Purdue University-Calumet Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known the hoops to you have to jump through to get into the nursing prgram once you have already attended college. If you apply right out of high school and get accepted into the nursing program, you start right away. To trnasfer into the nursing program requires a few pre-requisites.


Out of state fees. I understand that after FASFA helps students out and loans if needed helps students out as well, but at then same time if that is the case then what happens if someone uses F.A. and loans and they still have a remaining balance left. School shouldnt be so expensive to where someone has to dropout or do a withdrawal from a class because of a cost. Everyone needs certain levels of education for certain jobs, and if they cant proceed to get there education how far could someone go without the education?


Before I attended Purdue University Calumet, I wish I had known that there was not an active student life experience for the student population. Because it is a commuter campus, a lot of the students were older, had families, or had full time jobs so it was difficult to convince students to attend the events that were being held around campus. This made it very challenging for me to network and create meaningful connections with others, especially since I moved here from another state.


Everything is a learning experience, and thus we learn as we move forward. Everything we understand is a result of what we encounter, and so me learn and adapt as we go forward.


I wish I knew how much books would cost me before I came to Purdue.


I wish I had know what my true interests and passions were before I started school. Every class I've taken has shown me a different perspective on life and through that I've learn more about myself (likes and dislikes included) in the last 2 years than I've learned my whole life.


What I wish I would of know before is other different sources of financial aid other then just loans.


At first I was very apprehensive about experience life on my own. I wish I would have known how kind and welcoming the people were there. I also wish I knew how easy the professors would be to talk to. If I had known that the classes became more interesting after freshmen year, I wouldn't have made such a big deal about them. There were plenty of times this year that I brought too much back to my dorm room and had to send some things back home. I wish I had known that!


That the professors and clerical staff for the most part are very disorganized.


That the school is not as organized as I would have expected.


I wish i would have known how many possibilities are avialible to students at a regional campus like Purdue Calumet. You can get help with just about anything you need, whether it be financially, academically, or otherwise.


I had been out of school for eleven years when I enrolled at Purdue University Calumet, so I just wish I would have better prepared myself to deal with the work load that I was going to take on.


I would have liked to know that most students at this campus have full time jobs as well as being full time students. Information like this would have given me a better understanding that campus life would be made up of going to class, getting your work done and then going home, or to a job.


I wish that I would have known that college is not at all like high school. First, the coursework is much, much harder. Teachers do not let the fact that students do not get the information stop them from moving on. Second, the high school drama is almost nonexistant. It is good to know that the fact that two students are out of a relationship has no effect on the education status. Lastly, college is a good time to get ones priorities straight. Sort of a "Homework or Party?" scenario. I wish I would have realized these things.


I wish I would have known more about financial aid, and the dates of when everything is due. It makes life extremely difficult if your financial aid isn't figured out by a certain date.


I wasn?t sure for a long time what college I wanted to attend after high school. Choosing a major was enough pressure. My academic skills were strongest in math and science so I decided to pursue a degree in engineering. I searched for a college that best suited my major choice. It was not long before I came across Purdue University. I decided to attend its branch campus Purdue University Calumet. I wish I had known about the financial aid process, scholarships that were available to me, and advice to prepare me for college.


Well I wish I knew what the requirments were to transfer to Purdue but, it will not be that hard as long as i stay focused on what the long term goal is.


When I was a high school senior I didn't really think too much about my future. I knew that college was the key to sucess but I did not fully understand this concept. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to take my senior year more seriously. I would tell myself to get good grades and to study hard so that I could receive the funding I needed to pay for school. I would tell myself that I have what it takes to get good grades and succeed.


That I should apply more for campus jobs. Many of the on-campus jobs give tuition remission and they are all great jobs.


Actually, everything was explained to me at new student orientation. Such as extra-curricular activities, tutoring, the fitness center, and any and everything you could think of was covered at new student orientation.

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