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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


We have a couple programming boards here who do a lot of events, but most people irnore them unless they're really good ones. We go off campus for things like white water rafting, dicount trips to the city, all kinds of stuff. We have a lot of organizations here. The first week of school all the frosh are required to go to an involvement fair to sign up to be a part of clubs. People are really social here and will usually be really nice if you strike up a conversation. A typical weekend would be a party on Friday night after a hockey game and Toad's on a Saturday night. My best friends here are my hallmates and one of my roommates.


If your a straight-edge person who isn't into a party scene, I wouldn't suggest QU cause its a big party scene.


I lived on campus from freshman to junior year, which is what the majority of students do. There are shuttles that provide transportation daily to Hamden and New Haven. Freshmen are not allowed to have cars, therefore these shuttles are essential in getting to local grocery stores/walmart to pick up anything you may need. They are usually efficient, however do take up a lot of your time because they are on a schedule in hour to hour and a hlaf blocks between campus and the centers. There are many clothing stores within the plazas the shuttle can take you to, including GAP, Old Navy, Nine west, Bon Ton, Models sports, TJ Maxx, etc. Many students also take shuttles into New Haven on the Thursday nights and weekends to go to clubs. As a sophomore you are allowed to have your car at school, however it is parked in one of 2 lots off campus, in which a shuttle will provide transportation to your car daily. That shuttle runs every night until 11pm. The University provides all sorts of programs and late night activities on campus that includes "QUAD" (QU after dark), in which movie nights, game show nights, talent shows, etc. are designed by fellow QU students for all to attend. Annual evnts include Mr. QU, which is a talent/pageant for guys at the school (hysterical), Midnight Madness, and various events different organizations and clubs put on throughout the year that are open to all QU students.


The Quinnipiac social life is the best you can get from intramurals to movies and plays to many clubs and groups.


If you live in the dorms, they have a shuttle that will picky you up from the bars and bring you back to the dorms. I thought this was a nice amenity although I believe it encouraged underage drinking.


Some people party every night, others party Thursday-Saturday. On Saturdays everyone goes to Toads


Lot's of things to get involved with! Radio, TV, honor societies, charitable groups, small greek life, Res. Life, Dance Company, Cheerleading, Hip Hop and step groups, business groups, alternative spring break trips, etc. Athletic events at TD Bank North are popular but they give away too many seats to non-students. Lot's of great guest speakers. Dating scene sucks.


Sports are a huge part of the Quinnipiac culture.


SPB and QU After Dark plan the events on campus for nights and weekends. They do a great job and even though the night life is great in New Haven, it is not necessary to go off campus to have fun.


I have no knowledge of campus groups. I am involved in none. I don't go in dorms so I can't say anything about doors. I don't pay attention to events. The sports one are supposedly popular. I have no knowledge of the dating scene. Don't really have friends on campus. I am home on Tuesdays a 2am. I would be in my room. I don't pay attention to traditions. People party constantly. Fraternities and sororities aren't really all that important. I forgot all about them till you mentioned it. People tend to hate frats though. Last weekend, I worked and stayed home. I don't know what campus is like on Saturday night. Off campus, I work and live. And course work. That's really it.


Not enough grad classes offered in Accounting, big plans, no follow through


Greek life is pretty popular, but they aren't clicky or super important. You'll find people that are involved in one thing are generally involved in a ton of other things on campus as well. In freshmen dorms it is encouraged that you leave your door open and let people float in to say hello and talk. Generally the students that are involved support many other organizations even if they aren't directly involved in them. The people that aren't involved in anything truely aren't. They spend their time going to class and partying, disregarding all campus events. If you aren't into partying you may have a hard time fitting in and enjoying your time at QU.


Not a lot of fun activites to do becuase there was no May Weekend. However, the student body offers a lot of free bbq's and interesting night activities such as playing a movie.


I really enjoy the social life at Quinnipiac. I loved living on campus and seeing my friends from different groups on a daily basis, and being able to just walk over to someone's room or dorm just to say hi and hang out. We have always left our common room door open for people to walk in and hang out. I also liked going out in New Haven, especially because I made close friends at Yale. Although it is a very small city, there is a lot going on; bars, clubs, restaurants, and shopping are all available. There is ALWAYS stuff going on right on campus too. During the week there are guest speakers and other events put on by the wide assortment of organizations... there are a LOT of events offering free food too, which is fun (and helpful when your meal plan starts to run out!). There are also opportunities to take advantage of guest speakers and events on the Yale campus.


