Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Purdue's environment is truly radiating. There are so many opportunities, clubs, classes, and memories. The campus is large, but every individual has their own unique way of making it feel like home.


I talk about how good the engineering program is and that I've gotten a variety of experience by attending this school that I might not have somewhere else. Purdue has helped me to do research, get internships to expand my experience and be involved in the student body through their variety of clubs. I get the experience of being part of a large student body, without loosing out on the personalization that comes with going to a smaller school.


I never run out of things to talk about Purdue. I brag about the traditiions that still live on here that make your experience memorable and lasting. The traditions that you take part in allow you to leave an impact on the school. I also brag about how much there is to do. There is something for everybody. We are so diverse and welcome people of every background. Regardless of our differences, we are able to come together as Boilermakers and make this our home for our time here.


At many colleges, students experience lecture classes where the professor will talk for an hour then class is dismissed. Purdue has iclickers and professors that have students ask questions throughout the lecture. The iclicker helps the professor to know how the students are comprehending the lecture material. When the professors have students ask questions it provides a chance for students to get a better understanding at that moment so they can take in the rest of the information as the lecture progresses.


Purdue is a wonderful experience! There are so many opportunities available to grow as a person. Of course the school itself offers great educations experiences. However, there is so much more!. There are so many clubs, groups, and events to be a part of the social network. I have made more friends in the past 8 months than I ever thought possible! I have joined clubs, attended plays, sporting events, seminars, joined volunteer groups, gotten a job as a volleyball referee, and joined the Equestrian team. The Learning Community I was part of was the best!


When telling my friends about school I always inform them of the city-like feel Purdue University has to offer. Since it is a large campus--the largest of all of the Purdue branches, there are strangers everywhere you go. This is something that I love. It is as big or as small as you want it to be!


The school is full of intellectuals so that's always fun.


If you are looking to major in engineering, Purdue University offers th best engineering program in the United States. Purdue is known nationally, as well as internationally for the engineers they produce every year. The College of Engineering has been completely renovated, matching the innovation that our engineers have to offer. Besides engineering, Purdue has the best Management programs in the Midwest. Besides the education, Purdue is one of the friendliest campuses I've ever visited. There's so much school pride here, and if you choice to be a Boilermaker, you’ll be as happy as I am.


I tell my friends it is a Big Ten school and is nationally known for many of its programs.


academic focus


I brag about Purdue's achievements both academically, socially, and athletically. Purdue is a well rounded campus, offering people almost anything they could want. People who graduate with a Purdue degree are able to get very prominent positions. I brag about the presence of the Greek Community here at Purdue and how much the Greek system does for students and in community service. There isn't really much to complain about here at Purdue. It's an amazing university that has offered me so many opportunities.


When I brag about my school, I am sure to let my friends know how the Univesity I attend is recognized internationally not because of the physical attraction of the campus itself, but because of the intelligent and talented students that comprise it.


Purdue is a great school because it has an awesome reputation with future employers. I don't have any worries about finding a job when I get out of school. I've heard from several professionals that said they would hire a Purdue student over one from another school even if they had a better GPA. I like knowing that an investment in my education will pay off.


Honestly, I don't brag about anything other than the gym in which I workout. I love to workout, and I do have to say that the Colby Fitness Center within the Recreational Sports Center is pretty awesome.


I tell my friends that Purdue has one of the best Veterinary schools in the U.S. I also tell them thats they have a very good Animal science program and tons of libraries and computer labs to refer to if they need a quiet place to study.


Aside from being a major Big 10 school Purdue also has many other things to be proud of. Putting athletics aside Purdue is also known for graduating the first and the last man to walk on the moon, along with excellent aviation and engineering programs and so much more. By just walking onto campus it is quickly clear how much pride Purdue students and staff take in the tradtion of our university. At the end of the day no matter win or lose Purdue students are always proud say "I am a Boiler."


Purdue has almost every club you can think of, it offers a quality education at a very reasonable price (for in state students) and the science courses are very well organized and help is always available.


At Purdue University there are so many opportunities. In any major on this campus you have the opportunity to get involved in real world work and gain great resume building experiences before actually going out into the real world. These experiences can put you ahead of other canidates for graduate schools, job applications, and professional schools. This university is a great place to gain as much knowledge and practical skills as you can before entering the real world and getting a job. Also, along with those opportunities come many job opportunities during and after graduation.


