Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not wish to put in the effort in their classes should not attend this university. Most of the classes require study time outside the classroom in order to pass. If a person is not motivated to be a successful student, they should not attend this university.


Someone who is not willing to work hard and does not want to put their best effort into their education should not attend Quinnipiac University. A lot of effort is required, but you get so much out of it. If you do not want to go somewhere that your professors actually get to know you, do not attend Quinnipiac.


A person who likes the city life probably shouldn't attend this school. The nearest city is about a 20 minute shuttle ride to New Haven, so you can't really just take a walk down the street if you want to go get lunch or go shopping. Also, anyone who doesn't like the cold probably shouldn't attend this school, or any school on the east coast, because it gets pretty chilly out this way in the Winter.


People who want to attend a diverse college both racially and academically, who want a drama and clique free university, and students who are serious about their academics and enjoy learning should not attend this university.


If your major isn't offered here, dont come, but if it is all individuals should look at Quinnipiac because you can bring a wealth of knowledge and your own personal to a group of students who need to be enlightened and need to learn more about other people who are not like them.


If you are the kind of person that loves New York City, I would advise not to attend this school. It has such a beautiful, picturesque setting. Even though it is only a free 40 minute shuttle ride to New Haven, the resident city hang out, adorned with clubs, restaurants, and things to do, many people complain that the campus itself is rather sheltered. Although I do enjoy this separation, I would suggest that city-goers find a more urbanized school.


Someone who is looking for an ultra diverse community.


artsy or not smart people


someone who is interested in a very diverse school, someone who is interested in a very artsy school


someone who is not sure of themselves


People who can easily be misguided away from academics. There is a lot of pressure to do drink and do drugs, and if you fall into that, your grades can easily begin to fall.


someone smart ! and a lot of people say just rich snobs go to quinnipiac but its really not true - you have to be ready to find your niche and keep looking if you dont fidn it right away


If you are looking for a large school with a large percentage of diversity then this school is not for you.


People who aren't open to making a lot of friends/people who plan on staying in their dorm rooms and not get involved.


technical people


People who like big schools, emphasis on greek life, and aren't interested in either health sciences, business, or communications.


Egotistical freaks and lucivious scum.


Closed Minded People


Ethnically diverse


A person who is looking for a more diverse campus and bigger school in general with a football team as the main attraction on weekends and sports as a general focus should not attend this school.


people who love the city. I mean new haven is nearby, but its not a cuty type of school


someone who loves to live in the big city.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are looking for a large campus or want to be in the center of a city. Class sizes rarely exceed 25 and the campus is surrounded by forests. This is also a poor school choice if you are looking to join a fraternity of sorority.


Anyone who isn't named Barbie or Ken.


Close-minded, prejudiced people.