I am the Fundraiser Chair of the Student Occupational Therapy Association. I really enjoy this position because it gives me an opportunity to help freshmen and sophomores get to know Quinnipiac and Occupational Therapy. I am a mentor for them in the OT program and I am available for them to ask questions to. This organizations also throws a lot of fun meetings and we try to get involved on and off campus for community service events. I am also a Citizens Leader which was a three year program at school that I completed. This was a lot of fun and it was a good way fgr me to interact with others leaders on campus. Lastly, I am also going to be an Orientation Leader this upcoming summer. I look forward to meeting new freshmen, and hopefully informing them of all the opportunities available to them on campus and making them feel comfortable.


most popular: Greek life for girls is popular, rush is great and a lot of girls join. Our Greek life is growing. organizations: SGA and SPB for those who like getting involved in planning things, sports are sports they are always popular but we are D1! and rugby team is the unofficial (its not sponsored by QU) but its all QU guys, and it is very popular with guys in QU. Athletic events- ONLY men's ice hockey games! guest speaker- we had ex-pres. Carter here and that drew a big crowd Theater- NOT SO MUCH, we only now got a program and we dont have a nice big theater here to set productions so they occur in New Haven. but thats only popular with theater people. Dating- 60-40 girls and the ratio gets worst..... you decide! It sucks!!!! Majority of girls here are beautiful, and the guys have a large selection to choose from and they take advantage of that. How did I meet my closest friends- through my sorority If you're awake at 2am on a tuesday, what r you doing? Studying at the lib because it's open 24/7 what traditions happen? currently none cuz they took away our May Weekend and replaced it with Spirit Week. Sig Ep started Hall Wars for freshman, and that happens every fall (its a physical competition among all freshman halls; it's a day long event and the winner gets bragging rights) GREEK WEEK (big for Greeks- a week of competition). How often do people party- every thurs., fri, and sat. night. If you're a senior, you start on a wed. We have 3 sororities and 2 fraternities, its popular and a lot of fun but you dont need to be in one to have a social life. I wasn't in 1 for my first 2 years at QU and I think that the better years of my QU experience was when I was in my sorority. We do more than just drink, in fact its harder for us because of the many negative stereotypes. And the school is really strict and severe with us, so we do more events that are open to the school such as our philanthropy events and sisterhood events that dont involve drinking. What did you do last weekend- im a senior (aka 21), I went out to the bars. What can you do on sat night that doesn't involve drinking- SPB and QUAD (QU after dark) make many events that are designed to give an alternative to going out to TOADs but very few attend cuz they are at TOADS. What do you do off campus? go out, go out to eat, go shopping in New Haven, and go tanning, and go get my nails done, and out to buy food. There are a lot of businesses in the area and the shuttles drop you off in Hamden and in New Haven.


The social life at QU is much like academics, it is what you make of it. If you wanted to, you could find a party every night of the week, or you could go to a club in New Haven every weekend. There is always that opportunity to party and you will find every kind of student from the students who drink every night to the students that don't drink and have just as much fun. The school offers sober activities that almost no one goes to but they are there and thats cool. I know I never had a problem finding someone to hang out with Freshman year because everyone is in the same boat trying to meet people. It was very easy to be social and make friends.


Very involved in greek life at Quinnpiac. It is really one of the greatest communities at Quinnipiac. People party Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, some seven days a week. There are tons of activities planned by the Student Programming Board which don't involve drinking and are very entertaining. There is a lot of clubs off campus and bars. Also plenty of dining for students to go get dinner.


Students in dorms that are in the freshman dorms leave there doors open more than people that have everything they need in their room. Athletic events are vary popular for Basketball and Hockey. Guest spearks come all the time, we have a theater group that is getting to be very big. I meet my closet friends on move-in day, from working on campus, and from other friends. If i'm awake on a Tuesday at 2am, I'm either watching Tv in my room, in the Lib. studying because it is open 24hrs a day. People party about half of the week typically even though if people have work to do they don't. Everyone typically goes to New Haven on Thursday night, on Friday nights everyone but Seniors parties on campus and seniors go out in Hamden to a local place, and on Saturdays people have campus parties or they go to New Haven. If you're not into partying or dancing then you can go to the QU afterdark events which include activities from Bingo, to movies, to carnaval nights, and they also do food events. The Qu afterdark events go from 8-12 on a saturday night.


