Queens University of Charlotte Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is that is becomes very cliquey. Freshman year, everyone was friends with everyone, but then people join sororities or groups and only hang out with those people.


The library is not available as often as students would prefer.


The worst thing about my school is frivilous spending that they do. They tend to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things (sculptures and statues) instead of the important stuff (residence hall renovations).


The worst thing about my school would be the food in our cafe becuase after going through so many classes a day you get hungary and you would want to eat a satisfiying meal that can hold you through the day not a salde or turkey sandwich.


Financial aid. They provide it but it's very hard to come by. And they want to be more diverse, but they don't offer any miniority scholarships.


I consider not being given the proper amount of finacial support one of the worst thing about Queens, so the unaccomodating financial services is a problem. In addition, the school is very out-dated & needs a lot of improvements since it is over 150 years old as well as can upgrade its programs (like more majors).


The school's activities. Because there are not many of them on-campus so it is hard to find things to do sometimes. without leaving campus.


My athletic department coordinating with a tough academic schedule. I am punished for missing out on athletics in order to keep my academics up and therefore am ignored and considered as unimportant to my athletic team. This is true for all of my time here at Queens although I do more behind the scenes work to do both, it is frightning. I am allowing my social life to be almost non-existant and yet, still I feel that there is no pay-off for my hard work.


That the current president is bent on making the school a lot larger in number of students, and while it will maintain its feeling of a small school, they are spending money on buying more land, and not as much time on improving the existing fine arts building and some of the dorm buildings.