Providence College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


White, upper-middle class, homogeneous


PC students wear J Crew and Abercrombie and the majority of students are very attractive and love to party.


Affluent students from NY/CT/NJ/MA. Party school, lot of drinking.


PC students are stereotyped as being party-hard, yet smart, clones of each other. It's common to hear that PC stands for "Party College".


Some stereotypes about PC are that the student body is not very diverse and looks like it just stepped out of a JCrew catalog.


PC students are not very diverse, this is a a major drawback of the college (if you are looking for diversity - which sadly most students who end up there are not) On a better note, PC students work hard and play hard - and a good amount still make it to mass on Sunday. The libraries are packed every weekday. On Thursday through Sat the bars are long as people get thier work done. People definitely have thier priorities straight. Also, everyone on the campus - students, faculty, administration and Dominican Friars - are all incredibly friendly. You cant walk across campus without seeing people that you know and usually stopping for a conversation or two. Its a warm, friendly, homey feeling all around campus. Students are also extremely involved! Everyone has at least one club, team or activity outside of thier class work. It really adds to school spirit.


We are party animal and that PC stands for Party College. However, education majors are well respected everywhere since PC has such a great Education Program. The college is also known to have very little diversity and everyone "dresses the same". PC isn't all preps!


The general stereotype about PC students is that everyone is a collar-popping, fresh-out-of-catholic school, j. crew-wearing preppy alcoholic.


all the same type of person, smart- we work hard during the week and party hard during the weekend, mostly Catholic, very faithful group of people,


PC has the reputation for lacking diversity. It also has the reputation for having an academically demanding core curriculum.


they are all over-privileged white kids, who drink a lot.


PC students are homogenous. They are all rich, white preppy kids.


White, Nice, Frriendly, Outgoing, ready to party;wear North Face, Uggz and Polo


-that everyone who goes is a white, upper-middle class Catholic -that everyone is too preppy -that the Friars shove religion down students' throats


very white, very preppy, very rich, very stuck-up


that they drink a ton, are super preppy, and are all the same.


Providence College has homogeneous demographics that only reflects a "cookie-cutter" student body of wealthy suburban Caucasians.


Preppy, rich, homogeneous, stuck up, partiers


PC is an overly religious, conservative school. PC students are Caucasian, preppy snobs from New England suburbs who binge drink every night of the week.


The stereotype of PC student is a white student from an affluent family with preppy tendences. Everyone is pretty much the same or seems to have come from the same kind of clique in high school.


Rich, preppy, alcoholics from New England. Conceited, stuck up, casually friendly but not much more.


That PC students are all the same: white, middle class, Catholic, from the Northeast, etc.


That all students are the same. White and rich.


There are three stereotypes that stick out concerning PC. The Princeton Review named us the most homogeneous college in the country a year ago... and they were probably right. PC lacks ethnic diversity and the majority of students come from the Northeast. I have come acrosse a wide range of personalities and backgrounds in my two years here, yet from an outside perspective the school definitely appears extremely homogeneous. PC also harnesses a stereotype as one of the most student friendly campuses in America, which is also true. The best part of PC are the students that go here. I can personally say I have been able to come out of my shell remarkably since high school and developed into a person I've always wanted to become. The size (approximately 3900) allows students to know at least a student or two within each of their classes but also large enough to meet someone new everyday. The last notable stereotype is that because PC is a Catholic school, it is a very strict school. The rules themselves are pretty strict, however students unquestionably find their way around them. The drinking violations are pretty harsh as the school thinks they have a drinking problem, when really every college has a drinking problem. Girls are also not allowed in boys dorms past twelve during the week, or past two on the weekends, and visa versa, however these rules are also very easy to work around. Having a girlfriend all of my freshman year, I would know.


It is not a diverse selection of students and it is a bit preppy.


PC students are typically upper-class yuppies from long island, NY or the boston area. Most are over-achievers and love to stay up to fashion with their vera bradley bags. Uggs and a North Face jacket might as well be the school uniform.


We are all the same-wealthy, white, heavy drinkers, skinny, preppy. PC is stereotyped to be a school where students go to class and then hit the bars. It values students that are upper-middle class and white.


PC Student are preppy, rich, white students who rarely study and frequently get plastered.


They are very preppy, all white catholic, come from money


That a large majority of the school's student body is made up of people from very similar back rounds (white, middle/upper class, Catholic).


they're all rich, prepsters that walk around in polo, too overly religious


That majority of the students are rich thanks to their fathers. That the students are carbon copies of one another. The female uniform consists of: UGG boots, North Face fleeces, Ralph Lauren and/or J. Crew Polos, Pearls (especially earrings). All minorities are considered to either be an athlete or on a scholarship. PC stands for Party College. Students use their fake IDs more than their actual school IDs.


All-white, middle-upper class.


That they are all preppy, rich, white and Catholic that are decently smart and party on the weekends.


I thought that PC was bullshit! I hated the student body and narrow minded administration that was ineffective at fixing glaring problems on the campus. How hard is to put your foot down and say no drinking means no drinking? Why the hell would you allow alchohol in dorms? wow. I mean like people were pissing on the quad on most nights because of how drunk they were and yet the administration can't do a damn thing! I blame this also on BOP. They are equally as culpable. They suck ass! Why can't they do something that is actually worth my time? They must be retarded or something.... Also the academics at this school need a huge upgrade! Why are most departments understaffed and yet we spent millions on the new gym? Isn't academics the primary purpose of college?

Lauren Migliacci

All white, middle class students. That we are in the ghetto of Providence. It is all Catholic kids, no diversity. Another stertype is that anyone who goes to PC has to party hard.


They are too Catholic


Rich kids, lots of drinking


Providence College's student body is rather homogeneous, consisting of white middle-upper middle class backgrounds. Plenty of Catholics, people share similar interests, drinking is popular.


It is all white, rich kids....mostly catholic


That we are all from New Englad, white and Catholic


White Irish Catholic (no diversity), Alcoholics


That we are a major party school. PC students are stereotyped as white, rich, preppy kids from New England


Rich white students, or multicultural students who are not up to par as far as intelligence, but the school is trying to become more diverse so they are let in, with large scholarships


It is not a diverse school, kids are all from rich suburban families


Very little diversity and very wealthy students!


Predominantly irish-catholic student body; spoiled kids; very preppy; alcoholics