Some of the most popular groups on campus are the men's hockey team, men's baseball team, fraternities, sororities, and student government. I'm a member of Dance Fusion, Quinnipiac's hip-hop dance team. The group of about 25 girls performs at basketball games, campus events, and local competitions. Students in freshman doors typically leave their doors open, but as you leave freshman year doors tend to be closed more often. Hockey games attract a large group, as do some other sports events. Depending on the guest speaker and the topic these events may attract a decent size group. I met my closest friends freshman year through a friend who I came to Quinnipiac with from home. She really liked the girls in her hallway, and since I hung out with her alot I got to know her hallmates too. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'm either finishing homework or chatting with my roommates. Some events that happen every year include Midnight Madness (the kickoff of basketball season, with performances by Quinnipiac's spirit groups), the holiday dinner, and May Weekend (which has been discontinued as of this year). People party a lot on weekends, which sometimes start on Wednesday night, both on campus and off. Fraternities and sororities are present on campus, but do not rule the student body. They mostly serve as philanthropic groups rather than partying ones. On a Saturday night, you can go out to eat, go to the movies, or see what student-planned activites are going on on campus.


athletics are not very popular on campus, except for men's hockey and occasionally men's basketball. Those sports are usually pretty good at getting students to the games, and on occasion men's lacrosse, baseball, or soccer might get a couple hundred people to watch, but most aren't students but rather parents or locals in the area. political events are always poorly attended, since there is little interest in politics here. May weekend used to be popular here, before the school abandoned it last year. It was basically a giant carnival on campus where some people used it as an excuse to drink more heavily than usual, on the last weekend before spring finals weekend. Frat life isn't big here. Sure, there are two fraternities and three sororities, and you can always identify them because of their hoodies (and sometimes their attitude towards non-greeks), but most students are not greek. Otherwise most people are fairly open. Many people leave their doors open, and it is not difficult at all to meet friends, as long as you're open yourself, and you either (a. join a couple of clubs to meet people, or b. become a health science major, where by doing lab work you apparently meet people all the time (I have 2 roommates like this). Plus, the campus is big enough to meet lots of new people without yet not so large that you will never see them.


It seems everyone is on a sport team or intermural team. Alot of people go to New Haven on Thursdays, stay on campus Friday and go to Toads Place on Saturday. Alot of people in greek life, but you don't need to be in one to fit in or have friends. School always puts on event in Alumni Hall on the weekends.


My hall is very friendly, most doors were closed the first few weeks, but open the rest of the year. People here party Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Though it's not like there is going to be a party in every room or anything, there are the normal Frat parties, hockey/lacrosse parties etc. Saturday night there is mostly something to do that doesn't involve drinking. My roommates and I usually order out from Dominoes or Drougies and watch Sex in the City or Grey's Anatomy. There are usually movies showing in Buckman or something going on around campus that is student run. If I were to be awake on a Tuesday at 2AM, I would probably be watching TV in my room, or a friends room, studying or browsing the internet.


parties every weekend major party school lot of people smoke and drink thursday-saturday is our weekend


The most popular organizations on campus are SGA and all of the Greek organizations. The most popular sports are men's ice hockey and men's lacrosse.


Monday through Thursday - Class and the library. Thursday night - Hula Hanks in New Haven for recreational activities - if you will. Friday night - Campus night - recreational activities - if you will Saturday night - Toads Sunday - Club libs (library) - Doing weekend homework.


i have no interest in athletic events and i have no reason why the school keeps on spending soooooo much on sports teams that are never going to be elite besides possibly the hockey team. spend more money on the actual students and stop patrionizing the athletes who most dont even pay to go to school here.


Lots of social life. New Haven (Yale area) is a great trip to take for some shopping/entertainment. On campus the school provides movies, activities on the weekends, trips to other places. Greek life is there but not a HUGE thing. There is always a party to go to but if you aren't into that there is plenty to do.


