Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students are boring at my college. Then again, most everywhere people are boring.


I found classmates had varied backgrounds and work experience; the vast majority were friendly, outgoing, knowledgeable and willing to prioritize common goals, group projects & study sessions.


Classmates were diverse, intellectual and enabled me to think outside of the box by challenging me to think and expand on my thought process.


My classmates are helpful, friendly, and are people I want to surround myself with.


everyone is helpful and understanding.


My classmates are all intelligent! We all have been accepted into Purdue for a reason and we are here to fulfill that reason. We are all very motivated because we know what we want for our future and the future of the world.


Classmates at Purdue are hard-working, dedicated individuals who hope to achieve those dreams and goals that children dream at night. Want to go to the moon? Purdue has had over twenty students land on the moon. Want to meet foreign people and speak with them in their own language? Together with your classmates, you will learn to achieve your hopes and dreams or perhaps realize a new dream you never thought of before.


My classmates have the drive to learn and are kind, courteous, and helpful to other classmates.


There are nealy 40000 students and more than 4000 international students in Purdue campus. Most students are very nice and willing to help others.


Some of my classmates at Purdue are my friends for life.


There are a lot of foreign students, especially Asian and Indian. Definitely a lot of white kids, the town is a typical Midwest town, but there is a lot of diversity at the school.


Friendly, upbeat, outgoing, young and old, interactive individuals.


Diverse and willing to learn.


My current classmates are interesting and bring different aspects to a specific topic.


It's friendly people Weather! Just right considering the number of students that are attending and the number of classes and majors offered by the University. Most of the people who I have told that I go Purdue for engineering have been really impressed because Purdue is a great institution and is highly reputed for producing great engineers. The new Mechanical Engineering Building College Town! The administration functions quite well in my opinion. Cannot think of any Of course! Boiler Up! There are way too many squirrels all over the campus and Purdue has even earned a name for that reason. The very famous 'Fountain Run' tradition. Evening and Final Exam schedules.


My classmates are diverse and have a lot of knowledge.


Hard working friendly students that want to succeed.


Boiler maker true and thruhgt.


Honestly, coming to Purdue was a very eye-opening experience for me. I came from a mostly white town, so Purdue was a very different experience. There is a large Asian population here. There is also a large variety of religions. It is awesome because there clubs/organizations to support literally every race, religion, and any other group you can think of.


Honestly, coming to Purdue was a very eye-opening experience for me. I came from a mostly white town, so Purdue was a very different experience. There is a large Asian population here. There is also a large variety of religions. It is awesome because there clubs/organizations to support literally every race, religion, and any other group you can think of.


Describe the students at your school.


I am in the biggest student orgnazation called Purdue University Chinese Student's and Scholar's Association. Everyone. Just wear whatever you want. yes. The students in the first table are talking about what happened in school today. The students in the second table seems just meet each other today. There is only one students eating and texting in the third table. The students on the last table is laughing. USA, IN. I don't really know. Not really. No.


I feel that most students at Purdue are of a higher socio-economic background, on average upper-middle class. Many students do not have to work while they go to school, but I did. I have held a job consistently since I was 16 to attend college.


I feel that most students at Purdue are of higher socio-economic backgrounds, on average upper-middle class. Many student do not have to work while they go to school, but I did. I have held a job consistently since I was 16 to attend college.


I feel that students of all backgrounds can feel welcome at Purdue, but I am predominately involved with the liberal arts side of Purdue. Purdue does not have a huge LGBT community, but I know we have a LGBT club. I feel that most students at Purdue are of higher socio-economic backgrounds, on average upper-middle class. Many student do not have to work while they go to school, but I did. I have held a job consistently since I was 16 to attend college. Like in high school, there is a mix of personal style expressions in college. The difference is that most people care less about exuding style in class and more about learning. Some students come to class in sweatpants and sweatshirts. Some in Purdue gear or athletic gear. Some trendy. Some dressy because they have a job, an interview, or a presentation. And many other unique styles. Depending on the program you've joined at Purdue you will be faced with different people. From my experiences the sciences are predominantly right and liberal arts are mixed, but perhaps leaning left.


Purdue has a very wide variety of groups on campus. It is not uncommon to see people of other races, religions, or sexual orientations openly displaying their beliefs. I have never felt that anybody looked out of place. Chances are no matter where you are from or what you believe in, you can find a person with that in common at a university this size. Purdue has no dress code. It is difficult to describe how a person would commonly dress here, but in generally people are pretty casual. For my own part, I wear jeans and a tshirt about every day. I have seen people who wear full suits to class even when they are in undergrad all the way to people who show up in pajamas ever day. If you were to walk into a dining court here and see four tables of people, odds are those four tables would have people from all over the country and even all over the world at them. There is no real way to guess what who you'd see. In the end you'd see your fellow students and to most people here, that is all that really matters. I have had classes where many people were from Indiana, but in most of my classes I have at least one international student and then people from America who are from all over the country. In one class this year there were 25 of us and no more than 3 of us were from the same state. Financial backgrounds are not something most students share with one another prevalently at Purdue. I have met people who came on scholarships based on how little money they had growing up all the way to students who had hit it big by starting their own companies before college. There is no general statement to be made. At Purdue it really doesn't matter where you come from, it is all about where you can go. Students at Purdue vary in how politcally active they are. Some know nothing of politics and avoid them while others seemingly take up a new cause every week. There are people from right, left, and center at Purdue. There are groups that debate politics and all kinds of clubs related to them, so it is not hard to find like-minded people. Some students talk about the potential earnings of their career paths frequently, but others do not. I came to Purdue originally as a business student and that was one of the biggest deciding factors. Most students enroll in a program they will enjoy and argue that money really can't make a person happy.


