Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frusterating thing about Quinnipiac is parking, and recieveing all the money needed forfinancial aid.


The most frustrating thing about Quinnipiac University is the lack of appreciation for the arts. It is next to impossible to get into an art class since there is a lack of them (especially the studio arts). The students there also lack an appreciation for the arts and lack respect for those who are involved in the arts. The drama students do a wonderful job with each of their performances, of the QU students that attend, most leave early and disrupt the performance. This is just one example of the disrespect there is for the arts.


The most frustrating thing about Quinnipiac is most likely the computer help desk. I would reccommend purching a mac before entering college.


The most frustrating thing about my school to me is the required language classes that all students must take a language, unless in health sciences. I think that languages in college should be optional and not be required. All students have taken a language in their high schools and middle school years. I believe that if a student wants to take a language then they should be encouraged too, but having to take a language class again is frustrating especially at a college level.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the location. Quinnipiac University is located in a small town in CT where entertainment is not in abundance. There are not that many options to do once you take the Quinnipiac shuttle into Hamden or New Haven. Living in Boston for the majority of my life, I was accustomed to the city and massive amounts of people shuffling from one location to the other and coming to Hamden was the complete opposite..


We are in the middle of a lot of construction to expand our school, which is great. Both current and future facilities are beautiful, but due to our growth in the student body there is a lot of unease from year to year where each class is allowed to live. They are trying to accommodate everyone for housing situations, but many roommates end up being forced to split up. Some classes have many more dorms than others, and it has become unfair and chaotic.


The work is extremely challenging and it's very difficult to keep a high GPA with the program i'm enrolled in. I recently lost my scholarship because of inadequate grades and am now struggling to pay for college.


The most frustrating thing about my college was not being able to choose a roomate in my freshman year and the difficulty that was involved in making changes once I got there. At the time when I was there, parking for students was extremely limited and difficult.


It was hard at first for me to feel like I fit in. My second year I found a group of friends that I can really relate to.


It is small and the school continues to accept more and more students which has lead to overcrowded dorms and availabile study areas. This school takes in a lot of money and sometimes i feel as thought I have not seen the benefits as to where this money is going besides keeping the grass green.


This school is going through some serious growing pains at the moment. Students are very apathetic at times and don't get involved in issues such as diversity, etc. The campus is homogenous to say the least and right now the tides are slowly turning so that all students feel comfortable. There is not adequate housing while they are building a second campus for the upperclassmen. It also seems that the focus is mainly on athletics to get better positioning in Division I. There is cliquish behavior and a lack of involvement from many students too.


I am a transfer and they placed me in off campus housing.


Registering for classes as a freshman or sophomore is the most frusterating part of this University. Class registration time is distributed based on credits at the univ. so students with less credits are forced to register later.


The most frustrating thing is walking to class in the winter, because CT can get awfully cold. But it does not get as cold as other Northeastern states.


the housing lottery.


Students want to drink on campus during the weekends and the school is cracking down. It really is sad.


There is a lack of seriousness when it comes to study for most students. many are here simply to go off and get a job after graduating. to an extent, the universities research facilities reflect this. The library is constantly overcrowded with loud people, somewhat understaffed, and has an almost appalingly limited number of books. its major redemption is its electronic resources. Lastly, essentially, if you are not a business or health science major, be prepared to feel exceptionally marginalized. The College of Arts and Science is conveinetly tucked away in the woods.


The people are lame.


The cost of the school is annoying, and the fact that not all teachers use corse textbooks that cost alot.