Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that the professors are so dedicated to the students. They want their students to succeed and be good in the profession they are going for. Most professors are available out of the classroom with any questions students may have. They are generally prompt with responding to emails.


I believe the best thing about my school is how accepting all the students and faculty are. No one has to worry about being judged or criticized for being unique. Quinnipiac provides a community that welcomes all.


The best thing about my school is the passion, kind-hearted nature, and accessibility of the professors. Every professor I've had whole-heartedly wants his or her students to succeed in that class, at scholl in general, and reap all they can from their education so they may be happy and prosperous in their desired fields. And when you as a student respond to these professors with a good work ethic, as well as willingness and enthusiasm to learn, I can guarantee doors will open for you and success is certainly within your reach.


The people. I have met really great people and made some awesome friends. I never want to leave this place because I feel like I would miss all the good times with my friends!


The environment and the acceleration of my program. It's best fitting for where I want to be upon graduation.


I love everything about Quinnipiac University. It is the perfect distance from home. I love my dorm and roommates. The classes are challenging. I feel like I am getting a great education.


The environment and campus life. The atmosphere is amazing and I fell in love with it and the community. I have made life-long friends also to make me feel at home and the feeling of never wanting to leave.


social life


The best thing about this school, thankfully, is the education. The education you receive at this school is top notch. There is always help at your fingertips and the professors make themselves available at all times! If you have a question, need guidance, or just want to do extra credit for a good grade then most are accommodating. There is emphasis on research (especially in the social sciences) and they are very meticulous about how you represent your projects, papers and presentations. I feel prepared for graduate school!


Environment, study body, professors, quality and diversity of education.


At this University, the availibilty of classes and professors to help is what makes the academic portion the best. Socially, the amount of people that come from my background and the residence halls in which we are placed allows people to intermingle and make new friends. These friends not only provide support for one another in the classroom and outside. The school spirit and allegiance to one's school makes for a wnderful atmosphere.


The Campus is beautiful.


It's beautiful. The buildings are brick, well kept and clean. The quad and other grounds are always mowed and the flowers around campus are vibrant and healthy. A trickling stream runs through the center of campus and the sleeping giant mountain neighboring the school sets a perfect background to this scenic institution.


The school itself is beautiful, and the area is really nice - it's so close to NYC, and I feel safe in the surrounding area. It has great health science programs which are definitely challenging, especially if you get involved on campus. If you get involved on campus, I feel like anything you join will mean that you're surrounding yourself with good, spirited people, and that you can't really go wrong.


The best thing about Quinnipiac is that there is a group for most everyone to fit into. This is important because it allows the people that reside at Quinnipiac to feel welcome and comfortable


The best part of Quinnipiac University is its devotion to better itself. The administration, staff, student body and the whole campus itself is working hard to make a better name for itself. Every year we see, in national surveys and studies, the fruits of those labors. It's an impressive insitution to be a part of.


really pretty campus.


The teachers at Quinnipiac are a great asset to the school. They provide students with a chance to learn alot of things that are not taught in the classroom if students are interested in learnings them of course. The teachers are quite helpful regardingclassroom studies, but more so, i have found that they also act as a menots regarding any issues, school-related or otherwise. I would absolutely recommend Quinnipiac to any student.