Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Ramapo is best known for its party school reputation, which it no longer lives up to. With overbearing public safety, campus life has been numbed into solemn students with no motivation.


On the first day of school, after you and your family move your stuff into your dorm, freshmen students gather at a big assembly. From that assembly, we lead the freshmen to the stone path. This path is a long hill surrounded by big rocks and beautiful trees that lead to the school's main academic center. Lining the stone path are the parents of the freshmen students. The freshmen then walk up the path with their parents clapping, cheering, and of course, crying. They are then lead under the Arch which is our school symbol and they are then welcomed as Ramapo Students. Then, on Graduation day, the seniors repeat that same tradition but instead of walking up the hill, they walk down, and their professors are the ones that line the path cheering them on, clapping, and crying as they give their students, their babies, to the real world. It is so beautiful and so nostalgic.


It's best known for it's dorms. They are all absolutely beautiful. The room is huge and you have a bathroom in your room that you share with your roomates/suitemates. The college gives you a fridge and microwave which is an added bonus. There is wifi in the room. Plenty of desk space and tons of closet space. The views are phenomenal. After freshman year the dorms only get better which is an added plus.


Currently RCNJ is know for its competative business and nursing programs, but it's also known for it's absolutely exquisite surrounding reservations, national parks, and gorgeous hidden climbing crags!


My school is best known for being well-rounded. Being a smaller, up and coming school, the majority of students here are involved in activities which only benefit our academia. Also, being so close to New York City, a lot of our students have internships in the city.


good sports and very education


Ramapo College is known for being a commuter school.


Supposedly our food..


no idea


having an awful learning atmosphere and making their students miserable


Ramapo College is best known for its academic integrity. When people here that I go to Ramapo, they always make some kind of remark of how it is a good school and how hard it is to get in. The next thing they comment on is the rumors they hear about security being tight and obsessive, which I have found to be true. Also, I believe the campus is the prettiest in New Jersey. If they don't say anything about that, then they probably haven't heard of the school.


Ramapo is one of the best state funded schools in the tri-state area. We have a high degree of excellence that comes with a reasonable pricetag and a lot of friendly people!


The Arch