Purdue University-Calumet Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school is nice enough. The people are nice. The only thing I would have a complaint about, is the location. It seems there is always something stolen from houses near by, hit and runs, or shootings.


The worst thing in my opinion is the lack of choice for instructors for some courses because there is only one instructor who teaches that course. Some of these courses are requirements and it makes it hard when you don't care for a particular instructor whether it be because of their teaching methods or their attitude in general. Even if you don't like it, you have to deal with it, which in turn may affect your grade negatively.


Each department varies in thier effectiveness as an educational institute. Some departments are better than others.


I don't think there is enough emphasis on research internships for students in the humanities programs. There is an overwhelming focus on STEM fields and enforcing their connections and networks; however, English, History, Political Science, Economics, etc. often get the short end of the stick.


I do not consider anything bad about my school.


one thing that i consider to be the worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. One thing that i really feel is the most important about the college experience is school spirit. It is a way that students bond with eachother and make new friendships. Also it is a good way for other to know about the school you attend and it shows that you are proud of where you go, and want people to know. A majority of campus activities invovle having school spirit.


The worst thing about my school is the low retention rate among minority students. Every semester I had to make new friends because my previous acquaintances would drop out of the university. I was so passionate about this issue as an undergraduate that I completed and presented research through the Ronald E. McNair program to bring special attention to it. I also created a summer bridge program similar to one that I had attended at UIC for at risk students at Purdue, but the proposal that I presented during meetings with several campus offices unfortunately fell on deaf ears.


There is no worst thing about my school, you have to take the good with the bad.


The worst thing about Purdue University-Calumet is the area where it is located. Hammond, Indiana is not a town one would consider as safe. I often receive emails, from the campus police, about crime around the campus. I have received emails about students getting robbed in the parking lot, possible homes close to the school that may contain gang members, and this last semester, about a man exposing himself to unsuspecting females sitting in their cars in the Purdue parking lot. Although these incidents have occurred at or near Purdue, I usually feel safe going to my classes.


I just transferred to Purdue University-Calumet. I have been working with administration to get prepared for the fall semester. Although very helpful it seems that they can be unorganized. I have had difficulty with financial aid, scholarship applications, and registration. The confusion has lost me numerous hours.


Probably the worst thing about school is having to juggle all the coursework with my other obligations to family, work, and community while trying to maintain a social life. I am returning to school after a few years of being in the workforce and it has proven to be a challenge for me to be my best in all areas of my life.


As well as their pros there are cons. The worst thing about Purdue is the parking. Morning parking is bearable but anything after ten, the parking lot becomes very full which makes it complicated for students to get to class on time. Another thing that I dislike is that it is a long walk between classes. Some classes may even require you to drive to them because the classes may be a streets apart from one another. I've only seen the shuttle bus once since I have been there, therefore I’m not sure what hours they run.


I can not think of anything bad about Purdue Calumet.


The concern I have about my school is what to do with an overload of student enrollment with accomodations that cannot suit the numbers.


For the hospitality and tourism students, they focus on mainly running a restaurant. However, many kids do not want to work in a restaurant for a living, so being forced to take classes that have nothing to do with what we want is a huge waste of our money and time. We could be taking other courses that are more directed towards our interests.




I would consider the worst thing about my school being its' location. It is a wonderful school and it's a shame that it is located in a not so nice area of Indiana.


The worst thing about my school is it doesnt get enough credit, it is more than just a "community college" it is a university that provides a great education.


The freshman advising department for Biological Sciences has the absolute worst advisor. She completely misinformed me about my AP credits and put me in classes without preparation. She left for vacation in November so I couldn't register for Spring classes. I could only register for basic classes, and when I found out later that my AP credits covered a class that I took, she wouldn't help me get my money back and accused me of going against her and another advisors wishes for taking that class when she never informed me of the credit situation.


Purdue calumet is a community college. Students like these smaller universities for the one-on-one with their professors. Last semester Purdue reached its maximum with 10,000 students, and many could not get into the classes that they needed for their specific majors. Therefore, they didn't get the classes they needed and the classes they had to mend with were so full that they didn't get that personable relationship with their professor that most prefer. The worst thing about Purdue is that it doesn't have enough classrooms, or professors!


It is true that Purdue University Calumet is a great school. However, it is not great in size. I feel that the campus could be larger to accommodate more students and implement more activities on campus.


I consider our school's sports to be the worst thing. Our advertising and promoting of intramurals sports does not suffice my expectations. I think there should be more banners, announcements, and people who want to promote intramural sports throughout the campus. Purdue Calumet is too small to have a football team, and hardly anyone attends our sporting events. Not only is our intramural sports poorly advertised but also our main sports such as volleyball and basketball. I think Purdue Calumet should invest in more sporting facilities than just one. Overall, Purdue Calumet needs to make changes with sporting events.


I think the worst thing about Purdue University Calumet are the Academic Counselors. I attended Indiana Unviersity in Bloomington and was absolutely impressed with my counselor. She knew my name each time we spoke and was well rehearsed with where i was in school. My counselor at Purdue Calumet has no idea who i am, what classes I am in or what my goals are. At one point she kept telling me take spanish, ive been enrolled in French. I have had negative experiences with my counselor at purdue calumet.


In the school I am attending, I?d say the worse thing about it is the advisors and the lack of information they give you. Although the advisors are friendly, they are not very helpful. They tell you what classes you need to take and don?t take any more time to discuss your interests and concerns about school. They don?t advise you where to get help from any other offices, such as financial offices, or how to get study help. It seems as if they want to get you in and out of their office way too quickly.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the communication between the financial aid office and the students. I say this not only upon personal experience but also here this quite a bit from my freinds. It is really unfair for students to pay penalties when they receive notices the day before about dues they have to pay. Although the school is doing a better job at communicating with the students I feel there is much work needed and is still the worst thing about my school


The only thing i consider bad about the school I attend is the cost of food. The food in the cafeteria and in the grad and go shops are pretty high. We dont have that much of a variety and most colleges are all you can eat and the one at Purdue Calumet is not. I also hate the fact that the books are so high but that is at every campus I believe.


Everybody is grumpy. Very few people are satisified with the education they are receiving.


I have yet to experience the "worst thing" about my school. I do not beleive many people can claim this fact about their higher learning experience as I can about mine.


the worst thing about our campus is that it is difficult to schedule certain classes because they are usually booked pretty quick because classes that are major specific are not available all the time.

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