Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The great education and learing experience that is offered to the strudents.


I attended orientation called Boiler Gold Rush which was filled with new experiences. I was able to meet new people that lived in the same dorm as I did as well as get a feel for what the campus was like. Boiler Gold Rush provided students with opportunities to see comedians, musicians, and several other performances. The food is absolutely amazing!!! The dining halls provide excellent food options for everyone. Everyone is so friendly and the professors, counselors, and other staff members are extremely helpful with guiding students in the right path.


I believe that the emphasis on academics and each student's future really prepares them to do well in the working world after college graduation.


School spirit


The best thing about Purdue is that there is always something going on or somewhere to go. Even if you don't have a car, you can walk to good restaurants, coffee shops, sports, parties; or take the bus to Wal-Mart or your choice of several beautiful parks. Even if you're not a very social person, there is always someone, an acquaintance or classmate to give a ride to that basketball game-watching party. When you don't want to work on that 10-page research paper anymore and you're nocturnal, there is always something to do.


The school spirit and atmosphere at Purdue is really great. Everyone wants to be there, and since it isn't a preppy private school everyone is working really hard to be there and stay there. There aren't a lot of people living of their family to be there, so everyone has a lot of the same values and focuses on school just as much as on social activities.


The variety of studies, and the quaiity of the education


Purdue is a research college and the professors are almost all experts in their fields who only teach on the side.


The academics are great and many of the programs are highly ranked by the US News and World Report


The best feature our school has is the school pride students develop. I say develop not show because many students who come here are from out of state or out of country. In alot of cases students had not heard of Purdue before enrolling and the pride Purdue instills in people is amazing.


The school spirit. For every football and basketball game my school has, there are tons of fans in the stands. We have a thing called "Boiler Blackout" where the student sections all wear black, and it covers the entire stadium. It shows that a lot of Purdue Students support their athletic teams.


Purdue University is full of spirit. Although the campus is quite large, there is always a feeling of community. The academic and extracurricular programs are amazing as well. Purdue just has so much to offer that it's almost difficult to decide what to do! The campus always feels like home, and even the alumni love getting chances to come back for visits.


The best thing about Purdue is that it is an acceptable school in almost every science /engineering /managment feild. There are awesome research opportunities for science and engineering. The school is very affordable, so majoring in one of the above three is a very good bet because there is a high placement percentage.


I like the challenges that my school gives me because it forces me to apply myself and to do well in my studies.


If you are really interested, professors will practically bend over backwards to help you! I'm into forensics and the professors are very nice and helpful in putting things on my resume and helping me make career decisions.


The culture diversity of this college.


I think the tradition that is at Purdue is one of the best things about this school. The alumni are so active here and contribute all the time and are always back on campus when they can. The social network through them helps a lot of students find jobs.


I feel like the academics is the best thing about Purdue. We are very well known and our degree means something when we graduate :D


The quality of education here is great. In four years, you learn things that actually apply to your chosen career path. The school does a good job of preparing its students to enter the work force with things like internships, job fairs, and career couseling.


Size is the best thing about Purdue. It allows for a lot of diversity and a strong academic program, along with allowing students to find their respective niches. Basically there's something for everyone, but we're all tied together with alot of school spirit.


All the social and extra-ciricular activities available to all students.


Academically challenged but great social life


The diversity! Very good professores.Friendly environment....very much a community spirit.


The school spirit and unity of our school is the best thing Purdue has to offer. Everyone is so nice to each other and helpful. Game days at Purdue are over populated with students here to support the Boilermakers!! BOILER UP!


The best thing about my school is the lecture halls and the womens studies classes. They are very good with making the students interact and i love that fact. also the name behind the school. Alot of good companies recognize the name therefore set very high expectations.


Variety of teachers with specialties in their field. Accessible shopping, grocery, etc. On campus housing close to classes. Great dining facilities with a wide variety of food choices and delivery options (cafeteria, on-the-go, late night mini-stores)


Purdue University allows an ignorant populus from rural towns around the midwest to remain narrow-minded throughout their college careers while tricking the rest of the world into believing that they are receiving a well rounded degree.


The school excels at mathematics, science, and engineering; it is very research focused and career focused. The university encourages undergradutate research in many departments. The extracurriclar activities and clubs really help in the schools social activity. Overall, the university is a really great place to attend.


its big, there is a lot to do and it in the big 10 so a lot of sports.


The professors really train you to be a thinker and problem solver. There are also many different races and cultures to experience and learn about.


I enjoy how diverse the population is. There is something for everyone. 'Nough said.