Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the incredible education. My school has some of the top Programs in the nation in all kinds of categories from Engineering to Pharmacy. the school also provides a myriad of resources including numerous libraries, tutors, office hours provided and Teacher Assistants to help you through each of your courses.


The career focus and assistance at Purdue University is hands down one of the best things about my school. It is nationally ranked 4th and assists in finding a job or internship the moment a student steps foot on campus. There is an excellent outreach via email and the Purdue Career Center for Oppotunities (CCO) makes an effort to reach students in a classroom setting as well.


The learning environment is great, professors and fellow students are all encouraging and what you to succeed.


I really enjoy the variety of learning interests at this school and the fact that if I did not enjoy my area of study, that I could switch into another area very easiliy. I also enjoy all of the school spirit and how excited all of the students are about Purdue and its events such as sports or concerts. The people are also so friendly and helpful and really make feel welcome and confirm that I made the right choice when picking a university.


Purdue University is very well know nationally and internationally for its academics. One of the best things about this unversity is knowing that once I graduate, my dilopmia will be valuable and never overlooked.


I most appreciate the variety of the life that is available to me at such a diverse institution -- from Big 10 sports to decades-old traditions to state-of-the-art learning environments, Purdue is always exciting!


The best thing about my school is the school pride and community. There are always things going on on campus and off campus. The people here who run the campus events are amazing and provide you with a new experince every week wether it be a concert, to a comedy show or even a movie showing, there is always something new going on! The community is great too! It feels as if you are apart of one giant family!


Purdue has a really wonderful engineering program, once you get past the first year. It not only prepares you with relevant courses, sometimes you'll even get opportunities to interact with people who have years of experience working in engineering. It's pretty cool.


I would consider everything to do with academics the best thing about my school. Afterall, that is the reason why we are all here. The professors at Purdue are challenging, but are here to help us succeed. In my short time here, I have felt nothing but support from each of my professors. They truly want us to be succcessful. They go above and beyond to make sure that happens. I am really fortunate to go to a school where my professors push me to be the best that I can be and know that it will pay off.


The teachers really try to help you acclimate to the new environment. Even though some of my classes are large, the teachers try not to let the students become just numbers.


The best thing about Purdue was the safety on campus. I always felt like I was in a safe environment with the many safety features on campus, such as emergency station always in view when walking, campus police, and frequent room checks. They also provide a phone number that can be called to accompany one when walking alone at night. Also, there are several cab companies and bus routes at night that are available to take students home after night classes.


The best thing about Purdue University is the people. The students are hardworking and strive for excellence in everything they do. From academics, to athletics, to extracurricular activities, Purdue offers a variety of opportunities that students take advantage of and mold to fit their tastes. The faculty encourage students to actively work towards and shape their career paths. There are several ways and people to help students apply for research opportunites, internships, co-ops, etc. Workshops are set up by experienced individuals to prepare students for the "real world." Purdue University is a place where people work together and succeed.


Purdue has many unique traditions and aspects. One of the most unique things students will encounter is that at any given point on any day, you are quite likely to find someone or a group of people on campus singing Hail Purdue, the school fight song. Purdue has many unique traditions. One of the most popular ones is the fountain runs. Many students run through one of Purdue's fountains on the first and last day of Purdue University. Purdue is unique in having the largest mascot of any university. Most people associate Purdue Pete as Purdue's mascot, but this is a common misconception. Purdue Pete is the mascot of the University Book Store. Purdue's official mascot is the Boilermaker Special, an 8,000+ pound locomotive designed to traverse campus. Students frequently see it before athletic events and on other important university days as it tours campus.


I like most that Purdue University challenges you and teaches us personally and academically. Students who attend either make their way, learning lifelong lessons and growing to be responsible adults; or fall into an endless pit called leisure and fun, thus failing out. At Purdue, we as students have to learn to manage our time effectively between school and leisure as well as disquish whether or not to do a certain activity. There are so many things to do, so many things to fall into, that we have to learn to become responsible if we want to become successful.


It's big, yet it has so many groups and niches that it becomes very small quicky


I enjoy how many different activities are offered, even if I don't really have the time to participate in them. They are each so unique and cater to a wide variety of students. There are over 800 different clubs at Purdue, and there is bound to be something for everyone.


I would say the best thing about Purdue is that is is a high-caliber, large university with much to offer, yet it is located in a small town so students still have a good sense of community. Because the campus is so large, and there are so many opportunities to get involved, it is very easy for nearly all students to find their "fit" at Purdue. If you are looking for a well known, large campus, but tend to shy away from huge cities, Purdue is the perfect place to spend the next several years of your life.


The best thing about my school would proably have to be it's size. It's big, but it doesn't feel big.


Purdue University has many opportunities for students to advance and pursue their dreams. The best source that Purdue offers for students is the career center. Coming into Purdue I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I was referred to the career center where I spoke with a counselor. They gave me numerous tests and talked with me about my dreams, likes, and dislikes. After a couple of sessions the counselor gave me a list of careers and majors that would be a good match for me. This service was a great way to help students.


