Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


When a student leaves Purdue campus, they are apt to see many of West Lafayette's businesses. The business community near campus thrives on the ever changing student population. It is always helpful to the students to have everything they need close at hand. There are restaurants, shops, and of coure the occassional bar all conveniently situated around campus. Leaving campus on the west end or north side, students will find apartments and beyond that family neighborhoods. These areas may seem off the beaten track to some students, but they provide a nice, quiet area to go for a relaxing walk and get away from the perpetual activity of campus.


Contrary to popular belief, leaving Purdue's campus doesn't immediately put one in the middle of a corn field. To the east, we have the city of Lafayette and the Wabash river, to the north there is a great neighborhood of local residents, to the west we have the Purdue Horticulture park with miles and miles of woods for hiking and geo-caching, and to the south we have the Purdue Airport and some beautiful sights from where the Wabash turns to the west.

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