Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is academically focused with good grades, volunteer and/or intern experience in thier desired field.




someone willing to work hard and achieve their goals


People who are looking for a good education but still want options to blow off steam and have a good time when they can should go here. And people who want to meet a lot of different people and want to be around a big campus should go here.


One who is willing to spend the time studying and going to class but wants to make friends, have things to do, and meet lots of interesting and diverse people.


Someone that likes to be around people, someone who enjoys large classes, someone who is academic minded, someone who wants to be involved....


Someone who likes people. Purdue is a huge campus and you meet people everyday. If you get intimidated by large groups, you probably shouldn't go here because a lot of classes are letures with 80 some people. Also, if you have a lot of school spirit this is the school for you. We love our sports here, especially football and men's basketball.