Quincy University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Katelin, remember to be confident, disciplined, and determined. Remember that college is about getting an education, but also having fun and being involved as well! Be sure to fill out as much scholoarship applications as you can; you will need them more than you think. Don't stress yourself out worrying about what you want to do with the rest of your life, let it come to you. Most importantly, aim high my friend. If you're not scared just a little then you're not aiming high enough! You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Be frugle with your money, make sure you check your email EVERY day, and study hard. Transitioning is nerve racking and exciting at the same time, but always remember your college years are the "best years of your life". Make the best of it; have fun, study hard, make A's, and trust in God!


I would tell myself to sign up for as many scholarships as possible becasue you never know what you are going to get and every little bit helps. I would also tell myself to look at more colleges to find the right one for me before making my final decision. College is a lot of work, and my goal of receiving A's for the rest of my college career can be accomplished with good study habits and putting school first. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to not be afriad to venture out and meet new people. College is a time where you can be whoever you want to be. I want to be somene who works hard to become a successful, caring nurse while also enjoying my college years and getting involved in my new community, staying active, making friends and making memories.


So far, I have had a really enjoyable college experience! Quincy University has been a very valuable school to attend because not only do I feel as though I'm receiving a quality education, but also that I am cared about and not just a number. My teachers have been very knowledgeable and informative, and I have learned so much already. I truly believe in the importance not only of an education, but an education where I am pushed to succeed and work hard. I am only a freshman, but I have been able to improve skills that make me a dedicated and hard working student. My college experience is incredibly important to me because I know that in learning more each day, I can better educate myself for the future endeavors and goals I will have in my life.


I had a great experience at Quincy University even being a non-traditional student who lived off campus, I still was able to experience many aspects of the college life and appreciate my time spent there. I have many friends that I still like to visit with from time to time.


Through my college experience, I have learned what my limitations are, who I am, and a few of my passions in life. I joined six different organization coming onto campus for my first year, and realized by the end of the first semester that it was all too much even though I did the same thing in high school. I had to figure out what I really wanted in life with the help of the organizations. I found myself missing my Sunday services to be getting at me, and so I tried to make it work out with the organization that was conflicting with the service. It didn't seem to work. Through this, I was able to realize what my one of many passions that I have in life, and that is my service to the community in the service, on campus, and off campus, in the commuinty. I found myself to be a person with hopes and dreams, ones that would last me a life time, and that we have to work to pursue this hopes and dreams. College is the beginning test of what the real world is like.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself I would have alot to say. First I would say, "Don't be scared, college is fun." Next I would tell myself to be prepared for the amount of work, you have to balance your time. Time management is a big part of college, so if you practice those skills in high school, you will do better at it in college. I would also say that college is supposed to be fun, but at the same time you are here for an education. Don't spend all your time at parties or other activities, work on school! It is ok to make the best of your time at college, but always remember why you are here and what your ultimate goal is. You will find it easy to succeed once there is a balance between time for fun and time for school.


I would say to myself , Sara you need to really work on your reading, and writing skills, your math and english skills. I would tell myself to get involved such as, joining clubs, sports, band, chorus. the more involved I am , the better I will be at working with people . I would tell myself to prepare for the ACT with all the effort I can muster. Better grades, and involvment will help in getting into a college of my choice, and help with getting financial aid. I would tell myself to get a job, save money. A job will not only help in having a stake in your college career, but also help me to find direction in what I really wants to do for my lifes work. I would tell myself to really look at my ablities, desires and passion in what I want to do. I would tell myself not to be afraid to think out side the box. I would tell myself to go to job fairs, and talk with my parents, and other adults about their jobs. I would say Sara be more independent , cook , clean, wash your own clothes, learn to solve your own problems.


Make the best of everything you do now. be friendly, do your work, take advantage of the education your getting.


