Purdue University-North Central Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Shortly after World War II Purdue had began offering technical classes. It began offering an engineering program to freshman, and grew from there. As of more recently, in 2002 it opened a 24 hour emergency veterinary center for small animals. This would be how I identify to PNC, because I have taken our family dog there numerous times for care.


Purdue University- North Central is most known for it's name in the academic world. Because it is a branch of the main Purdue, it too is considered an excellent school to attend. It has wonderful academic options and many activities in which students could get involved in. The school has made a name for itself for being just a branch of the main and it is living up to that name.


Nursing Program


Purdue North Central is known for having a quality education for less money and having smaller more personal class room sizes. The largest classroom may have 32 students at the very most. The professors take the time out to work with you one on one and actually notice when you are not in class and care about why you are not there.