Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Engineering. Purdue Pete. The Boilermaker Special. Purdue Pride.


Purdue it best known for it's engineering program. Purdue has an awesome engineering program and produces some of the best engineers in the United States. Small fact, Purdue has a geat Black Cultural Center experience for minorities that allows them to integrate into the campus and feel a part of the campus.


Purdue University is mainly known for their outstanding Engineering program. Additionally, Purdue has an excellent ROTC program.


Purdue University is best known for its Engineering program. It is one of the top schools of engineering in the nation, and has a high success rate of students getting jobs after they graduate. Although I am not a member of the school of Engineering, I believe that the strong academics carry over thoughout the University and strong study skills are important in every major.


Purdue is best known for it's engineering college and it's reputation for producing NFL quarterbacks.


Purdue University is best known for being an engineering school. It also has a great Aviation program which it has established and made known.


Engineering and Big Ten Sports.


Football ,basketball , gran prix week, breakfast club, engineering, and the Bolier maker


My favorite campus tradition is the Old Oaken Bucket tournament. The Oaken Bucket is one of the oldest football trophies in the United States. It was introduced in 1925 to promote friendly rivalry between Indiana University and Purdue University. Each year the two schools face off in football. The winner of the game gets to add a link to the chain around the bucket either an I for Indiana University or a P for Purdue University. The 1925 game ended in a 0-0 tie so intriguingly, the first link on the bucket is an IP combined. Second to that, the Hello Walk is also an interesting tradition. This is a sidewalk on Purdue's Memorial Mall that is set aside by bronze plaques laid into the concrete. The tradition is that you are "required" to greet each person you pass while walking down it. The interactions on it are always interesting.


Purdue is an engineering school, and it is known to be one of the best engineering educations in the country.


My school is best known for it's top-notch engeneering program.


The school has awesome school spirit, and tons of creative and innovative thinking people


Purdue is most known for degrees in their STEM feilds such as science, technology, mathematics, and engineering.


We are an extremely conservative research school in Indiana. Most people outside of the state of Indiana think of our basketball team. Those in the state think of it as an Engineering school.


My school is probably best known for its outstanding engineering majors, its students whom are continually among the highest academic performers in the country, and of course its big ten basketball team.


Purdue is best known for its Krannert School of Management and also engineering. There are so many types of engineering taht you can go into and there are lots of students that major in it.


I would say that Purdue is best known for its academic programs and research. If you are interested in any of the sciences, you are easily able to get involved with the neverending research projects happening all over Purdue's Campus in West Lafayette. Academically, Purdue is well known for engineering, veternariary studies, business and agricultural studies. Also, Purdue has a great aviation program. Many of the Purdue programs are excellent academically.


Our school is best known for our engineering program. We are one of the top, if not the top, engineering programs in the country. A big part of the engineering school is the aerospace program. Purdue University has graduated more astronauts than any other school. We have great alumni such as Neil Armstrong. Our engineering program though offers many different types of engineering disciplines. Each one ranks in the top among its category in the United States. Therefore the our school is best known for its great engineering program.


Purdue University is a college that is best known for its strong academics in all the egineering fields, but also has high standards in business and managment.


Pharmacy, Worlds Largest Drum, Bell tower, Forth in USA for basketball (2010)


Purdue is probably best known for its excellent engineering program. The Krannert School of Management and the pre-pharmacy school at Purdue are reputable also. I believe that Purdue has a reputation for being academically outstanding in general. Purdue is also famous for its research and partnerships with major companies. Because Purdue is a Division 1 school for sports, the Boilermakers are also know for their football and basketball (Can you say "Robbie Hummel"?).


Engineering and Veterinary Medicine


Purdue University is best known for its engineering school and agriculture school.


Purdue is best known for its strength in the engineering disciplines.


My school is known most for it's pride and school spirit. Students are very inolved with the sports events and there is a strong emphasis to support the teams. Purdue is also known for its engineering and progressive research projects. Purdue has a research park with advanced technology that reecieved not only on-campus but also community and even out-of-state support.


Best known for having an awesome mascot the Boliermaker special which is a train!


I would say academically, Purdue is best known for our Management and Engineering curriculum. Purdue offers a huge variety of engineering courses, and there is one for anyone who chooses the engineer path. The Krannert School of Management is a world reknown school, and even though I am not in Krannert, i know that students get the best quality education for management. Socially, I'd say PUrdue is best known for breakfast club. It is when of-aged students and faculty and even family members get to dress up and go to bars before a football game.


My shool is best known for its academics in engineering and agriculture. I belive thats how most people know Purdue.


Engineering students and the Krannert School of Business.


Purdue University is a Big Ten University, and is definitely known for its school spirit and enthusiasm for everything black and gold; students are supportive of every and any sport, organization, or academic association.


We are deffinatley most known for our engineering program. It attracts people from all walks of life. Right behind engineering (in general) is our focus on the sciences, which is where i am focusing on for my career.


Purdue is best known for the School of Engineering.




This school is best known for it's engineers, research, and high academic standing.


It's engineering program and aeronautics program.


engineering and bussiness


It's Engineering, Math, Science programs and being the "cradle of Astronauts" are probably what it is best know for. I chose Purdue, not only because I like the campus and live in Indiana, but because of the Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering program. I was also very impressed with the Co-Op or Professional Practice oportunities available within the Engineering program. I was able to obtain a Co-Op working at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX every other semester gaining real life experience.


Purdue University is best known for engineering. There are a lot of foreign-exchange students that come here for engineering itself. It also has a great liberal arts program, which is the school with the most students on campus.


Purdue is very well known for their sports, especially basketball. We are also well known for our greek society. The most well known programs are engineering and management.


Engineering and its new Armstrong Engineering building, as well as psychological research by top professors.




The engineering, school of management and pre-pharmacy department.


Our school is very well known for its success in th emath and science areas. It is very highly ranked for engineering. I t also has a really good basketball team.


I would definitely say our school is best known for its research and the progress and discoveries made through this research. We have a huge engineering program that is very reputable. Additionally, famous astronauts such as Neil Armstrong attended this school. We also are now taking on a huge environmentally-conscious program to improve the planet.


Engineering above all, Research, Very well internationally known, has a lot of study-abroad programs, good hospitality management program and management school


It's best known for all of the engineering programs (mostly that we've put more people in space than any other college) and known for the agricultural programs. Yet, the management and HTM programs are respectable as well.


Being a part of the Big 10, almost everyone recognizes the name of the school. That is one of the things that people indentify the school with


Probably a combination of Engineering academically, then football and basketball sporting wise.


Purdue University has a well known and highly respected reputation for producing some of the country's finest engineers. In addition, Purdue is known as the "Cradle of Astronauts" because more astronauts are Purdue Alum than any other school, with the exception of military schools. My school is excellent in the area of academics, because the professors here push students to reach their maximum potential.


School Spirit and Engineering nerds. We have a ton of super smart people that go to this school so we have a great reputation. We also have a ton of insane school spirit :) its fun!