Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Quinnipiac is a slightly more laid ack school in a quiet town in Connecticut. It is good for people who want a traditional campus experience and want to be near nature.


Someone who is looking to pursue a bachelor's or graduate degree at an accredited 4-year university. Must be hard-working, able to work with others (as there will be many group projects), have time-management skills, and of course a desire to learn.


I consider myself a student of the arts, but when I arrived at Quinnipiac I realized that the university did not necessarily have the same passion for the arts as I do. This is the type of school for those interested in business or the sciences since that appears to be the fields most important to the university. This is the type of school for the party go-er as well. New Haven is a hot spot every night of the week and there is never a shortage of QU students at the clubs.


I must say, there is not a lot of diversity at this school. Most people are middle to upper-middle class and I've heard visitors say the school looks like a country club. The grass is always perfectly manicured and the students are always dressed in their preppy clothes. While there are some minorities, the school is primarily white. And even then, people are pretty much the same. This school is best for the type of person who enjoys his/her social life and wants to get a good education while also having all kinds of fun.


Professionally oriented person whom likes to gain close knit friends.


No matter what backround a perspective student id from, they will be accepted into the student body at Quinnipiac University.


Someone serious about thier education. As well as someone looking to be involved in a strong campus community.


Some one who is hard working and eager to be involved should attend this university. College is what you make of it, and this school has so many great oppurtunities to become something larger than yourself. Therefore, the student body should be excited to become involved outside of the class room. This can range from doing a sport to volunteering. Not only do the courses students take prepare them for life, but so do the experiences they create. A person should be excited for personal and academic growth.


An optimistic out-going person who is ready to be socialable and welcomed into a tight community. My school is the perfect size and the campus environment is amazing so the person should be ready to embrace it.


Mostly middle or upper class. Generally students in the top 25% of their graduating high school class. Students who want to be competitive in their career choice. Great science and business schools.


People who are open to new ideas. They should also be able to get along with others easily as Quinnipiac presents a very tight knit community. Most students are easy going and academically focused, so these are definitely traits that students considering this school should posess.


There is definitely a Quinnipiac proto-type. Most QU students are from upper middle class, white, northeastern families. The boys wear polos, the girls wear uggs, and everyone wears northface. Not everyone on campus drinks, but it is a large part of the social scene, so it might be a difficult school to attend if you are not comfortable with that. The academics are manageable for the most part, but students generally take their coursework seriously and most spend a good amount of time in the library. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and the use of technology is above average.


The average student at Quinnipiac wears j-crew, drives a Range Rover and will inherit Daddy's bussiness.


one that wants a very good education but is willing to work hard for it. This school requires a lot of work.


People who want to network, receive internships or part time jobs, join extra curricular activities.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone who's looking to have fun and make great friends, but also ready and willing to work very hard academically. The classes are challenging and a lot of work, so student's need to be focused and know how to manage their time well. Someone who is looking for a lot of diversity should not attend Quinnipiac, however, we are well on our way to becoming a more diverse campus.


Someone that wants a small school environment and that is from an upper middle class and up


someone who is looking for a very campusy school


A person who is into their schoolwork but likes to be social as well


preppy, wealthy


The type of person that should attend this school should be intelligent, outgoing, health conscious, and should have a strong work ethic but be able to let loose once in a while.


A fun energetic person that cares about academics.


Ideally, somebody who isn't white and who hasn't attending a private school. We have so many like-minded people that it would be great to get some diversity on campus and to expose more students to more liberal, relaxed attitudes.


Anyone who can make friends easily, adapt to different social situations, and doesn't mind a mid-sized campus can come here. Expect to hate some people and expect to love others.


Kids who are finacially stable who like to go out to places in new haven and who like small classes and nice teachers


Someone who is outgoing and will try new things. Drinking happens a lot on weekends, but if you dont drink you can still have fun.


A person who is a follower, not a leader, attends this school. A person who typically wears a Northface jacket, Uggs, and a poof in their hair.


This school is best for an upper middle class individual. It is good school for those who want to be able to find everything they need within their campus. The most popular sport to watch would be hockey, other than that there is not that big of a student fan population. For social life, you should enjoy going out to clubs and drinking.


Someone who is looking to meet new people, have a small class environment, and have a college experiance that feels like being at a second home.