Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone fit for a small school, small classrooms.


The type of people that should not attend this school would be people that are very much dislike large schools. many students can be overwhelemed by the large campus and high population of students. Someone who wants to study in the fine arts should not attend this school. The school is very Mathematics and Science driven.


Someone should be hesitant of attending if they are apathetic or not willing to discover new things about themselves. This university offers students an opportunity to try new things and discover what they want out of life. This opportunity should not be wasted.


Those who are not concerned about working hard for their classes or who generally do not care about meeting people in their field of study should not attend. The classes are completely doable, but require hard work and attention to do well in. There are also multiple networking and career builder events that go on, but it is a waste if someone does not care enough to attend them.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not interested in large campuses and large student bodies. In addition, people who are not as open to diversity in race, culture, gender, beliefs should not attend this school, as Purdue is diverse in every aspect. Those who seek warm weather year round will not find it here at Purdue, the winters can be brutal. Overall, people who are passive or do not thrive in group environments should not attend this school.


Being from a small town, I loved that West Lafayette was like a big town. Because of the slow pace, I could see transitioning to life at Purdue being difficult for someone who is used to living in a big city.


An individual that does not like to study, network, and/or learn.


A person who needs strict guidance and supervision should not attend this school. Or someone who feels overwhelmed by big schools. This school requires you to be highly responsible for your own actions because it is large.


Someone who is not career focused or doesn't want to push themselves.


Someone who needs an active social life with lots of activity going on all the time, or someone who prefers a big city because this school does not offer it.


I belive that a person shouldn't attend this school if they are afraid to be around large crowds or just a huge campus in general. If you are shy, you'll have to learn to be outgoing in order to make the best of your college experience here.


The type of person who shouldn't attend Purdue is one who wants to be warm all the time. Purdue is in a cold climate area and isn't the best for those who want sun the majority of the time. More importantly, if you are a person who doesn't like to do homework but to well on all the tests then this is not the school for you. You need to come to Purdue with the attitude of wanting to work hard. Purdue is for those with drive and motivation.


The only kind of person who shouldn't attend Purdue is the person who is not willing to work for their degree. Purdue will challenge students academically, and there will always be something to work on. There is time for recreational activities, but every student needs to know what the proper balance is between work and recreation.


People who really want small class sizes should not attend Purdue. Most classes have 50+ people sometimes reaching 400people in a lecture hall.


In my opinion, virtually all types of students would find it easy to feel at home at Purdue. However, those who are looking for a small school may find Purdue a bit intimidating. And most importantly, if you are a person who loves the sun and warm weather year round, make sure you are ready to adapt to a completely different climate. Winters at Purdue are brutal, but as long as you know what to expect and bundle up, you should be fine. Even though it may not seem like it, spring WILL come, I promise.


A person who loves the city and being close to a city. A person who doesn't like to go to a predominatly white school. A person who doesn't like to a big university.


A person who is used to a small town, has narrow-minded views on the world, and is afraid of people should not attend Purdue University.


An unmotivated/lazy person should not attend Purdue University. Most majors here require undivided attention and plenty of studying. Spending an entire weekend partying usually causes one to fall behind, so it is in the best interest of the student to remain focused and keep their eyes on their goal in life.


Lazy, unenergetic, and people not willing to work hard for their degree.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone that is not a self starter, or who cannot work without supervision.


People with no motivation.


Someone who is focused, but open to meet many new people. Someone who is organized and has an idea of what they want to do with their career. It will take extra effort on your own part as the professors are not completely available, as it is more a research institution. You need to be outgoing to a degree and willing to take charge of your own life.


Somebody who doesn't have the work ethic to keep up in an engineering school.


If you're interested in science-based majors, then Purdue would definitely be the school for you. If you're planning to attend Purdue with Liberal Arts in mind, then you should DEFINITELY reconsider your choices. Currently, I am a Spanish Major with a minor in Sociology, and I think that Purdue is a joke of a university for Spanish majors. None of the classes are taken very seriously, and the subjects are just very elementary-like. The majority of Liberal Arts classes are considered by most as "blow off" classes, and I'd definitely have to agree.


