Quinnipiac University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students are selfish, often unintelligent and not loyal.


My classmates are hardworking, community-service driven, and diverse.


My classmates are hard-working, goal oriented individuals who have managed to balance their academics with an acceptable social life, which is necessary to break up ones time while at a university.


Classmates attend class ready and eager to learn and always seem willing to help other students who are struggling in class.


Most people at Quinnipiac are very friendly.


My classmates are well educated, nice, well rounded people who are nice and friendly.


They really like to shove diversity down your throat here because we aren't the most racially diverse. It gets annoying but you deal with it. People will wear anything ranging from sweats to jeans and a sweater to class. If you're a business major bring a suit if you're a guy and really nice clothes if you're a girl because you'll need them. Most of the students are from Mass, Connecticut, Jersey and New York. But I know a bunch of kids from New England, the Mid Atlantic and a few from Cali.


My classmates do not take their work seriously and are only into partying and looking their best.


Most of my classmastes are like me -- dedicated, hardworking


Classmates varied from being super driven to being at college simply because they had nothing else to do at the time!


My classmates are young men and women who are attempting to become broadcast journalists.


They are nice, intelligent, and friendly.




People on campus can be clique-y ... Greek life is like high school all over again, so unless you enjoy drama, parties, and lots of involvement in school activities, don't join.


My classmates are hard working, dedicated, and sincere.


A diverse group of people, sometimes snooty and opinionated.


Competitive but willing to help and form study groups


My classmates are fun, kind and helpful.


they are smart and always helpful


Middle class, suburban students.


My classmates vary but there are students who actively participate in every class and those that don't and I consider almost all to be intelligent.


My classmates are generally sociable and constantly engaged in their particular courses of study.


Classmates in my major are hardworking and care about their grades. This is not true of all majors, like business.


Classmates are motivated to learn and will almost always be willing to share notes with you if you missed class, will study with you, or will hand in your assignment if you cannot make the next class.


Most of them come from families where their parents pay for everything.


Supportive and helpful


very nice and willing to help.


Classmates are generally friendly and insightful people. Many are able to stimulate productive discussions in class which creates an enviornment where we are able to learn from each other just about as much as we would learn from a professor. You can always count on fellow classmates to help you along when you are stuggling and it is common for small study groups to be formed.


My classmates are fairly well off.


My class mates are fun, eager, and always helpful.


The Student Body is very friendly and active.


some students wear sweats to class and others dress up. most students come from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and other New England states.


Very populated with white Catholics from Mass, NY, CT and New Jersey. Not really friendly and a bit selfish. But some are highly involved and giving. Very small gay community. Students wear anything to class but the majority of girls "dress up" especially when it gets nice out. But they have their coach rain boots for the bad weather too. Financial background is mostly upper middle class. We were voted "most politically apathetic" in the Princeton Review...but being connected to the polling institute, the administration likes it that way.


I dont live on campus, so I dont really experince this. I have noticed a large amount of Democrats though. And most students are from New England, New Jersey and New York.


Most of the students come from welathy families. Girl/guy ratio favors the male student. Sometimes feel like 8 girls for each guy.


While a lot of students may fit different stereotypes, it is possible to find a group of friends that fits every student.


All I can say is that most people are white from Christian backgrounds. I think anyone can fit in on campus. Most people don't seemed o be jerky enough to outcast someone for those traits you listed. I guess a Morman would feel the most out of place. That or an islamic extremist. No really, Quinnipiac is quite excepting, I think. Students wear anything from the pajamas they rolled out of bed in to suits. Most wear normals clothes, however. I think all types of students interact. I must say that. As for the people at the table, I don't know. Probably four white girls. Most students are from New England. I'd say middle-class is most prevalent, definitely. I think some students care about politics and some don't. I really don't notice. I'd say most are liberal. People do not really talk about earnings. Jeeze, that would be dickish and self-centered.


Not enough grad classes offered in Accounting, big plans, no follow through


The type of student that might feel out of place at QU would be a free spirited student, or an anticonformist. My friends and I joke that our self esteem goes out the door once we arrive at QU and jumps back up to normal once we're out of there. Students don't get over dressed for class, they normally wear sweats or jeans and a tee shirt. The students are generally of the upper middle class to upper class. They come from high income families and the cars in the student lots are very very nice cars. Students are not politically aware/active. Most QU students are from Long Island/Jersey/White Planes. Lots of italian boys and superficial girls. Different types of students do interact and I've found that QU students are incredably polite. You'll always hear a please and a thank you no matter where you are on campus.


A lot of activites to do, however cliques do form. Most students are from New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut and Mass.


I think there is a good mix of different types of students at Quinnipiac. To be blunt, there are the rich kids, there are the nerds, there are the average joes, there are the althetes, etc. I think for the most part, everyone gets along; I really do not find that there are any major conflicts or confrontations within the student body. I think everyone has their certain groups that they associate with and feel comfortable with, but it doesn't mean that everyone can't get along. I feel like there is a genuine sense of community on campus and everyone is happy to be there.


