Pulaski Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is not a party. You need to really apply yourself inorder to get that diploma. Even though it may just be a piece of paper, it will decide where you fit into today's society and it'll determine how much work you have put into it and get the job you deserve.


To start getting all my stuff the school needs so im not in such a rush and to start applieing for all thes scholarhsips as soon as possible.


If i could talk to myself as a high school senior, i would tell myself to enroll in a 2-year community college and get an associate degree in arts and probably education. Then, I would be able to work in the school district while i go to school to receive my degree of arts and spanish. This way money wouldn't such a huge problem.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior with the knowledge I now have about college life and making the transition, I would have say: There are many different types of colleges, and each school is different. Research the school you are thinking of attending before you commit to it. Talk to the students who attend classes at the school. Ask them what they like about their school and why. Ask them how large the classes are that they attend and if the classroom environment feels comfortable to them. Question the students at the school about their instructors and how they teach. Find out if the students would recommend the school to others. Look at the school curriculum and talk to an advisor about the courses. Find out if the courses and degrees are fully transferable to other schools. See if the advisor can set up a meeting to the dean of the department of your selected major to answer any specific questions you have about the specified field. It is those who specialize in a field whose are often best qualified to answer questions. Above all: Be dedicated and study hard!


I would say to not be afraid and give it a 100% effort and you can do it. Don't blow off your first year. Take classes you know that will help you and will let you keep your scholarship. Take the basics and then decide in a year or two what you want to do. Don't take classes the first 2 years you know will frustrate you due to never having that type of class before. Stick with what you know and don't get discouraged.


I would tell myself to stop skipping chemisty because I will need it in the very near future. I would make myself go and fill out every single college scholarship application until my fingers became crippled. I would tell myself to start college asap, and not go to any parties or find any commited relationships with women(they'll only slowed me down....and gave me headaches). I would've told myself that college is not as hard as my high school teachers said it was but, i should still keep a considerably high gpa for the scholarships. I would've told myself not to worry about transportation to school and back God makes a way out of no way. And last but not least, I would have told myself to always be ready for anything and to expect the unexpexted(Anything can happen when your in college).


Knowing what I know about college life now and making the transition I would tell myself to be prepared for set backs. When doing anything in life you need to have a Plan B. If I could go back in time I would have applied for scholarships at all of the schools that I wanted to attend. I would also have researched the tuition of all the schools I wanted to attend. I chose to go to Pulaski Technical College because I knew that it was not so expensive, but if I would have done my research I would have known that I could have went to Henderson State University for about the same price. That way I would have gotten the real campus feeling of college. I would have been able to move away from home and stay on campus and not been out of that much money, so those are all the things I would have told myself.


Friends come and go but family is always family. You can and should rely on family for support and encouragement. They will always be there for you. You have to spend time wisely. Spend time every day outside of class studying or doing homework. (Without exception ! ) Dedication to your goals is the one thing that will ensure success.


Go ahead and just go and to stick w/it, in the long run it will be better for you and your life down the road.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, the advise would be to make better study habbits and to take my writing essays more seriously. In high school I didn't take most of my test seriously, so I didn't study much. I wish I would have taken those test seriously and studied. If I would have taken those test seriously and studied my study habbits for college would be easier and I wouldn't put studing off til the last minute. When it came to me writing papers, Iin my oppioin I didn't do so good. The teachers thought I did but I didn't. I have a hard time starting the paper and them finishing the paper. Once I get past the first paragraph I usually do ok but the first and last paragraph get me. I should have paid more attention to how the my teachers tought me to write. I understood at the time what to do but I didn't remember it for the furture.

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