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Describe the dorms.

The dorms at Radford are bigger than most. Other than the famous building Muse, most of the dorms are located near the dinning hall and student center. Depending on the dorm, you have AC that YOU control, which is a plus. Most of the dorms are being renovated. My dorm has currently been renovated and has lots of room for storage. All the dorms are converting to one bathroom per room. NO COMMUNITY SHOWERS! yay. The walls aren't the thickest, so you can most likley hear your neighbor. All in all, I could spend all four years in the dorm.

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The dorms on campus are really nice! They just renovated two and they are great now! They have carpet going down the hallway and the walls are lined with white boards. They are in the process of renovating the oldest dorm on campus and in my opinion, the most beautiful. The campus has different themed quads and all are unique.

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Comfortable for two students, three is a bit much but it happens. A few have A/C, others are being renovated now to update the rooms and bathrooms and add air conditioning.

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