The Quinnipiac social life is heavily centered on drinking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Drugs are around, its a college campus after all, but you really have to go out of your way to find them. The weekend life is all about drinking. I would wager a guess that more than 50% of the freshman class has a fake ID by the end of thier freshman year, as clubbing is huge. Quinnipiac has shuttles running constantly to and from New Haven, which is only a twenty minute drive away. I was one of the types of people that choose schools specifically because they didnt have a large greek system, but wouldnt you know, I ended up rushing. There are only three sororities and two fraternities on campus, but if you want to get involved, greek life is the best way to do it. I have only a few freinds outside of greek life, and whether you consider that to be a good thing or a bad thing I have no problem with it. If you dislike the greek system, however, you wont have a problem making freinds. Again, greeks are a very small percentage on campus.


Athletics are very popular, and highly supported by students. Frats and sororities on campus are fun for those who are interested, but they aren't dominant groups on campus that control the social functioning like at some other schools. I guess QU can be considered a party school, but so many are. Most students like to go downtown new haven. There's great shopping and nightlife and is the heart of the Yale campus as well. It is definitely a college area.


Quinnipiac social life revolves around beer, mainly. I remember people leaving their doors open in the dorms and at least freshman year people were kinda friendly. The dating 'scene' was not really about dating but more about hooking up and to be honest, I didn't want to date anyone from Quinnipiac ever. I never even hooked up with a boy there. Now that the new Athletic Center has been built, I'm sure that more people go to hockey and basketball games. A few people went to other events on campus but not a majority. Most people went out in New Haven with fake ID's or to house parties off campus. When we were freshman, we partied in dorm rooms a lot and hung around campus. Boys often caused damage to the dorms. I wasn't a huge fan of the Quinnipiac social scene and not because I wasn't a drinker. I just found that people weren't too friendly and were kinda uptight and clique-y. Too many girls with fake tans and designer bags and too many guys with dumb haircuts and even dumber t-shirts. There were some cool people but it sometimes took a lot to find them. I felt isolated a lot and not because I was ugly or fat or stupid but I just wasn't like most of the girls there. I didn't hate the whole thing, however. I just went to one of my old roommate's wedding showers and I do have a bunch of great friends from Quinn, many of whom transferred out after freshman year but that's another story.....


new haven is a great place to check out on the weekends, be it clubs or just finding a good place to eat. yale is right by. and even hamden, in town, there are restaurants and bowling and stuff. on campus, theres a student programing board and qu after dark, which always provides great events from 10-1 on fridays and saturdays. lots of fun stuff, ping pong tourneys, the latest movies in Buckman theater, free food, good clean fun


Too many groups. there's basically a group for everything. Nothing terribly bad about it, but i think it just isolates the school after that point. OH and the groups are individually funed by the school, so you guys can prettymuch do anything. QFS is the biggest group and it's all film-makers


Q 30 is a great opportunity for production students to get hands on experience in the television field. all trditions and events worthwhile have been cancelled and ignored by administration, and students have been pushed off campus because of the strict on campus stranglehold.


A majority of students play intramural sports. Athletic events are really popular. The new sports arena holds more students for the hockey and basketball games and transportation is provided to get there since it is off campus. Baseball games are really popular and the stands are generally full. I met my best friends freshman year, and they lived on my floor. People generally party when they feel like it. If a group of people have no work to do on a Monday night, they might go out and hit up the bars or just drink on campus. Big party nights are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; sometimes Wednesdays. Fraternities and sororities aren't big on campus as they are on other campuses. Thursdays everyone goes out to New Haven to the bars. Friday is mostly a campus night, and people sometimes go to Happy Hour at bars around Hamden, and Saturday campus is totally dead because everyone goes to Toads Place in New Haven.


There are lost of group at the school There are several programming groups, one specifically for the hours of 10pm to 1 am Friday and Saturday night. There is a Student Programming Board which puts on concerts, and different events every weekend. People are always out and about on weekends, they go clubbing in New Haven Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.There are always parties going on if you know who to talk to. The fraternities and soroities are rather unimportant here, they are mostly just service programs. There are always different multicultural event and all kinds of speakers going on.