When I was a senior in high school, it was like I saw the world through a cardboard paper towel roll. I saw the same people everyday, did the same thing day after day, and I was okay with it. Because I had this attitude and outlook on life, I struggled very much my first year of college. It took me a long time to learn that there is in fact a bigger world out there outside of Marion, Indiana, I just needed to allow myself to be exposed to it. The summer after my freshman year of college was a turning point for me in my life. I moved back to Marion for the summer and reevaluated if Quincy University was really where I was supposed to be. I slowly realized that Quincy wasn't the problem, it was the fact that I was so focused on what I was leaving behind in Marion, that I didn't let myself enjoy my new home. If I could give myself advice as a senior, I would tell myself to be more open minded about life and to thrive on the opportuinites that I have been blessed with.


I'd say take a deep breath and relax. College life is an amazing once in a life time oppertunity and if you want it you can make it happen.


If I could offer advice to myseld as a High School senior, I would teel myself to always keep an open mind mind when it comes to working with people and to always work hard no matter what. College is a challenge because you meet so many new people and it's difficult to understand them if you don't know much about them. Being able to accept someone regardless of who they are, or where they come form, can help you excel in the college atmosphere. I would say always work hard no matter what because the level of work you do affects the way people view you. Having a good work ethic and being able to stay focused can provide good habits throughout college while progreesing into the real hard. HArd work is key in so many aspects of life and everyone respects someone who is willing to earn everything they receive.


Make sure that you keep your work ethic high. Your parents aren't going to be there to shove you out the door to be on time or pester you about homework. Just believe in yourself.


Visit a variety of schools and visit more than once. Stay overnight if possible. Ask current students who aren't paid to give tours what they think, because they will give you the most honest answers. If you don't like the school at first, wait it out for the first year before transferring; it will probably get better. Be involved on campus and have a voice about what goes on at the school. If you want to change something, don't complain about it- do it. Get involved with a lot of extracurriculars, whether academic, social, service, athletic, ect. because both schools and employers like students who are involved, and you will meet friends there who share your interests. College is fun no matter what, so work as hard as you can and you will be rewarded with a satisfying career. Always try to be the best, and even if you're not, somebody will notice that you are trying. Accept help when offered. Take advantage of resources- library, study sessions, etc. They are a waste if you don't use them! Don't stress about finding your best friends right away- you will find them!


One of the most important things to do in finding the right college, is to do research. Doing research on a specific college or university will allow the student and the parent to choose wisely. Sometimes it is not about what the campus looks like or where it is located. I believe that it is important to know what the college has to offer: degrees, majors, activities, and tuition costs. It is also good to know if the college or university will be beneifical and will meet the needs for the career that the student wishes to pursue. As far as getting the most out of the college experience, there are plenty of nice people on campus to make friends with. Getting involved in sports, campus clubs, and campus clubs will help with social life. In my opinion, I think that living in a dorm during freshmen year will help a student connect more to the campus and build a friendship with many people living in the dorm. However it is really up to the student to make a college experience worth their while.


Always remember your in college and to have fun but know that it has to be responsible fun, school needs to always come first.


You need to know your own personality, educational goals, and an idea of what field you want to have a career in. Answer these questions and find a school that best serves your interests. Do you want a small, medium, or large school? Does the school have a good program for your area of study? And the most important question is, what type of opportunities are provided outside the classroom? About 1/4 of what you learn in college will be in class. The other 3/4 is from all your other experiences. Look for a school that provides lots of opportunities. Do they have clubs and organizations that interest you? Look for sports teams you would play in, theatre departments you would get involved with, internship possibilities you could benefit from, and all the clubs and organizations that you could participate in. These extra opportunities can help cover for some of your classes that will inevitably lack value, and they always look great on resumes. Not only that, but they could be the most fun and rewarding experiences in your college career. Good luck college hunting!


Parents and students should know and understand that they should take their time to find the right college or universty, because rushing to find the right one may cause the student to not only suffer academically but socially.