on campus as well, and when guests come it is hard to find them someplace to park.


Social diversity. Most girls are carbon copies of eachother who were very popular and bright in highschool. Boys are either bros who would live in fraternities, nerdy boys who are here for the sciences, or token black basketball players. The school doesn't attract many average, nice guy sorts of boys. Everyone is assumed to have money, and if you don't you are often left out of going to the club or to the mall.


The lack of communincation and between the administration and the students... and the food!


There is not much motivation to do new things for night life.


Lack of diversity and its affects on diverse individuals and the missing components of a holistic education.