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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The stereotype at Purdue is that it's a nearly all male engineering campus lacking in diversity. This is totally inaccurate. Purdue boasts an incredibly diverse populace studying a variety of topics. Purdue has a huge liberal arts college, an excellent business college, and programs in nursing and pharmacy. The idea that all students are engineers is totally riduclous at this point. Purdue's students are both male and female and come from all over the world.


Not necessarily. The majority of students (even engineers) are involved in lots of activities and are extremely supportive of our football and basketball teams (I am definitely one of those die-hard fans). Believe it or not, Greek life is huge on Purdue's campus so we know how to have fun, despite the boring reputation. And we're diverse, too. There are tons of people from out-of-state and lots of international students. I wouldn't agree with everyone being conservative Christians, either. There's the standard fare of college liberals around, but nothing really in-your-face. One stereotype is true: we're laid back. It's true, we get our work done and then we go have fun.


Yes, absolutely.


A clip of me describing stereo types at Purdue. I also discuss Purdue's openness.


For the most part there are more guys than girls. The behavior of Purdue graduates is noticeably different than that of other colleges. There are a lot of foreign students, which can often times slow education down because they are TA's and teammates. Many times parties at Purdue are not very large or original because there are more guys than girls and the frats of most the big parties. It gets old to go to frat parties, especially if you're not a brother there.


NO! It's true that both of those majors would be the focus when Purdue was founded but things have changed. Purdue has more students in Liberal Arts than Engineering. There are more than 200 areas of study.


Purdue is a diverse school with a variety of majors. Although we have a huge engineering program with a lot of smart people, we are more than that. There is a well rounded student body that knows how to have fun, do well in school, and help the community all at once. We are much more rounded than the stereotypes would have you believe.


The sterotypes are not accurate. Purdue is not simply composed of a bunch of agriculture majors nor a bunch of engineering majors. In fact, there are over 40,000 students majoring a a wide range of different things. People come from all over the United States and Internationally some who have never seen a farm before!


I think both of these stereotypes are extremely unaccurate, which should be obvious by looking at the completely contradictory nature of both stereotypes. While Purdue does have an excellent engineering program, many other programs and majors that Purdue offers are just as high-quality, if not better. I do not know the actual numbers, but I have not noticed an overwhelming number of engineering students on campus. First of all, Purdue is not an easy school to be admitted in to, and Purdue is working on making it even more difficult. Purdue is working hard to become even more elevated in comparison to other schools and it already has an excellent reputation, especially in other areas of the US and even overseas.


Purdue students are respectful for the most part. Their are several social circles of people at Purdue but mostly everyone is accepted for who they are.


Although Purdue is very well known for engineering and there are a lot of engineering students on campus, there are also plenty of students in different majors. Purdue has great academics in just about every area so along with the engineers you will find many agriculture, liberal arts, and management students to name a few.

Matt Bartlett

No, though they are understandable. There definitely are a lot of engineer students on campus, and it is one of the schools Purdue is well known for, but the majority of the student population is non-engineer students. As far as being nerds, the students at Purdue are just as normal as students at any other campus I've toured or visited.


While more guys attend Purdue than girls, I don't think it is that obvious. It's a little more prominent in engineering, but other majors have a lot more even guy to girl ratio. I don't believe the second stereotype to be true either; I am nto greek, and just because I decided not to join one of the biggest organizations on campus does not mean that I sit around and do nothing. In fact, I do quite the opposite; being greek is a great way to get involved and make friends. However, if you are not greek, you are not going to lack in a social life at all as long as you make an effort to get out and meet people.


Purdue does have a lot of engineers, and I'm sure some of them are nerdy, but that is just a part of Purdue. Just like any large university, Purdue has tons of different people with tons of different interests. There are plenty of students in the college of liberal arts and elsewhere that have rarely, if ever, turn on a calculator in their time at Purdue.

Katie Haller

I do not feel that these stereotypes are accurate. Although many international students do go to Purdue, the large majority of students are from Indiana and the neighboring states. Futhermore, I enjoy going to a school that has some variety because when I graduate I will be working side-by-side with people from many different backgrounds.


Since Purdue is traditionally an engineering school, many of the programs are more quanitative and technical, but people are sociable and not everyone is an engineer. Although students are studious and take classes seriously, people also know how to have fun. There is a good balance between studying and socializing.

Brett Schwab

This stereotype is somewhat accurate. Students do not typically dress like a that, but Purdue students do tend to be highly intelligent and care about their appearance. They do not carry leather bound books, but are often seen carrying text books to and from classes.


Definitely not, although sometimes it seems true. There are so many majors here, but most aren't projected as much out into society. However, the majority of my friends are engineers, so I am outnumbered.


Well...let's just say that I haven't seen any math formulas chalked onto the walkways across campus recently, so we must be improving! In all seriousness, it's sometimes accurate...sometimes not. Yes, we are a Math and Science school, a fact which affects other programs. For instance, our Business school focuses on quantitative analysis, and we are required to take a little more more than some other business schools. So...Is it a little nerdy? Maybe. Will it help us get great jobs? Definitely Yes.


For the most part, yes. A lot of people find their way to Purdue to study Engineering and Agriculture. A lot of students did grow up on family farms. There are plenty of students that enjoy the Greek life and it becomes a part of who they are throughout their college years. However, there are plenty of students studying liberal arts, management, and science who are from the suburbs of Chicago and not even thinking about joining a Fraternity/Sorority.

Marie Curie

Yes. Except I don't think Purdue is much of a premier Engineering school for undergrads. Purdue's overall high ranking is largely due to the emphasis placed on research. However, that emphasis will not benefit you much as an undergraduate.