Quinnipiac is very different than high school in the simple fact that there are no cliques. There are over 70 clubs and organizations for you to become involved in whatever interests you. I suggest getting involved at school because this is the best way to meet new people. I have different connections with people through various organizations. Overall, I love the people at this school and I am lucky to have connected with people who i know I will keep in touch with forever. I feel that Quinnipiac is a friendly environment, and you can make many friends as long as you are willing to reach out and become involved.


racial- its a white school. people who are not white stand like a sore thumb. Minoraties tend to aggregate together and hang out together. But majority are open to differences, very few are closed minded. I feel like minoraties make it a bigger deal than others do! Religious- we finally got a rabbi! but student religion is not a big thing. the school is predominately Catholic. This department- the school has a lot go work to do in, cuz the school doesn't keep Kosher for passover so it does put a strain on everyday life during Passover. A lot of kids are well off, but I know a lot more that have to work to pay for the school, and who have a lot of loans and such. So everyone here IS NOT rich, that is a common stereotype. What kind of a student would feel out of place? if you dont like preppy, you will feel out of place. If you don't wear a northface and uggs, you will feel out of place. Think... Abercrombie if you're not that.... you will feel out of place. Or if you're not guido, you'll feel out of place. I did! Personality, no matter what, be accepting and understanding, and you'll be fine. I felt out of place till I joined my sorority and met amazing girls who were like me. It is possible to find your group; its just hard not be affected by the majority of kids. Most girls wear (90%)- Abercrombie, Uggs, Northface, flip-flops, so low, and PINK sweats. Some wear pj to class.... not acceptable! It seems like everyone wears the same exact things just in different colors. Do different types of student inteact? IDK, but I think so, it depends on the person. the 4 table: 1. The lacrosse or baseball (any sport) eating after practice together the rest are groups of friends/ roomies from the dorms. Greek guys tend to sit together and maybe sometime girls, but not soo much. People sit with their friends/ roomies. Where are most QU students from: Mass. Long Island, North Jersey financially you would think everyone is well off but most students have loans or workstudy. People assume but no one talk about how they are getting through school. WE are an apathetic campus! We dont care, we are too busy with out own lives and studies, I know I dont have time.


The student body at Quinnipiac is very stereotypical. You'll find alot of middle to upper class students, alot of students driving nice cars, wearing nice clothes, and yes, very good looking. I'm not sure why, but its true. There is not alot of diversity at QU and I think that is why it attracts the people it attracts. People feel comfortable in the social environment at QU. The girls like to show off their latest purchases and the guys pretend they don't care about what they wear even though most do. It is no secret that the students are good looking and I think that is why many people come here.


Very white, reasonably wealthy, very relaxed clothing to class. Most students are from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.


I think that my friends and people i have meet at QU have been more racially and religiously diverse than my highschool was. I do not think a student would feel out of place at Quinnipiac unless they have never had white students in their school before. Most students wear flip-flops and uggs to class, they wear jeans or sweatpants to class mostly. A lot of people have something from The North Face from backpacks to Jackets, and girls carry Vera Bradley bags. I think that different types of students interact on campus people hang out with people that they have something in common with. Just because people look different or dress different does not mean that they can not be friends and find something in common with each other. Most QU students are from the tri-state area (CT, NY, NJ), there are also a lot from MA and PA.


Quinnipiac does not have a diverse student body. The school has actually had to deal with racial discrimination incidents this past year. Most female students wear jeans and a sweatshirt to class; others wear something nicer, a lot wear Victoria's Secret PINK clothing. Males tend to wear jeans and tee-shirts, many from Abercromie and the like. One table in the dining hall has a group of males and females, another has members of the lacrosse team, another has a boyfriend and girlfriend, and the fourth has a group of sorority girls. Most students are from the northeast, mostly New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The most prevalent financial background is well-off/ upper middle class. Quinnipiac has one of the most politically unaware and inactive student bodies you will ever come across.


Quinnipiac students protest the stereotypes that they are given by outsiders, about being rich spoiled white kids who party all the time. While obviously not every student fits that description, it is true that the school has an awful lot of Abercrombie/Hollister wearing, Bentley driving, upper middle class white kids who live within two hours of the school so they can go home about four times a semester, on average. There are a handful of people outside the New England/New York/New Jersey are (myself included), but at least 90% of the school lives in one of these areas, within two hours of the school, so it can feel frustrating if you come from farther away and the kids don't understand why you don't go home every three weekends like they do. Plus, while very few people flaunt their wealth, and the vast majority of kids wear regular clothes as oppsed to really fancy ones, students from lower income families will feel out of place right away. If you're from a rural area (myself included), you WILL feel out of place becayse mostly everyone comes from a big city surrounding, or at least within a half hour of a major city. If you took a walk around the quad, you would see a group of attractive girls with (i guess, im male) attractive guys playing frisbee or kicking a soccer ball. There would be a few students sitting down on benches eating and talking, and of course girls lying on blankets trying to tan. You would be hard-pressed to find any intellectual people roaming around, although there are plenty of people who fit that description if you look hard enough. On very rare occasions you might find some emo/punk/skater kids hanging around, but those kids are far outnumbered by the preppy ones. Most students are apathetic towards politics, but the large percentage are liberal for some reason. There is, however a smaller republican constituency, and the vast majority are moderates, so regardless of your political affiliation/interest, you will find someone who shares your views (even if you're libertarian like me).


Not that diverse ethinically. Most students are from CT, NY, NJ, NH, VT or MA. Students don't go to enough sporting games.


Quinnipiac is, like I mentioned before predominantly white. The financial backgrounds that I would say are most present are of the upper class, mostly because of the cost of the school. However there may be some students who do not fall into this class, and attend with the help of financial aide and campus jobs. Most Quinnipiac students are from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Long Island, New Hampshire, maybe Vermont and Rhode Island. I think that being a student that is not white will feel a little out of place here because of the overwhelming population of white students. There are however many groups that would appeal to many different ethnic and racial backgrounds on campus that one could attend.