Purdue University-Calumet Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe that someone who just wants to "party in the college life" and doesn't care about there education should attend here. As I said, why spend the money?


Since I have not yet started classes with Purdue Calumet, I would be unable to answer this question.


People that aren't ok with a commuter campus probably wouldn't fare well here. You have to actively seek out communities to feel the same sense of community and college spirit that you would find at the home institution like Purdue in West Lafayette.


I would recommend that every person that is trying to find a university or looking to transfer in the mid-west should attend this school because its not too big & school shows that they dishonor cheating and plagarizing. A person i would not recommend to come to my school is someone that doesnt take school seriously or to waste time and not handle business. I would kind of say they are strict on showing up to class and participating just because they say since we are in college we are old enough to except responsiblity for our own actions.


I would suggest this school for a non-traditional student.


A Purdue University student must be a dedicated student eager to learn and maintain high standars of education. The school offers all the necessary tools to assist you in reaching your goals and succeeding. However, it is the student who chooses to take advantage of the opportunities for learning. Those that opt to put studying aside won't be able to pass and maintain a good GPA. The school is culturally diverse which makes the campus an incredible place to meet people. Student activities are always fun. Athletes also find at Purdue a great place to combine sports and studies.


someone who is not focused on actually moving on in life to succeed. Someone who only wants to party and waste money. A person who does not want to obtain a degree but only needs something to do.


A person that isn't willing to put forth great effort.


There is no person who I would say "should not attend" Purdue University Calumet. It is a wonderful school with teachers who want all of their students to do well and succeed. The school tries to bring out the best of all of its students.


A person who needs a lot of direction. Definately a school for a self-started.


People who are looking for their college experience to be smooth and full of partying should take this school out of their category if thats what they are looking for. You have to work hard, but the instructors and professors do give you the attention you need do to the small class room sizes.


I believe every one should at least try, give your self a chance . Purdue is a pretty good University.


Someone that is not responsible should not attend this school. Students have to be able to be up and ready to go to class everyday, if not they lose points and cause their grades to go down. You have to be very responsible with your homework, going to lectures, and studying for tests. Everything you do you have to do on your own pretty much. The only thing the professors will do is prepare you for tests and homework during lecture. Other than that, you have to be very attentive and take a lot of notes. You have to work!


The people who do not have real passion for education, for example, people who say "I will just go to Purdue Cal just because my parents want me to go to college. It's close and easy. Whatever."


any person interested in law, Theology, Culinary arts


Someone who wants a decent education and doesn't want to get screwed over by academic advisors shouldn't attend this school.


A well-organized focused student who is serious about learning.


A person that does not like diversity. And some that does not know how to respect others.


Most of the people I know who go to this school still live at home and commute there. So, if you are someone looking to get out of your element and be living away from home and get the total college experience, I'd say go somewhere where you don't commute back and forth everyday. You're not forced to be around the school all the time and for me it lacks the university feel. The classrooms are small like being in high school. It doesn't make you feel like you're a real college student.


I wouldn't recommend this school to any students who are looking for a large campus in a big city. Hammond is a smaller city, and the campus isn't very big, nor does it have a lot of students. The campus has very little dorm space, so I also wouldn't recommend the school to anyone interested in living on campus. It is very difficult to get a room placement. In short, the school isn't meant for anyone looking to get out into a big city and out of their parents house.


A person who intends to waste money and time shouldn't attend this school.


A lazy person who plans to skate by through college with out ever actually opening a book.


Dont Know


I think people that are not motivated and don't want to go college, shouldn't attend there. Purdue Calumet is an excellent school and is known for many of its career programs. It is a school that works hard, so I believe if you are not motivated or willing you should not attend. Purdue is great for people who know what career they want or who are undecided.

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