When I talk to my high school friends about my college, I love telling them about how big the campus is. I enjoy bragging that I don't see the same people everyday, and with that comes making a ton of new friends. There are always many different choices in majors and minors. There are endless possibilities. There are so many dining courts, so you can never get bored of eating at the same place. The variety from being such a large school is the best thing to brag to my friends about.


I brag about the ranking of Purdue's Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology. It is ranked second in the nation, which is why I chose Purdue University as the place to receive my bachelor's degree in Speech-Language Pathology.


Our basketball team. The beautiful campus. Just the atmosphere here with it being such a historical school.


I brag a lot about three things. First, I love to talk about the awesome friends I have made. I didn't know a single person when I started my first semesters, and friendships formed on my very first day of marching band camp. I also enjoy bragging about the Purdue All-American Marching Band. I play tenor saxophone in it, think the band is amazing, and have fun every day at practice and especially on gamedays. Third, I brag about how my classes are challenging, but fun. I feel like I am learning so much every day at Purdue.


I brag to my friends that Purdue has a super fun environment while still providing great academic opportunities. Purdue also has so many different activities to take part in and has some awesome concerts like O.A.R. and Lady Gaga. But most of all I get to brag about the amazing friends I've made here and the connections I've been able to build with them. With Purdue having a large agriculture department there are a lot of students with the same interests as me.


I brag about the campus. Purdue has the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. The landmarks are so picturesque. For example, the bell tower looks amazing even on cell phone cameras. That's a rather large accomplishment.


When I talk to my friends about Purdue, the main positive attribute I discuss is the dance school and theatre program. My freshman year I took a ballet class and with all of the stress placed on freshman their first year; ballet allowed some of that burden to be temporarily lifted so I could freely express myself while learning.


I brag most about the superior education I am receiving. In fact, people across the country actually mistake Purdue for being an Ivy League school, simply because they have heard about the great education that it provides. When a potential employer sees Purdue on my resume, they immediately put me on the top of their list. Demand is high for a Purdue grad. I brag the most about that fact alone.


How academically we a one of the top schools.


I brag about the social life and also how academically prestigious my school is. My school is a very academic school and has a very good dietetic program which I am in.


I brag that the campus is beautiful, the sporting events are so much fun, and I love the people I know. Sometimes I talk about the events coming to campus, and the different resources available to us. I talk about the food, and all the things surrounding campus, including the social aspects.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag the most about the freedom that the student body has. We have protective measures in place, but we also have the freedom to be treated like responsible adults and to make our own decisions.


How compact the campus is and the food.


It's really good school but at the same time it's little boring because the school is in country side but there are so many nice people in school.


how great our greek life is, and how important our academics is compared to other schools!


Purdue has a lot of school spirit, and there are plenty of things to do off and around campus. It is one of the best universities in the nation for many majors and there is a diverse population of students and faculty.


Academics and Band


I brag about the Krannert school of Management rankings, which is the business school I am enrolled in at Purdue.


Purdue's excellent campus and its reputation in the fields of engineering and science.


Basketball, no streets,


The snow. The beautiful campus. The people.


How friendly literally everyone is


Our school spirit.


I really like to say that it is alot of fun and campus is nice, some of the classes are hard but for the most part everything is great and friendly. Campus is not that big, but big enough to met all different kinds ok people.


My university has a very prestigious name, which is recognizable regardless of field of study. I tend to be proud of our university's recognition among not only national industry, but international industry as well. Our research program is very extensive, bringing in industry leaders and allowing them to collaborate with the university in research projects, providing students with internships, etc. Our athletic programs are also a great source of school spirit; we recruit athletes that compete on the highest scale of their respective sports.


I think it would have to be the enthusiasm towards our athletic events, in particular with basketball and football. So many families, alumni, and fans come in town for these events and everyone is so enthuisiastic. I look forward to weekends when I know we have a game. I'd also say that I love the enviorment here at school.


Probably our sports teams (depending on their success). Otherwise the beauty of the campus is a good selling point.


I don't really brag about anything, I usually tell my friends about interesting things that have happened.


I brag alot about the friends i have from all over the world from asia to africa to europe!


We have one of the best schools in the United States for my major, as well as other majors like business and engineering.


Our sports are pretty good. I tend to brag how we beat other schools.


The Agricultural department, and the college of Biochemistry. The advisors are great.