One of the greatest things about Purdue is that there isn't a certain "kind" of person that does or doesn't fit in or shouldn't come here. We have a fairly large (and extremely diverse) campus but after living here for a little more than a semester I've never felt more at home. Within the university there are hundreds of different clubs and student organizations and they range drastically in interests. Its not hard to find your fit and once you do its like a home away from home.


People who are dependant and who need a lot of guidance should not go to Purdue. The person needs to be independant , sociable, and be able to do things on their own.


In my opinion students who decide to put a heavy emphasis on "partying" don't seem to do so well. Purdue is a serious school, so if one is looking to come here and party everynight and expect to do well they should realize that it won't work here. For the most part Purdue students take academics very seriously. I think I speak for most Purdue students when I say that when someone comes here we expect them to take school seriously too. So if youre not serious and want to party all the time, don't come here.


If you like small classrooms, Purdue is not for you. If you plan on being someone else when you come to college, Purdue is not for you. This university will chew you up and spit you out. If you are not able to study on your own and focus on what you need to get done, Purdue is not for you. You are going to fail if you can not stand on your own two feet. Mom and dad are not going to save you when you did not study for your exam. Expect your F with a smile.


If you are shy or afraid of large crowds of people, a large college campus, like mine is not for you. You need to be serious about your aeducation but also remember to have fun.


I really think purdue can be a place for everyone, however those who lose sight of their goals and are easily distracted by social events can end up failing purdue.


A person that is not studious and willing to put extra time into his or her school work should not attend this school because it is a great school that forces students to do their very best on every assignment, quiz, and exam.


This is a big campus with a lot of people, so it's not for those looking for small schools or a private school environment.


Someone that is small minded who wouldnt want to be around different cultures and races and someone who is not very open to meeting new people because with a big campus to make friends you will have to be open to meeting new people and open to different kinds of people. Alsom, someone who is not prepared for a aggressive work load and ready to work hard for a good grade.


An unmotivated person should not attend this school. Purdue offers so many organizations with which to be involved, as well as classes that really challenge you as a student and individual. Someone who is unwilling to learn and grow will simply be wasting their money and the university's space.


It is a large university and has a lot to offer just about anyone. I would say anyone trying to do something in the entertainment indust ry would be best suited going elsewhere.


A person who is not serious about college and does not want to do anything with their life.


Anyone who is not ready for a full course work from the beginning. You need to be ready to work hard and if you come to this college thinking you will just breeze through classes, you are mistaken. You need to be ready to put in long hours in and outside of the class.


Artistic extroverts, Purdue is engineering minded. Structure, self motivation, if those two words are hard to say, look else ware.


Someone who just wants to come and party. Yes, there are parties and that can be a big part of college but the main focus needs to be about school and for accademic reasons.


I think just about anyone could attend this school, unless they have a huge thing about bad weather. The weather here is very sporatic. But it's a pretty cool place. Everyone is pretty accepting of everyone else.


I believe anybody can attend this school. Although Purdue is not considered as diverse as schools like Indiana University or Wisconsin, there are plenty of groups to make someone feel welcomed to the community.


Someone who is not going to be dedicated to their schoolwork. You need to be on top of your game when it comes to classes. You can still have a social life outside of class, but just use good time management skills.


Purdue is an extremely diverse campus, with a wide range of academic options. We excel in a variety of fields such as engineering, agriculture, nursing, and pharmacy. There are many science programs along with a large liberal arts program. I truely believe that anyone could come to Purdue, find a place to fit in, and enjoy their college years.


A person that is not dedicated to studying and trying hard academically!


Anyone who does not do well in groups or in discussions should not attend PU, West Lafayette. Also, anyone who prefers small classroom sizes would probably not do well at this institution because of its' vast and enormous campus.


person that likes people and big campus, with a lot of things to do,


A non-serious student.


Someone who just wants to party and not study. This school requires balancing your academic life with your social life


If you are not into school spirit, diversity, working hard, or a big campus, then Purdue is not the place for you.


Purdue does not have very many places to go out for the weekends. The bars are the only hangout places, and one must be 21 in order to enter. A person who would not like Purdue is one who enjoys a great night life and a life in the city.