Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The stereotype at Purdue is that it's an all male engineering factory where nobody has any social skills. I'll say first off that this is entirely false. Purdue attracts both males and females and the population is nearly split. Purdue is not just a great place for engineers either. Purdue University has a thriving liberal arts college of which I am quite proud to be a part. Purdue offers many career paths and has something appealing to all kinds of students. Purdue has a great arts program, an excellent nursing and pharmacy school, and many other options. In short, Purdue is far from an all male engineering school!


A lot of people think we're hicks and nerd and that engineering majors don't ever leave the computer labs. We're thought of as being white, conservative and Christian. You know, the standard "corn-fed Midwestern farmboys."


Partiers, white, conservative, greek.


More guys than girls. All the girls have boy friends. In the professional world the phrase about Purdue it that it makes "steers and queers." There are tons of people from Indiana and China. Purdue has boring parties.


That Purdue is only for agriculture and engineering majors.


We are a bunch of nerdy engineers.


We are NOT all a bunch of farmers! Before i came to Purdue i thought i was going to be stuck out in the cornfields surrounded but a whole lot of Agriculture majors but it is nothing like that at all!


I think that there are two stereotypes about Purdue that carry over to Purdue students. The first stereotype of Purdue is that the only good program offered is engineering, and because of this it is thought that all Purdue students are therefore engineering students. Some see this as a good thing because of the intelligence associated with engineers, while others see it as a bad thing because of the potential for certain negative engineering characteristics. The other stereotype about Purdue is that Purdue is an "easy school" to get in to, and that it is only a fallback school that should not be a first choice for anyone. This leads to stereotypes that students who go to Purdue are less intelligent or are lower achievers.


In general, people hear the name "Purdue" and think engineers, preppy, and smart, hard working people. I've heard a saying about female Purdue students that states Indiana University female students are more attractive and that IU has continued to keep "ugly girls" out of their university.


Purdue students are all engineers.

Matt Bartlett

Whenever I tell people that I go to Purdue, the automatic assumption is that I'm an engineer. That seems to be the number one stereotype--that we're all engineer nerds.


1. It is always obvious that there are more guys on campus than girls. 2. If you're not greek you won't have a social life.


That we're all nerdy engineers that love math.

Katie Haller

Many people think of Purdue as the school were all the smart Asians go.


Many people think Purdue students are very technical, nerdy, and conservative.

Brett Schwab

That they are ridiculously smart and extremely good looking with long sleeved button up collard shirts and a draping sweater over the shoulders. They also carry many leather bound books.


Everyone thinks that we are all engineers.


Purdue Students are many times stereotyped as Enginerds. Because of our renowned engineering program, people sometimes forget that we have quite a few other well-known and excellent programs.


Most people assume everyone that attends Purdue is majoring either in Engineering or Agriculture. Other Stereo types of student include: very academic, farm kids, and "fratty" (a term describing fraternity behavior) due to the large Greek system our campus boast.

Marie Curie

1. Close industry ties 2. Significantly white, Christian, conservative student culture 3. Yet, perhaps highest percentage of international students among public universities (how can that be? read on) 4. Engineering-focused 5. Weak in humanities 6. A premier top-ten Engineering school


Some stereotypes about Purdue and its students are that we're either all engineering or agriculture students. Another stereotype is that most of the students are men.


One stereotye is that Purdue is an Ivy League school, and that all the students are extremely intelligent (gifted). Another stereotype is that Purdue is in the middle of nowhere, and that a lot of "hicks" go there.


Nerdy engineers and lots of foreigners.


I was told and read on a Turkish forum webpage that Purdue students are really hard-working. And I also knew that there were not many attractions around neighborhoods of the campus, since Purdue is in a small city.


too many males, ugly engineering girls, only engineering school,


Purdue Engineering is difficult.


We're widely considered to be driven hard toward innovation technologically, but behind the times culturally, apathetic to social responsibilities, consumed by the athletic programs, heavily influenced by Greek life, and frequently drunk.


Some stereotypes are that students are either stupid or very boring. Another stereotype is that Purdue is very conservative.


Female Stereotype: The all American small down girls that come to college to find there husbands. Male Stereotype: Either a geek going to school for engineering or a hick farm boy going to school for ag.


Don't know of any


It's in the middle of nowhere and there's nothing to do. It's too big.


One stereotype is that we are all engineers or in agriculture. The second stereotype is that it is super easy to get into Purdue and really hard to get a degree here.


Stereotypes of Purdue students are that we are all country bumpkins and hicks. People think that Purdue students are either farming people or engineering students and that's it, no in between.


The main stereotype about Purdue is that we are all engineering geeks. We are so far from engineering geeks, its ridiculous.


Smart, lots of school spirit for our football team


I'm not too sure of a lot of stereotypes about Purdue students, other than people Automatically assume because I'm a male at Purdue I must be an engineer. I'm in Computer Information Tehnology


One stereotype is that we are an all engineering school. This is far from the truth, considering our school of Liberal Arts is larger than our school of Engineering. Another stereotype is that we are kinda nerdy.


People often think that there are no girls at Purdue, that all Purdue students are Asian or Indian engineering majors, and that the party life is terrible.


I don't know???


Most if not all students are engineers. There are a lot of red-necks around the Purdue area. There are no cute girls.


*We hate IU sports and fans with a passion *If you're a girl, come to Purdue so you can meet a smart engineer...the ratio is 5:1 guys to girls! *There are no hot guys on campus, they're all enginerds


Purdue students are typically seen as the nerdier in-state students from Indiana.


That all engineers are nerds.


People seem to think Boilermakers are male, international students OR rural hicks, and studying engineering. A lot of people believe Purdue is only an engineering school with a great football team (which we are, but there is so much more to us than that!) Also, that our partying skills severely fail when compared to those of IU students.


1)A stereotype that all Purdue students are rich, spoiled children who live off their parents money. 2) Dry campus 3) That Purdue is a very prestigious school and students study hard. 4) Diverse campus


1) School is all guys 2) All engineers 3) Cant party 4) Not really KNOWN for sports


Considering Purdue is such a large university, it is no surprise that it holds several stereotypes. Just to name a few, there are more guys than girls; the student body is made up mostly of conservative Republicans; I have even heard that Purdue is Ivy League!


Purdue students are typically very social and out-going. There is a very diverse population here at Purdue University, with students coming from all parts of the world. The greek system at Purdue is amazing! With over 40 fraternities and 19 sororities, Purdue is one of the largest greek communities nationwide. Purdue has great schools in Technology, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and also Krannert School of Management.


It's been said that Purdue is entirely made up of engineers and Republicans. Also, most people think that everybody that comes here is straight from the farm.


A stereotype about Purdue is the campus is predominantly engineering students.