Providence College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would say the kind of person that would attend this Providence is from the Northeast, went to a private school of some sort, and plans on working in the Northeast immediately upon graduating from Providence College. Further, PC is a Catholic school based around the teaching of Dominican Friars, so there is definitely a religious undertone to the curriculum and core requirements. Finally, while at PC, the school's lack of diversity was noticeable, but is a problem currently being worked on.


Anyone looking for a relatively small, friendly, christian community should look into this school. The school is small enough for each student to be treated as an individual and there is a wide variety of activities to get involved in no matter what your interest. If you're a college sports fan, this is another reason to be interested in Providence College with its excellent D1 teams. Weather here varies throughout the seasons. The campus is especially beautiful during the winter and fall seasons. Located just outside the city, there is always something to do.


The education I received at Providence College was excellent. I would recommend that someone who is willing to work hard and also get involved in clubs and organizations would be successful at PC. The school is rather small, which allows students to get to know their teachers. It is also great for people who did not get a chance to become involved in high school and would like to do so in college. The college has a strong sense of community which would be ideal for someone willing to take on leadership roles.


A student must have outstanding determination to attend PC. The college expects a lot of it's students and although I'm sure students pass through without the drive to succeed, I think to fully take advantage of the liberal arts education Providence has to offer, a student must be determined to do so. Determination includes not only skills learned in high school but also an inherent believe in yourself that will be the ultimate determinant of your success at Providence College.


Friendly, personable, academically sound, all around good guy


A person that is outgoing, friendly, wants to work with others.


White, Irish, Catholic, intelligent, and driven. Second most homogenous school in the country, I believe.


White catholic