Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


The best place to get work done on campus really depends on what kind of project you are doing. Purdue has many libraries which provide students with ample research materials as well as quiet places to student. The Hick's Undergraduate and the Humanities library are likely the most popular for students working on large research papers as well as those needing a quiet room. The Humanities library has entire sections where talking is prohibited and the silence policy if heavily enforced. This is an excellent work area for students who have a hard time thinking in noisy environments. There are many coffee shops on campus that provide great places for students to meet and collaborate on projects. Many students use these as bases when working on large group work. The relaxed atmosphere is more conducive to group work and they can provide a good cup of coffee while students work. Purdue has many computer labs for students working on projects requiring computer access. Purdue's computer labs offer a wide variety of technology including scanners and dual monitor computers for large design projects. Purdue offers both Mac and PC platforms so students can always choose their preference based on what they are trying to accomplish. Put simply, Purdue has ample room for studying both individually and as a group.


By and large, most students agree that Hicks Undergraduate Library is the best place to study and get work done while on campus. Every semester, the local student newspaper, The Exponent, conducts voting to see where the best place to study is, and Hicks has won out ever since I've become a student here.


Discussion in physics library of successful Purdue students' study habits. Shows some of the library periodical styles.

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