Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think most everyone who can handle the courseload should attend this school. I think people who are completely unmotivated should not. I think people who can get into and suceed into ivy league schools should not.


I think any type of person can fit in at Purdue, unless maybe if they dislike large colleges. Otherwise, I really believe that Purdue has something great to offer to everyone.


This college is big engough that any person can go here without feeling out of place. There is such a diverse population at this school that you wouldn't have a problem finding people that you feel comftorable with.


A person that is close minded and doesnt want to broaden their horizons and learn a lot. People that do not have school spirit and a drive to achieve should not attend Purdue.


Even with a significant minority, nearly every type of person is represented. We have a large percentage of foreign exchange students, too. Yet, if you could not stand to be isolated by a few hours drive to a large city, this is not the place for you.


I think somone who is very liberal, there are a lot of protests and actions on campus that might truly upset them


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would be the kind of person who does not seek the reach their potential. This school has no room and no desire to motivate a person who has no desire to do well. This school is so competitive academically that any student not seeking to work hard will fail in a short matter of time.


Everyone should attend this school, unless it does not have their desired major.


Anyone who is racist or ignorant. You must understand that if you work hard, then you can play hard. Purdue is not a known "party school," but we have way more fun than those who are because we get our stuff done and then have fun. People who just want to party all the time and not work should not go to this school.


There is no person that shouldn't attend this college. I think this college is very easy to adapt to and love. It doesn't matter what race, ethnicity, or social status a student holds, the school is perfect.


Closed minded. One that can't be open to trying or seeing new experiences.


Someone with no work ethic/drive and weak time management skills.


A very artistic, liberal minded person who hates corn fields, country music and closed minded people. Also don't come here if you don't like to deal with sororities and fraternaties, if you are going into liberal arts (it's too much money to spend on a liberal arts major).


Anyone who wants a very small campus, or someone who is not ready to take school seriously.


The majority of Purdue University students will not accept you if you are liberal, a democrat, a free thinker, think outside of the box, step out of conformity, are not a christian, or take care of the world in any way.


A person who isn't interested in exploring different backgrounds of people.


Someone very academically focused, with very strong math skills. Someone who likes to solve problems and doesn't mind working hard and staying up late to finish assignments.


Actually to be honest, any person that is willing to strive for a better future and is very interested in a great environment for entertainment, social activites, academicly focused students, and influential peers; Purdue University is the place for that student. Overall, Purdue University has given me a great chance to succeed, I have received great long lasting friendships, an education that is very priceless, and the opportunity to be involved in activities on campus that are culturely diverse, but with that intel my financial hardships have shined away all of my achievements. I believe receiving this scholarships must change.