The best thing about Purdue University is the diversity and the endless opportunities that are present. I cannot think of any person that has lacked a place or thing to be involved in where they can succeed and be their own star.


The best thing about attending Purdue is the wide variety of options that the school provides. Because the campus is large, students are able to choose from many different majors and find the major that best suits their interests. Alongside the variety of majors, students will gain a great education from prestigious faculty members and students will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within their majors through research opportunities and internships.


Have a great program, that truly challenges you to the point being able to find out who you are and what your capable of. They know what it takes to be successful both in academia and in the industry world and really try and prepare you for everything


The overall atmosphere is the best part pf Purdue. With such a large & diverse population its easy to get lost in crowd. However, students faculty and staff do their best to help everyone feel accepted by lednding a hand whenever needed and doing all they can to ensure success for students.


I feel the best thing about my school is how they work really hard to educate all of the students. I am also impressed with all of the programs that are provided for the minority to get involved with on campus.


School Spirit! There is so much spirit and excitment on game days at Purdue.


I consider the best thing about my school to be it's name. When people hear Purdue they think of prestige, excellence, and so much more. I believe it will be an honor to graduate from one of the top engineering schools in the country. Just the simple fact that I will graduate from Purdue, I feel gives me an advantage because students with the Purdue type of foundation are exactly what employers are looking for within my major.


It is very strong academically and is seen as a good source of intelligent and hard working individuals.


My school is very unified; from study groups, sports activities, clubs, and foreign students...everything is very closely knit and kind. This is the best thing about my school. It's easy to find friends with people who are from the same area, across the nation, or across the world. My eyes were opened up to so many new things, including my major, which will take me across the world.


There are many great things about Purdue, however I would say that my area of study is the best thing about Purdue. In Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) we have the potential to learn a great deal about a wide variety of CG software. However, what I prefer even more is the fact that although Purdue is a very large school, CGT students get the same opportunity to have a personal relationship with their professors and classmates that they had in high school.


The best thing about Purdue is academics. Purdue has a lot of programs for each individual students. The advisors and professors will try to help you as much as possible. The advisors know that there is a huge transition from high school to college. So they try their best and come up with ways to help you. At the same time, the course work is pretty intense, however, it will help the students in the future because the students realize that they know much more than before.


The best thing about my school is the sense of pride the students have. It's like we go to the best school in the country and everybody knows it. Being a Biolermaker is something to be proud of, and we aren't afraid to show it.


The best thing about my school is its personal touch. Even though Purdue University is very large, each school is broken up into smaller sections. I am able to meet with my advisor often and see my professors on a one to one basis weekly.


One of the best things about Purdue University is that it is a very diverse campus. There are so many oppurtunities to meet people from other countries and to learn about different cultures. There are also so many educational oppurtunities here at Purdue. There are various majors and classes that anybody could take, which is another reason why there is such diverse people on campus.


It is a very prominent school for my intended major of engineering


There seems to be a lot of emphasis on research. There is no need to tell why that is good.


The best thing about my school is that there is always someone there to help you when you need it. Whether it be for academia or personal.


I think the best thing about Purdue University is the numerous programs it has to offer students, both academically and extra-curricular. It is a place where there are plenty of individuals and resources available that can help you overcome any problem and achieve any goal. This school has given me the typical college experience and much more. I think this well-known school has many unique qualities, such as the World's Largest Drum and largest mascot. I think graduates of Purdue are proud of their alma mater and the hard work it took to earn their respective degrees.


Very tough acadmeic school. It prepared me very well for real world. The degree carries a lot of weight.


I would say the best thing about Purdue is that there are many opportunities to get involved. It is easy to make friends with the same interests and common grounds. There is just a great variety of people here, that no one can feel left out. I feel the hardest thing most of the time is not having people to share interests with. At purdue, that was not a problem for me. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, and just a great environment to further one's education while increasing social networking skills also.




A video taken while participating in the zombie apocalypse game at Purdue University. It is helpful but the angles are strange because they are shot during the game.


I took this video during the Zombie Apocalypse game being played on Purdue University's campus. We discuss unique things at Purdue and the battle.


Food because there's alot of variety.


The diversity of subject area, all of which is strong.


The best thing about Purdue University is the school's reputation. Purdue?s engineering reputation has helped me get an internship the summer right after my freshman year, which was not exactly a great year economically. I know it will be extremely beneficial for landing a full time position in a couple years.


There is a maximum amount of study space


The best thing about Purdue is the quality of education the professors really have a passion for what they teach and are enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge.


The social life at Purdue is fantastic.


Choices. There are a lot of majors, a lot of activities, a lot of people, and an unbeleivable number of opportunities. If you can't find something that fits you, then you obviously haven't put any effort into it!


Purdue is a great learning environment as well as a school with a great environment for social events and fun. Students here are very focused on their academics but are readily available and willing to help other students. Purdue is full of opportunites for students to succeed in all aspects of life, such as their studies, career, social and extracurricular activities. It is full of readily available resources for any student to make the most of their college career and to set themselves up for success in life. Also, all of the traditions and school spirit that Purdue has!