Purdue University-North Central Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The support system PNC has to offer is remarkable compared to the first university I began at. Inlcuding professors, and SI tutors working under professors, there is a substatial difference in how they handle their classes as well as prepare their students for success. Being able to get a near-immediate response from either an advisor, professor, or tutor, makes all the difference when you're a freshman on campus still trying to learn the ropes.


The small campus, inexpensive price.. with the power of a Purdue degree


My needs and any issues I may have are quickly responded to. Staff & students are great. I feel they have higher standards than some other area schools (cirriculum is more challenging, more organized & prepared, more professional, better equipped.) Campus is beautiful, great day care center. Makes it easy for a non traditional student like myself to attend classes.


I like that the school I have choosen to go to is so close to my apartment and right next to the toll road. I don't have to pay for the on-campus housing and can come and go to the school as I please. When choosing a college I wanted to be able to still live in my apartment and not be on-campus, so the freedom I have is a huge benefit for me.