Obviously not all students are studying engineering or agriculture. This is what Purdue is known for, but Purdue also has great schools in business, technology, liberal arts and hospitality/tourism management to name a few.


Purdue does have a lot of extremely bright students; however, this stereotype is mainly true for students in pharmacy, engineering, etc. It is not really true for the other majors. While Purdue is in a small town there is a lot to do nearby, and it is only 1 hr from Indianapolis. There is a diverse group of people that go there. People from farms, from Laguna Beach, CA, etc.


Yes if you are partake in one of the engineering fields.


Yes, they are accurate.


not all of them, too many males could be seen as accurate, but not the others


Yes, the first couple of years are quite competitive.


They apply to huge percentages of the population here, particularly in the harder sciences.


Yes. I'm sorry, but I do not know how some people got into college. Also, being very involved in student programming, I see that much of campus is very apathetic to learning about things that are real in the world like elections, environmental issues, or poverty issues. My overall impression is that many people are conservative, and just vote a certain party, for example, because their parents vote that way. Most of the time I am not impressed by the lack of interest on this campus. I have met a handful of amazing people though, who are interested in learning, discussing, and not just drinking or sitting in front of the TV, and it is pretty great.


To an extent yes, you can find these here at Purdue. Many women (especially those in the Greek system) are at school to receive their Mrs. degree. Also, the majority of our university revolves around engineering and agriculture. However, we have a large out of state and even international population. We have a variety of schools offering hundreds of majors and minors. Purdue is by no means behind, we have some of the most innovated technology and very credible staff. Purdue's stereo types are no different from any other Indiana school, I think it is the nature of the mid west lifestyle.




Not at all... There are always activities scheduled by the university, athletic events to attend, many local bars and pubs, and it's in close proximity to Indy and Chicago. Purdue is a big place, with lots of students, but schools keep you in a smaller group and you get to know others in your major.


The second one is true, almost anyone can get in, but there is a huge drop out rate after the first year.


The truth is, most people aren't farmers. We do have a great agricultural program which brings the farmer type to Purdue but if you're looking for a stereotype you've got it wrong... all the americans are outnumbered by foreigners. People are shocked at how large our non-citizen community is. If you aren't comfortable with foreigners, don't come here.


Not at all




Not the few I've seen.


The second stereotype is a half-truth: Purdue students definitely care about their studies. However, we all like to have fun too. I think that is why we like to go out at 8 or 9 pm, and then come home by 1 a.m....because we go to class the next day. I know many people who go out during the school week, and I would argue that the bars are way more fun on weeknights than on the weekend.


No! The party scene is great, and the student body is quite diverse, though there are a lot more males here than females.


si, no maybe???


The majority, or close to, are engineers. It is Indiana, and Indiana fits every stereotype! There actually a decent number of cute girls, and the best part is that most of them are intelligent. Most likely because they are mostly engineers too.


No, I don't think as a whole. People will hold their own stereotypes against other people and think what they want to think, but that doesn't mean all of Purdue's students feel the same way.


I think that Purdue students are just more serious about their college education than others.


There are some, but most of us like to go out to bars and have a good time.


Clearly, Purdue is a much more diverse place. In the last couple of years, actually, the number of female students has just barely beat the number of male students (take that, judgers). And while we are known for our engineering programs which attract students from all over the world, our Liberal Arts and sciences programs are amazing and just as well known. I may be attacked for saying this, but IU definitely does know how to party; I just think Purdue students do it in a different way. I would never trade my experiences as a Boilermaker to party like a Hoosier. The difference is Boilermakers can party AND succeed at school--it seems like everyone at IU is majoring in alcohol consumption only.


1) mostly accurate. Although there are some students who do have to work part-time or even full-time to make money to pay for their expenses and schooling. 2) ABSOLUTELY not a dry-campus...Welcome to Breakfast Club! 3) People outside of Indiana believe that Purdue is in the Ivy League. That is a terrific reputation to have. Purdue students definitely study hard for their classes and try their best to get good grades. School definitely comes first before partying, although when schoolwork is complete, the partying becomes full throttle. 4) Purdue is definitely a diverse campus. There are students from all different ethnicities, races, and backgrounds that are welcomed at Purdue.


1) its about 60/40 guys to girls... so kinda 2) We're known for our school of engineering but purdue is also very well-respected for our school of agriculture, our flight program, and our pharmacy program also. So no, were not all engineers 3) Were the 3rd largest greek (fraternity and sorority) system in the country... You honestly think we can't party??? 4) Even though were not U of M or Ohio State, our basketball team is currently #1 in the big 10, and our football team has been to a bowl game something like 10 of the last 11 years. Were not bad at sports.


Unfortunately, Purdue is not Ivy League, but who can beat the tuition of a public school with a reputable academic reputation? It has the best of both worlds. As for its political standings, it is not surprise that there are Republicans everywhere; This is Indiana, so what do you expect. However, since this is a college campus, there are just as many young, freethinking liberals. Finally, the question of what sex is greater is answered, in numbers at least. Purdue's student body is made up of approximately 60% males to 40% females.


These stereotypes are very accurate.


Purdue is a huge engineering school, but there are plenty of other majors that make up the student body as well. And of course, we aren't all Republicans. I believed that stereotype when I first arrived and I was proved wrong. There is actually a pretty even split between the parties which surprised me since Indiana is known to be a Republican state. But anyway, we are also not all farmers. We have a very good Ag program here and are well known for it, which diversifies us from IU, and I think that is where we get the stereotype from.