Queens University of Charlotte Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student whom sees themselves going into the Busniess field.


Queens is the type of school where it isn't small enough that you know every single person (unless you want to) but not big enough that you won't know most of the people there and most of the professors. If you want a community that is close-knit and allows you to take part in extracurriculars as well as focus on academics, this is a great school to attend.


a person who likes small classes, a small campus, and wants to have a good job in the future.


The ideal Queens University of Charlotte student is someone who is driven, hard-working, and has a desire to learn. This person should be independent because, even though the professors are there for them, it is the student's responsibility to take the initiative for themselves. Also, the student has to deal well with diversity and differences because Queens is a place filled with people from all backgrounds.