Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Purdue would be as a freshman I did not realize how difficult the curriculum would be at Purdue. I did not realize that if I was struggling in a class that I needed to take the step to get help to ensure that I would succeed. Though this was the most frustrating thing about Purdue to me after my first semester it is the best thing that happened to me. I now know what to expect and it that frustration has made just that much more determined to succeed.


The most frustrating thing about Purdue is that everything is very wide spread. It's a huge campus so getting to know where everything is located was difficult in the beginning. You also have to plan your time wisely in order to make it to class on time because classes could be located and opposite ends of campus.


It's in Indiana.


Construction and roads as well as travel can be difficult sometimes.


Purdue has the second greatest number of racial hatecrimes of universities in the nation. This is but one of the things that is concerning at an university that also has one of the greatest amount of diversity in the US. Why should we have fear and hate based on the way someone looks at an advanced learning facility like Purdue?


I don't live on campus, so I think the commute, even if it's only half an hour.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. The cost continues to go up each year and each year less money is given out. Add to the fact that I am a flight student, my costs double. Overall the price paid for an education is beyond reason.


Not much frustrates me here at Purdue University. I have had a great freshman experience and I've learned a whole lot in the time that I have spent here. One thing that does frustrate me a little bit is the weather that we have experienced here this winter! It has been freezing and we actually missed two days of classes because of the ice. I love all of my fellow students, the food, and my current residence hall. I am also a huge fan of our athletic teams here and I enjoy going to their games.


The people here stress out too much, and they do not seem to actually enjoy college. Everyone here studies for 10+ hours a day, and this is unlike myself. Whenever I try to hang out with my friends here they either suggust we study together, or they just say they can't because they have an exam in three or so weeks. That is the most frustrating thing about Purdue.


The most frustrating thing is that Lafayette isn't a big city... if you want to go to a big city you have to go to either Indianapolis or Chicago, and since freshman can't own cars, that's almost completely out of the question. Another personally frustrating thing about Indiana in general is the weather, but since I came from Hawaii I'm a little, I suppose, "sensitive" when it comes to cold and rain. Many people at the campus are from Indiana and already know each other, but there are also many people who don't know anyone.


My only complaint was the bus system. As i lived off of campus, it was far too expensive and difficult to drive to campus so i had to take the bus system. Unfortunately, the buses don't run on class schedules at all. I often times had to wait 40 minutes to get a ride home. This included: rain, shine, wind and snow!


The only thing very frustrating about Purdue is the lack of financial aid given.


tuition cost


The most frustrating thing about Purdue is the weather. It seems like it's always windy and the wind is ALWAYS blowing in your face.


The thing that I find most frustrating is the minimal amout of openings per class. If they gave schools more openings then the students wouldn't have to have such horrible scheldules that keep them late at night, and parking for students who commute is horrible.


There are no very serious issues that I have had with my school that have caused serious frusration but if I had to name one thing, I would say it is the lack of availability of financial aid.


The most frustrating thing is making your schedule online. No one ever gets a time slot that they like and by the time we log in many classes we want are already full. Also, there's no one to help you right away if you're stuck or don't know how to use the system.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of devoted Christians on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is not very diverse. Majority of the students are Caucasians. There are a lot of sororities and fraterities at Purdue. Purdue at West Lafayette is very boring there are very few places that you can go and hang out with friends. If you want to go somewhere, you basically need a care. The reason is that the bus system is terrible, it does not come on time; and in weekends, it can take up to an hour for the bus to come.


The only frustrating thing to me about Purdue is that the University is so large that real responses from administrative people rarely come, and they sometimes seem to have their own agenda. For example, registering for classes can get tough when you only have one person helping you out and they can't even do a good job because they have several hundred other students to work with.


The worst aspect of this school is the decisioning making process for being involved. With nearly 900 groups and clubs to be involved in, I have difficulty in choosing what's best for my future.


The most frustrating thing about school is oming up with the money by myself to pay for school. Because financial aid offers such little help to such a large, growing tuition ($35,000 to date), consequently, this takes focus away from my books when I don't know if I will even remain in the classes.


First-year engineering at Purdue was a surprise. Purdue University decided to change the first-year engineering program. Normally students would learn basic computer programming and engineering. Now student learn how to build a successful group, how to use Excel, and how to schedule your time. While these skills are important I do not believe it is worth learning about them for a whole semester.


The most frustrating thing is probably parking. I would recommend trying to get a garage pass. I've had one for the past 2 years and all my parking related issues were resolved.


Some professors are more focused on research than helping students learn.


The language barrier between teaching assistants, accents are sometimes hard to understand.


Many of the classes at Purdue are jam-packed full of students. I have had lectures with more than 350 people, and in this scenario it is difficult to get the individual attention that you may feel like you need. Going along with this idea, since the classes are so large, the professors generally do not know students personally, which has a negative impact on the personal attention focused toward students.


The financial aid is worthless. Unless you are totally dirt poor, Purdue doesn't give you a cent.


The most frustrating thing is the huge amount of partying that goes on at Purdue. A lot of kids don't take their studies seriously and it is frustrating when you are trying to do your best and you look at your neighbor for support and they don't care at all about school.


I am finding it impossible to get financial aid or apply for residency to get instate.


The school would be great if the surrounding area was better.


A lot of the weekend social life focuses on greek life and alcohol. Drugs are easy to avoid, but alcohol is everywhere. It isn't always a bad thing, the parties can be fun even if you don't drink. Sometimes though, it would be nice to be able to go out and have fun without being around alcohol. There are other events, like the ones at Elliott Hall or in downtown Lafayette, that can be fun too though.


You do get a lot of TA's in your freshman and sophmore years who do not speak the greatest English and are hard to undersatnd. Or you may get a professor mainly there to do research and has to teach a class in order to do so- and therefore does put forth a complete effort to help their students




Right now the most frustrating thing is that we have switched to an online scheduling system. I now feel that my guidance counselors are not as helpful because they are not as available.


Classes too big


My residential Comcast internet service is terrible.


Not knowing that the books you buy ... most of the times you don't need them. You spend hundreds of dollars and the professor doesn't use them. Then when you sell them back... you only get minimal amounts back.


I feel like the University doesnt care


So many people it is hard to find friends within classes, and most events are targeted toward frats and sororities.


Some exams from specific instructors are rediculous.


It is really cold during the winter.


The location. It is a nice campus and the facilities are good, but the surrounding town is very dead. For cities, Indianapolis is terrible, and Chicago is good but 2 hours away. It would be great if there were more to do around the campus in terms of outdoors activities.


7:30 A.M. classes


They tend to favor certain colleges/departments over others as to where the funding goes. And the recreational fitness building could stand to be larger to accommodate more of its students.


Purdue University actually has a few things that really frustrates me. First off, the administration office does a terrible job in organizing their students into their classes for the semester now. Instead of our advisors scheduling our classes, we must do it on our own. This makes me ask, "why do I even need an advisor?" Secondly, when trying to socialize many of the students here are actually very prejudice. When attending a social party, if your not white you feel left out.


sororities are everywhere, and if you want to quit, you have no support. plus, they are too lax on hazing rules.


Out of state tuition


That we are scheduled classes in buildings on opposite sides of campus and are only given ten minutes to get to the next class.


There are a ton of engineering majors that think liberal arts majors are a joke.