Pulaski Technical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Pulaski Tech is that the tuition isn't that expensive. And the fact that the instructors are very helpful.


The best thing about Pulaski Technical College is the type of instructors employed at the college. They care about whether their students succeed. Unlike many larger campuses, professors take an active interest in making sure that dedicated pupils understand the materials being taught. The teachers give that extra little bit of time to work with hard-working students (sometimes one-on-one) in problem areas. They do their best to teach difficult-to-grasp concepts in a straightforward manner, thus making the material easier to understand. Excellent instruction is only second to pupil diligence when it comes to student success.


That it is an inexpensive path to an associates degree. The teachers are first rate and very knowledgeable. It is a stepping stone to a 4 yr college. It is geared toward the non-traditional student, in that it offers night classes that are convenient and allow an older student to obtain a degree.


The best thing I would consider about Pulaski Tech is the cost. It's a lot cheaper than any of the more prestigous colleges. The environment is pleasant also, it's very unique in a sense because the school is always growing. It makes you feel good knowing your attending a school that's rapidly growing each and every day.


For me the best thing about my school is that the schedule works around my schedule, plus they offer some of the classes online. There are alot of people in the same program I am in and they all like how they can work and still go to school and get their A.A.S in teaching or early childhood education.

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