Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Purdue Univeristy is a diverse community that constantly works together to achieve a higher eduation that will better society.


Purdue is an exciting, innovating and inviting environment to further educational careers successfully.


Purdue University, main campus and satellite campuses provide a world class education while minimizing living expenses & disruptions in employment; the nursing department staff members are outgoing, supportive & incredibly knowledgeable.


Likely the only university campus in the Midwest that doesn't swing wildly liberal.


Purdue is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and educational diversity.


A very diverse and academically challenging university.


Purdue University is predominantly an engineering school that offers great facilities and faculties to foster the bright minds of the future.


Purdue is a very large school that seems to me to be overrated, but every once in a while, there is a professor that completely changes the way you look at Purdue.


Purdue is a campus that consists mostly of stately, brick buildings. Very few of them are more than 3 stories high. Around Purdue campus students will find numerous fountains to commemorate events as well as landscaping and architectural details which add to the beauty of Purdue.


Purdue seems to be located in the middle of cornfields, as many families remark after driving to campus, but campus itself is a city to its own! We have local movie theaters, a nearby mall, three (yes, three) Walmarts, many bars and restaurants, and just about anything else a city would have. Our campus consists of primarily red brick buildings and beautifully landscaped malls are interspersed throughout campus.


A great big-ten school with a lot of Boilermaker pride and a strong academic reputation.


It is very well upkept


Purdue University is a large, city-like campus that offers an exceptional education along with a plethora of activities that students can participate in on campus.


Purdue University is a challenging and recognizable figure, which takes pride in its investments, such as in its students, faculty, or facilities, allowing for the opportunity of every individual to reach his/her pinnacle


The school I'm attending is a big ten school with ample opportunities for career advancement.


Purdue University is a place where anyone can flourish and find their niche.


Purdue is hands down not only the best school, but the best mix of academics, greek life, sports, and cultures.


Purdue is the best business, college life, well rounded school ever.


Purdue is a great school that is filled with wonderful, friendly people and has a lot of school pride, acedemics are important too I guess.


Purdue University is a great place to make life long friends, gain knowledge important to your success, and transform yourself into the person that you have always invisioned yourself to be.


Purdue University is a prestigous, and diverse campus that prides themselves on academic excellence and hard work.


Purdue University is the definition of diversity; with it's diverse student body, faculty, schools, majors, organizations, and overall atmosphere.


A very diverse and academically competetive university.


Purdue is very diverse and very academically challenging.


Purude University is friendly, fun, and one of the best opportunities a budding student could be offered.


Although Purdue is one of the most academically prestigious schools in the world, it provides an excellent social environment as well as a gorgeous campus, innumerable extra-curricular options and an unbelievable amount of school spirit.


Purdue University is very diverse, there are opportunities for every student to get involved with something they are interested in.


Purdue is a very large school with several different areas of study, although the majority of the student are majoring in engineering or agriculture. The campus has great character with all the red brick buildings.


Purdue is a really nice place to be, because the weather here is not too cold, everyone is really friendly, even to complete strangers, the food at the dining courts tastes so much better than high school food, and I am intellectually challenged. by my courses.


Purdue is a large, ethnically diverse, agriculture and engineering based, distingushed university that is full of school spirit and has multiple opportunities in a wide range of activities.


With a large campus but a small town atmosophere, Purdue University is a college that focuses on not only academic achievement from its students, but with a focus on advancement in the future and is very student oriented.


Purdue is big engineering school at heart in a small town, however with its diverse campus and professional schools it can accommodate people from all backgrounds.


Going to Purdue was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.


Purdue University is a wonderful campus, full of fun activities; it gives me a sense of comfort and the knowledgeable support and help I need.


Purdue Univeristy is a diverse, spirited Big Ten school with many opportunities for a good career.


Purdue is a large campus, with a high emphasis on school-spirit; and though diverse, sometimes tends to fail to address behaviors that are problematic to maintain positive self-image.


My school is a large place with many diverse, goal-oriented students that are striving to succeed academically in order to achieve great things in their futures.


Purdue is a place where opportunites are endless, hard work goes a long way, and friendships last forever.


My school is an academic, prestigious, and fun school.


Purdue University is a career focused, challenging school, however, with hard work and dedication, you can be successful.


The 4-year graduation rate of Purdue proves its greatness


Purdue is a school that allows you to be an individual, even as you learn to function as part of a group, the place you begin to think of as "home," where friends become family, classes become open doors to your future, and daily experiences become memories that last a lifetime.


The school is very welcoming to all of its students.


This is a simple tour of Purdue's campus based on an average day's activities and thoughts. I will take you passed I visit the most often and share with you the thoughts and knowledge that pass through my head regularly at these places.


It's a great University filled with wonderful students and helpful professors. Make sure you do your best to get to class or you will fall behind and make sure you read the necessary material because most of the book material is on the exams. The social life here is huge so get involved as much as you can so it looks good on your resume. Enjoy your years at school!


Super fun and really cool with a good balance of academics.


This school focuses on money, research, and prestige.


Purdue is academically focused, but also fun!


Purdue is strongly focused on education but it has many exciting multicultural and volunteer opportunities.


Almost everyone here is kind and helpful, but everyone here is proud to be a boilermaker.