Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


the parking for commuter students, the parking lot is not big enough


I wish they offered me more money. And work study jobs go out fast. The food is eatable, though i wish the dinning hall was open later. Cost is reasonable, but not always ideal when you're broke. Though the worst thing about my school is doesn't have a variety of activites . Social life basically is going to off campus clubs to party, we can't party on campus. I think this is the worst thing because college is suppose to be stimulating, going out to party isn't very stimulating and can get costy.


At Quinnipiac University there is very little diversity present. The campus prides itself in saying that the Class of 2013 is the most diverse class ever present which is incredible because there are only handfuls of minorities that attend this school. Having come from a low-income high school in the city of Boston where Hispanics and African Americans made up the school this new setting was foreign to me. I adjusted pretty quickly but would have liked to see more races.


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the abundance of students who like to get drunk prance around the halls of the dorm at night. Partying isn't always a big problem at our school, but it tends to be quite annoying for people who have to wake up for classes, or a test the next day. This issue tends to absolve a couple weeks before finals when the workload significantly increases.


I really like most everything. I would guess the worst thing is that the "Diversity" stuff is a bit forced. I do not consider myself to be biased or prejudice, and resent that the school feels the need to teach diversity.


I consider the lack of diversity the worst thing about my school. I went to high school in a somewhat diverse setting, so it was a strange transition. I feel as though the lack of diversity here contributes to another negative about my school.. the apathetic views of most students. Quinnipiac is known by some to be apathetic when it comes to politics, but I see it even more of a problem than that. The lack of diversity here creates a false setting that is going to differ than what we are going to see in most of our futures.


The lack of diversity. It is not allowing for me to have an as diverse education by learning from my peers who are all mostly like me.


Not very diverse


The worst thing about Quinnipiac is the homogenous demographic.


Lack of diversity, cost of tuition


The campus housing situation. Freshman housing is only in quads or triples, and the triple dorms were constructed to fit only two students. Also, the housing lottery is terrible for sophomores and many do not get to live with their friends.


They over charge us for everything and it already costs us way too much to attend school. I feel like sometimes they are just interested in our money.


Student involvement is scarce on campus but I believe it is because there are not enough programs and groups geared toward encouraging and getting students to be active and participate in those groups and programs.


The worst thing about my school was the high cost of tuition. Although it has a beautiful campus, teachers are wonderful, I learned a lot, and the students are a lot of fun, it was very expensive. Considering most northeastern schools are excellent, for the price it may not be worth the amount of student loan debt that you will accumulate unless your parents are covering all of it for you.


No Diversity


homogenous. similar backgrounds, not much diversity.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the fact that a large part of the campus is more focused on who is wearing the latest fashion rather than what is happening in the world around them.


Ignorance of some students. Some beleive if it doesn't pertain to them, it's not their problem.


The upper administration -- because students need a chance to voice their opinion about what would be best for the school and change the school so that more students would attend there. There is no chance that this happens at Quinnipiac University. At times since I am a senior I feel like they just need my money and nothing more from me. I thought I was here to contribute and give back to the Quinnipiac community and it sure doesn't feel that way.


Quinnipiac has been named a very apathetic school regarding political and social (school-related) events. As a student club leader, i have found that it is very difficult to gather a large group of students together for a particular school-related event. However, night life is very big at Quinnipiac, interesting irony. Other than the apathy, Quinnipiac is a great learning environment, and i think it is also an outstanding up-and-coming school.


The administration is not very responsive to student needs and desires.


It cost so much money to come here and you dont know where your money is going. The fact that there is not much to do one weekends other than drinking. Its is also not very accepting of people and different opinions.


The worst thing about Quinnipiac is the expense. I love everything about my school so that is really the only downfall I can think of. It is way too expensive (although I do think it's worth it).


QU is a very expensive school and it concerns me that it is costing my parents so much for me to go here.


Everyone here is the same: rich, pretty, binge drinkers, partiers. The girls here looks like they are going to prom when they go to class and the school is not very diverse at all. If it weren't for my school program/major, I definitely would have transferred. Everyone here is very "superficial" and it's hard to find chill and relaxed people.


The price. Very expensive .