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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


there are some well off kids here, but coming from a middle class family who is one of the few people who went to a public school, i feel like i definitely fit in. there are some bitchy girls but for the most part everyone here is great. yes uggs and northfaces are for sure the main thing people wear here in the winter.


I came here and found everyone I met to be friendlier than anyone at my past colleges, and not that fake nice either. The party thing is true though, not always a bad thing either.


there are more girls than boys


To an extent, but it is unfortunate that just because the majority of the school comes from upper class families does not mean that everyone is "stuck up/snobs".




no not at all






Kind of...There's always the exceptions and it's hard to generalize 5,000 people entirely.


The school is mostly white, but i dont think everyone is upper class.


Being a private school, there is going to be a portion of the population that will be financially stable. However, similar to any population, there are a wide variety of people.




A great percentage of the campus fits it.


The parties do get out of hand i guess. As for rich people, it's hard to tell. People don't really brag. Most people get financial aid anyway.


No, many girls are know have higher morals than they get credit for. Health science majors think they're God's gift to earth but I would dare any of them to try being an Econ, Accounting or any other major on campus and see if they'd think they're as hot.


Some of these stereotypes are accurate, however there are a wide range of people at the University.


This stereotype is true in many cases, but there are also many students who are the exact opposite; students who are committed improving both the Quinnipiac and surrounding communities.


Even though a good amount of people match this stereotype it is not true at all.


Yes! - The school is getting better! The library is packed, more college kids study and take their education seriously but that doesn't mean that they dont go out on the weekends. Majority of campus (around 90%) go out to New Haven thursday-saturday night to unwind. - A lot of students are from Long Island, North Jersey but there are also a long percentage of people from Mass., New Hampshire, and Maine. - Quinnipiac is a country club and I love it that way! Our campus is AMAZING! Its soo beautiful the grass is green, everything is clean, the cleaning ladies clean bathrooms of all on campus buildings including apartment style dorms. Its awesome. - We are a white school, and QU works really hard to recruit minoraties to come here to meet the quota but there are very few Asians, African Americans, and Latinos. QU is a white school. I like it that way, that is one of the reasons that my parents decided on QU.


I think in some social groups it is certainly true, looking around the quad I see many students that could care less about the presidential election coming up because all they are thinking about is what they are going to wear to Toad's that Saturday. It is certainly discerning to see this but I know that Quinnipiac is not only made up of people like this, there are definitely real people here who are worth getting to know.




This is not true, even if someone is wearing the same jacket as someone else they can have completely different personalities, backgrounds, and life goals. Diversity can come from anything, where people grew up and at Quinnipiac students come from all over the country and the world.


for the most part


Most students are from new england or long island or new jersey, and most are rich white kids. A lot of kids (not everyone though) drives nice cars and some of them are daddy's boys/girls. However, there are a lot of middle class people here too, and a lot of kids are responsible for themselves and aren't always calling home for help. a lot of kids are apathetic towards politics, although the school is well known for its polling institute. A lot of people party on weekends, and of course there are slutty girls, but every campus has parties and slutty girls, so QU is no different than those. plus, there are lots of weekend activities and people who aren't into partying.


NO the sterotypes about QU couldnt be farther from the truth.


Well, if you walk around campus, there are a multitude of white students, with few other ethnicities represented. As far as I know the University is attempting to admit more of a demographic representation of the United States. I do know other students who are not white though. They're not hard to find.


yes and no. many students do where more abercrombie and hollister but the school is very diverse and there are groups for everyone. there are a lot of girls at quinnipiac and we are the majority, but the class of 2012 and next years class of 2013 are rumored to even out the ratios. the school is good for all programs, even though it has amazing pt and ot programs, it is also good for law with a law school on campus. and all other majors are excellent


For the most part yes


for the most part


not accurate


Some of the kids that go here fit these stereotypes, but the majority do not.




These stereotypes are untrue. Quinnipiac Administration is working hard to diversify the student population as the 2011 freshman class is more diverse than ever. Almost everyone on campus knows or has been in contact with international students and there are many groups on campus that cater to diversity. However, most of the Quinnipiac students come from the New England, New York-New Jersey area, therefore, many of the students do wear the latest trends from Abercrombie. But that doesn't mean that we're all preppy, because its not hard to find girls in sweats on any given morning. Apathetic my ass. The Quinnipiac student body is showing a great interest in world affairs. This is true for the sole reason that there is a Darfur or Invisible Children showing almost every day by different groups. Not only that, but Quinnipiac students participate in a Nicaragua trip in which they build new homes for the residents. This year, they plan on transporting a tank of water for the Nicaragua community that costs several of thousands of dollars just to transport! We may not be all enthused about world politics and world affairs, but we are not blind to what is happening around us.


somewhat but for the most part people are nice


Generally speaking, yes. However, if you do not fit into the stereotype it is also easy to find your nitch. I am very politically and socially active, and I was able to meet like minded people without much problem. Although we are not the majority, we are working hard to make changes on campus. One thing that happened that was very "typical" Quinny, was when students were working on a "Go Green" campaign. I think its excellent that we are working towards making our campus more environmentally friendly, however the way they went about it was a little off. For example, they had tie-dying on the green. They had large tubs of waters, big paper signs advertising, and the entire time they were out there they were playing music. It was rather wasteful for a "Go Green" campaign. The fact that students were making the tie-dy was great, but there was also nothing teaching students what they can do to go green. So, while a lot of the people on the campus that day were encouraged to "Go Green" (which is great) none of them were given good examples of how to do so, but, they had fun. It's all just very typical Quinnipiac.


Some of the students are these things, but you can find plenty of people who are diverse in many ways.


Although Quinnipiac may say otherwise, these stereotypes are very accurate.


to a degree, but you would be hardpressed to find a school that doesn't have these types of people. college is what you make of it, and finding true friends is half the fun.


For the most part...


well, there is a girl majority, and there do seem to be a lot of guido boys, but that really fares well for good guys. and there are yuppies at every college that costs upwards of 40 grand


To an extent. The school DOES have a huge party life, but most of it is taken off campus. there is a ton of things to do on campus if you decide not to party. I've experienced both, but I feel that this school DOES party a lot, and that the campus IS for the most part, idiotic. HOWEVER, there are a ton of people here that actually do learn, and they're very intelligent and focus more on school than they probably should.




Yeah, a majority of the students are really well off so they generally do wear all designer clothes.


Yeah. They're true. Most of the girls are all exactly the same, same with the guys. Designer purses, ugly sunglasses, uggs, north face coats.


There is a low number of minority students here and yes there are a lot of rich kids. But if you look for kids similar to you, you will definitely find them.




Yes but not all.




For some people, but they don't apply to everyone. You are going to find people you fit in with and it'll surprise you that some people you have these opinions of might actually be the sweetest person ever and become your best friend.


Absolutely not, for a small, small percentage maybe, but they are the definate minority.