Quincy University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is caring, friendly, and someone who takes their education seriously.


The person going to Quincy should be intrested in rounded education in a close community . A person from a smaller community or school may find Quincy to be a better choice. Some one who is intersected in study abroad would find Quincy to be a good choice. Quincy is a Catholic University so some one who has good moral values, or someone who wants a religious education. A person whom has an intrest in sports would find Quincy a good choice. Quincy offers a variety of varsity sports, and a large range of intermurals.


A person should attend QU if they are mediocre athletes, lower-middle class, live in Missouri or Illinois, are not really serious students, and enjoy drinking.


A person that like a small campus environment, but does not necessarily like to be social.