I feel that no student will ever feel left out at Purdue University. There are over 300 student organizations and there is a place for everyone. If you feel like there isn't something you want to get involved in, then you can create your own organization. There are a lot of international students here, but I like that. I came from a small town and when I choose a college, I wanted to expand my horizons and experience different cultures.


The students at Purdue are fairly diverse but there is definitely a majority of midwesterners from Indiana and the Chicago area. I do not feel that any student could ever feel out of place here though because there is something for everyone. Attire to class, obviously depending on the weather. can range from your average pair of jeans and a tee-shirt to a full on suit when interview time comes around. The majority of the students I see however can usually be found wearing khakis and a polo or button down shirt to class. Students from all different groups interact on daily basis both in class and on campus regularly. There is definitely pockets of politically aware and active students, but moreso students are active in campus life. Overall I do not see a "model" Purdue student but rather a mash-up of many different types of student.


Go to library a lot. Friendly and nice. Warm-hearted. Cool.


I have seen many different types of people as classmates. With 40,000 students on one campus, the classmates are going to be diverse. For the most part, they have been very cooperative and kind. I am in engineering, so a great deal of my classmates are intelligent and hard workers.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.


There's tons of different people on campus. Tons of out-of-state students and lots of international students so there's groups of people out there for everyone. I've never seen any racial tension on campus and no intra-student confrontations between religious folk and LGBT students, despite the reputation of being conservative Christians. Since we're a public school, you'll get the occasional crazies preaching on the Memorial Mall lawn about how we're all going to hell, but no one agrees with them. We're college kids, and we like to drink, we like to have sex, and we don't really want anyone telling us we're bad people. Most students are the standard middle-class suburbanites with the typical style and attitude you'd expect - left-leaning, Greek-life loving, American Eagle-wearing kids. Not all of us are like this, but that's probably the average person you'd find here.


My classmates are friendly and care about academics and being involved.


My classmates are helpful, but most of the time, they are in class and do not have time for other things.


Our campus is highly diverse. Year after year, Purdue has ranked high nationally in the amount of international students. Approximately, international students from over 120 countries, account for fifteen percent of the student population. We are also domestically diverse. We have students from all 50 states. So your classmates are one from all walks of life. But that does not mean you wont find someone that interested in the same things you are or from the same area.


Classmates are hard workers.


The student body when I was enrolled was predominately white, conservative, and members of greek organizations; I suspect it's probably the same today. It was said, when I attended, that only 10% of the student body was not greek, or, as the greek's called these free thinkers, GDIs (god damn independents). I came close, but never did become greek. I pledged one fraternity that my best friend helped found but got the hell out when I found out that I was only one of two non-Conservatives in the entire house and when my commitment was questioned because I was spending too much time working for the university newspaper and not enough on house priorities. At least they didn't do any hazing; I would have never have pledged in the first place had they condoned that. I don't completely knock the greek experience, as I've seen how it has helped my friends network professionally. But I did witness how it fostered some pretty ugly attitudes and behaviors, such as elitism and disrespect for others.


My classmates are my friends


Funny, driven, super fun people who love what they do.


My classmates were inspiring and became my second family.


Some classmates are very hard-working and helpful, others can barely pay attention.


My classmates are all different and unique, which is one of the things I love about Purdue. I wanted to go to a school where diversity is encouraged and that it is okay to be yourself. Everyone I have met here accepts others for who they are, which is extrememly important to me. I like being myself, and I like being around others who aren't afraid to show they are different. Everyone I have met has taught me something new and I value meeting them.


Most are very school oriented, but there are a few who fly by the seat of their pants. They are hardworking and determined, especially in the field of work we partake in. They range in all ages, and most have a great sense of humor. I like working with them and i learn alot from all of them.


The majority are hard-working, friendly, and helpful in many ways.


All of my classmates are really nice and supportive.


The students at Purdue are academically driven, fun loving, active persons that are here to obtain the skills needed for a steady future career.


My classmates are a double edged sword. In one view, they are my closest friends and best resources for academic accomplishment as well as social interaction. They provide unique perspectives and are generally friendly. However, one must also keep in mind that these same classmates are also my rival competitors. Very soon after graduation, we will all be vying for the same jobs, especially in this global economy where jobs are scarce.


Classmates in college are the best. These ate the people you will spend the next four years with. Take the time to talk to people and make connections, you never know when you might need them.


My classmates are very conscientious and studious and try their best to get good grades. They are also willing to get involved on campus to further their education and college experiences.


My classmates range from a wide range of people who come from all over which similar interests and goals to myself.