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Since I am in the college of business, it was important to me to make sure that I got into a good school for that area of study. I recently found out that Purdue University Calumet is a great college for Business majors, since it is highly accredited. This means a lot to me in the long run, since that will be a valuable stamp on my resume.


It is well-known university with quality education with a culturally diverse staff and student body. The campus is the right size where everything is accessable within a short distance. The professors and instructors are all helpful and good people with thier students in their best interest.


Friendships made here can last forever. There are a variety of faculty members who really care about you.


Purdue Univerisity Calumet is centered around all of the major mills of NorthWest Indiana. Because of this fact, I think that Purdue gives many people a better opportunity for education and in life rather than just getting out of high school and getting into one of the mills or factories. Also because of the area Purdue Calumet is located in there is a major emphasis on engineering.


The difference is that the nursing program allowed me to apply for it directly out of high school and get accepted immediately unlike other colleges where you attend and you may or may not get into the program. Getting accepted into the program directly out of high school as well as receiving a Purdue University degree upon graduating will allow me opportunities to apply for jobs and get chosen over someone else and advance my career further.


Purdue University Calumet is a school that is not only unique but it is also very personalized. At Purdue Calumet, you are definitely not a statistic. You are very important and an intrical part of the school.


My school has a certain goal of having a one-on-one focus between the faculty and students. The school is not so big that the teachers do not have enough time to help the students, and it is not so small that you feel like you are seeing the same people everyday. I see my friends daily and see/meet new people and aspects weekly. That is something I believe the other schools I considered would not have offered me. Those aspects and also the amazing nursing program we are known for, made me choose Purdue University Calumet.


My school is different than other schools I looked at because it is close to home, and it is smaller. I always wanted to go away to school, and I didn't think I would like staying local for college, but it isn't as bad as I thought.


This school is a very good school for a much lower cost. Staff are great depending who you take.


The diverse group of students, the friendly atmosphere, and the genuine concern that the professors have for each and every student overwhelmed me. I looked into other colleges in my area that offered Hospitality and Tourism programs, and did not feel that friendly helpful attitude from their staff. The other colleges concerns were for how soon their money could be obtained for the classes. To me the genuine concern for each student is the most unique factor that a school should have for its sutdents, and I am proud to say that I am a Purdue Calumet student.


My school is unique due to the fact that it is so diversified. In every classroom there is a mixture or race and gender which provides wonderful opinions for class discussions. There are many different cultures which brings new insight into the classroom.


There are few opportunities to express artistic capabilities.


It is a family-oriented atmosphere. Most students are working adults that are returning to school to complete a degree or receive supplemental education.


The most unique part of Purdue is the fact that it's like our country. There are many different races, religions, and just people period. No two people in my school are exactly alike. Another thing thats really unique is the fact that at Purdue is a university, but the classes are very intimate and it's a lot easier to keep a rapport with your professors and advisors.


The most unique quality of the school that I chose to attend was the fact that I get to live at home while going to school. This will save me quite a bit of money and I won't have to deal with dorm life. I am comfortable and happy at home, and I am receiving the same great education as I would if I had gone away to university.


The current school I am attending is unique in that they go above and beyond to offer help to the student. The professors at this university reach out to you and make sure your progress is satisfactory to your effort. I felt like i could ask for help from students passing in the halls without having the feeling of being "the small fish in the big pond." There is also an abundant amount of extra-curricular activites for new students to become oriented to their new surroundings.


Purdue Calumet is very diverse. Other schools seem to have overwhelming amounts of culturally similiar people. Purdue has asians, indianas, caucasions, mexicans, blacks, etc.


It's small, unlike the West Lafayette campus.


campus is easily accessible by train and car. tuition is vary affordable. Smaller classes equal better education


The school have very unique cultural diversity. ther are many international students so it is really easy to learn different cultures in the campus. The average of students age is little bit higher than other university because there are many people who came back to finish their degree. So, it is easy to discuss with people who have different perspectives of the certain issues and the world. Great Faculty members! Students actually are able to have one on one conversation with his/her professor by office hours not with T.A. or R.A.


Whats unique about the school I attend is the dorms. Each room has four rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen/living room area and you get your own sink outside the bathroom. The closet also have big nice mirrors on them. The dorm floors are also co-ed . It is almost like an apartment complex. You get to have company stay the night if you want. It gives you the feal of independence.


In choosing to attend this school, I was able to live at home and easily make it to my classes. All of the other schools required me to live on campus, which was not ideal for me at the time. Also, this school has a small-town feel. The student body is small, and the campus itself is small. All of the others schools I applied for were large, and had a large student body.


My school carries a world-recognized name for excellence in engineering, but encompasses much mor than that. My University affords me the opportunity to succeed when my environment does not. It is my safe haven from poverty and despair and sets me on an equal and competitive playing field where my mind is interactively and consistently engaged.


Purdue University Calumet is very diverse. At new student orientation I felt very welcomed and accepted. Everyone there was ready and willing to help you out when needed. The classes are very small, and I find it easier to get help from the professors when there are only 20 to 30 students in a class. I did not consider any other schools other than Purdue. It was a great choice.

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