Quincy University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food, its just a high standard and usually not even worth going to eat.


There wasn't a lot that I didn't like about the school, but I guess the one big drawback of Quincy University was housing. The dorms and campus apartments are starting to show their age, and compared to other universities, I would say that QU is below average in this department. From what I hear, they have plans to do some remodeling and possibly will be building a new dorm or two in the near future, and I hope this is in fact the case.


For being such a small school there is a lot of apathy on campus. It's disappointing that at a school that prides itself for a feeling of community only a small group of students actually wants to be involoved in anything.


The worst thing would be the unwillingness to get become a more socially diverse campus. The campus only one fraternity and two sororities. Last year a group of my friends pledged to bring another fraternity on campus and were not allowed to and were not given any reasons as to why.