Some of the most popular groups here are Q30, the student run television station; intramural sports; The Chronicle, the student newspaper. Men's Hockey is the most popular sport here and it draws the most students to the games. The next is the men's basketball team, but their crowd is definitely smaller than the hockey crowd. The other sports lack big student support, I wish that there were more students who cared about the sports teams here.


Dorm living is not bad. It's nice to always have people around. Most people are kind and you can borrow somehting if you need it.


There are only 3 Fraternies and 3 soroties but they are pretty popular on campus. Also the student programming board (SPB) is popular as well. Freshman dorms always have their doors open. Athletic events are very well attended here. Since our new arena opened up last year, a lot of people attend the ice hockey games. We have been number one in our conference the last couple years. Social life is pretty cool on campus. There are always parties to go to. To know people, you must been involved.


The campus is so small and secluded that there really is not much to do besides getting drunk in my dorm room and hoping the RAs don't swing by. There are few houses around campus that are within walking distance and in order to get to the city, students must take a shuttle which is unorganized and takes a long time.


Hockey games are a blast!!! Everyone gets so into it. It is a lot of fun. They're big events in the winter and our new arena is pretty sweet. People are up like all hours of the night. If you can't sleep, walk around the building...you'll find someone. I'm going to miss that most at home...always having someone to talk to.


There are always things on campus to do, at least from eight to one every friday and saturday.


Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for partying. Many people choose to go to clubs or bars in New Haven (there's buses that take you there). Others, like myself, would rather have parties in our rooms, but that all depends on what your RA is like and if you can get away with it. Getting alcohol on campus is pretty easy. Security and the RA's know that almost everyone drinks and while they still enforce the rules, they aren't about to raid your room and write you up without good reason. There's no frat houses campus but some of the people in fraternities live in houses off campus that they put together themselves - nothing is pre-established. Sunday, for most people, is a day for studying.


pretty close knit groups. feels alot like high school. some stuff to do on campus but not alot.


Freshman usually leave doors open. Fades away over time. Athletics are gaining ground, hockey is very popular to go to. Intermurals are really fun, recommended. Theater isn't popular. I have been to a few dance shows and things, but they usually aren't crowded. Meet people mostly by where you lived freshman year. I live with the people I met freshman year. Sometimes you can meet people through classes, but personally I know people through freshman year of friends of friends. People don't party as much as a "typical" college, maybe because frats aren't popular. They try to set up events on friday and saturday nights for kids to attend that don't involve alcohol, I have been to a few but they have never been popular. Off campus we go to the mall or walk the bike trail or hike the sleeping giant mountain.


People like CAP and SPB. Sport are really big here especially ice hockey. People in their dorms pretty much always leave their doors open. People party all the time, it's a huge party school because there is nothing else to do. You can't do anything on a saturday night that doesn't involve drinking because its all anyone ever does.


Athletic events aren't hugely popular here - I'd have to say hockey games are the most popular. It never seemed to me like there was a huge amount of campus involvement, but that may be because I wasn't involved in a lot of things. The dorms are generally friendly places; most people leave their doors open while they're in their rooms studying or whatever. One thing that a lot of people are upset about is that May Weekend (our annual drunken spring weekend) was canceled last year. They reallocated the money to pay for more on-campus events and concerts and such during the semester rather than lumping it all into one weekend, but I'm not sure if a lot of people made the connection. There's always something to do on the weekends that doesn't involve drinking - our Student Programming Board plans movies and events (bingo, spa nights, trivia, etc.) every weekend all semester long.


There are always activities to keep me busy. The new hockey arena is awesome.


It seems as though no students at Quinnipiac are involved. Students may get into one club or organization but that's it. Fraternities and sororities are a complete joke and do not contribute anything to the social scene. There is no consistent party scene on campus or off as the administration cracks down hard on drinking and drugs. The social scene is completely dead and uneventful. People generally become and stay friends with the people on their floor in the dorms.


I've been involved with Quinnipiac Future Teachers and Fourth Wall Theatre. Both groups are a lot of fun and very informative. Because I want to be a teacher, QFTO is a great club that provides a lot of great information and opportunities for teaching experience. Fourth Wall is kindof unorganized but the plays they put on are always a blast.