Purdue University-North Central Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I honestly think that Purdue University North Central is a great school for anybody. The Professors and staff are beyond accommodating to any needs that a student may have. Since the class sizes are so small, students are almost guaranteed to receive any extra help they may need, as well as genuinely getting to know their classmates. I can't think of any kind of person that shouldn't attend this school.


A person who wants to experience the 'college campus' experience. This school is more designed for students who want to study very hard and succeed.


Individuals that are not motivated should not attend Purdue University North Central. PNC requires a lot of self-motivation and drive to succeed since the campus is mostly focused on academics. Students seeking a lot of extracurricular activities should not attend this school, either. PNC is mostly a commuter college and not many of the current students actively participate in clubs or organizations. As well, PNC is not located in an urban or “college city” area, so individuals seeking a big city college experience would be disappointed.


If a person doesn't like small classrooms sizes than this wouldn't be the school for them. It is a small campus so you get to know your teachers and classmates very well. However, if a person wanted to go to college to experience a lot of people from different places and around the world then this wouldn't be the best place for their education.


Anyone that is not serious about getting a quality education and are being forced to attend college instead of going to further their education shoul not attend Purdue North Central.