Providence College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Providence College?


White, upper-middle class, homogeneous


PC students wear J Crew and Abercrombie and the majority of students are very attractive and love to party.


Affluent students from NY/CT/NJ/MA. Party school, lot of drinking.


PC students are stereotyped as being party-hard, yet smart, clones of each other. It's common to hear that PC stands for "Party College".


Some stereotypes about PC are that the student body is not very diverse and looks like it just stepped out of a JCrew catalog.


PC students are not very diverse, this is a a major drawback of the college (if you are looking for diversity - which sadly most students who end up there are not) On a better note, PC students work hard and play hard - and a good amount still make it to mass on Sunday. The libraries are packed every weekday. On Thursday through Sat the bars are long as people get thier work done. People definitely have thier priorities straight. Also, everyone on the campus - students, faculty, administration and Dominican Friars - are all incredibly friendly. You cant walk across campus without seeing people that you know and usually stopping for a conversation or two. Its a warm, friendly, homey feeling all around campus. Students are also extremely involved! Everyone has at least one club, team or activity outside of thier class work. It really adds to school spirit.


We are party animal and that PC stands for Party College. However, education majors are well respected everywhere since PC has such a great Education Program. The college is also known to have very little diversity and everyone "dresses the same". PC isn't all preps!


The general stereotype about PC students is that everyone is a collar-popping, fresh-out-of-catholic school, j. crew-wearing preppy alcoholic.


all the same type of person, smart- we work hard during the week and party hard during the weekend, mostly Catholic, very faithful group of people,


PC has the reputation for lacking diversity. It also has the reputation for having an academically demanding core curriculum.